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f*** tonight. I've finally hit my limit. I'll finally off myself

Marrying someone sound painful and traumatic. I think I'll pass on that part of my life

You are so selfish..

Am I the only one who remembers random stuff and then gets mad about it?

I'm on the whiskey diet, and it must be working well,

because I've already lost three days.

I will be the star of prom tonight.

I hope that my Aunt Debbie can help take care of Rosie while I'm gone.

Unpopular opinion Ryan Gosling is ugly af

I have hit breaking point. I'm not entirely sure why - no big event has happened, nothing special. And yet here I am. Typing everything I feel to random strangers in the hope that one of them can shed some light on how to fix my problems.

My issue is how hard I try. I'm fully aware that I try too hard at everything, and try too hard to make things perfect, but I can't stop. Not in a 'I have OCD 'way, but in a 'I must present myself as the perfect human being' kind of way. Fo... read more

My GOD this bed is comfortable! Feel like I'm laying on a cloud.

Wake up a little, although the internet is already doing that for most people. We will get better in time.

Casuals don't know why trump won. He won because Hillary is crooked as people have been saying. while you were getting your propaganda news from tv and facebook. Websites like 4chan and Reddit were exposing the government and or Hillary for what they are. Nerds are smart af guys, they've done some crazy investigative stuff these past months as well.

There is a lot of corrupted stuff behind Hillary, just proof of how corrupt the government in general is. You think the emails ... read more

Gays should kill heterosexuals in this planet for breeding like rats, earth's has 7 billion humans for god sake. We need more gays in this world, and thanks to some women becoming feminist, transgender, gay or whatever, we need to bring down world population and keep it to a moderate level or our grand children will be starving and the earth will become inhabitable. Think about our descendant who will be suffering thanks to people raping each other with pleasure and making ba... read more

I'm in theatre at my school, and I met this boy whose a junior and we've become friends. We aren't that close, but he's alright. Last night, we, and all the rest of the thespians, went to a middle school play. He gave me a ride home and on the way home, he dumped out his entire life's story. He told me about his past relationships, his anger, his depression, his suicide attempts and by the time we got to my house, I couldn't move. I had anxiety all night that night and I didn... read more

I accidentally hit update on my phone when it asked me to.
I only got saved from a sh**y update by the Internet failing.
Thank f***.

Turn me on! Points for creativity

"Human intelligence increased dramatically once we started

extracting more energy from food via cooking."

Maybe we should go back to eating raw foods.

This intelligence thing didn't work out to well.

I went to check my phone for a message. Hoping for something positive. Only to find a message from a relative who stresses me out with their passive aggressive nature. I just need a break from all this bull sh**. I keep working so hard, but it's never good enough. I just need people to leave me alone.

And they shall be white as snow, except you, you're all heathens uwu

When I got married my husband was so drunk we had to practically carry him to our wedding suite. The best man helped me carry him. The best man and I were pretty well drunk to and things got outa hand and I had sex with him while my husband I just married layed passed out right next to us!