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It seems I keep making enemies out of everyone, even with people who's supposed to be close to me....

I say "I hate people" a lot but the truth is I love people. What I hate is the frustration they give me. I try to be helpful but I think people don't really know how to interpret me, a lot of times they wont let me help. I just want you to be safe and happy! :/

f*** fukc f*** f*** f***f***f***f f*** f*** f***f***cufkc f***

You make me wish i was dead or atleast encourage me.

When you're picking your nose while driving than look over and make eye contact with the car next to you..😳
#umhi #umbye #ineedtotintmywindows

If one more person asks for water with no ice I'm going to flip sh**

I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow and I don't know if she'll let me go back to school #ChronicIllnessIsSlowDeath

It's my birthday and I'm ready to end it

Whenever I listen to Hozier I want to leave my well established life and family and live a crazy, fun, tragic life based out of a van by a river. Weird.

Hello, my old heart. How have you been?

I. Don't. Have. Anyone. 2. Talk. 2.

Money > People

i wish i was rich so i could just move away from all of my problems here.

when i try to look up questions or articles about weight loss with walking, many jogging or running pictures show up with posture and speed and sh**.......... i googled WALKING not running jesus f*** not an issue to them but i have SEVERE ATHSMA i'd have to use my inhaler every 3 f***ing seconds and i'd get nowhere

i just got to college four days ago and im gonna stick it out for the first year but f*** dude if i dont like it by may im going back home and transferring to a school in my state. i dont immediately love it here and i miss my family. id save so much money too i dont even know why i chose to go to college so far away. i know its normal to be upset leaving home for the first time but g**d***if it isnt hard as hell. anyone have any input??

i want to rub the inside of my legs i want to make myself wet i want to moan i want to orgasm

f*** it im so horny and stressed

i'm f***ing fat, i will starve and purge my way to perfection. i really wouldn't mind if i died, at least i wouldn't be fat

i want to die, i don't even care that my birthday is coming up, my parents will forget anyway

Call me cheesy if you must, but this is the only place I have to say this without getting made fun of.

I f***ing love my job. I love the work, I love my coworkers, and I f***ing love my boss. I've had a hellish life and for the first time in my life, I'm genuinely happy! t's because I have the job that I have. I'm a month and a half into this job, and I still love it!

Getting fired would rock my world in the worst way possible.

words cannot describe how badly i just want to end it all, right here right now. I can never tell my parents how i truly feel without the threat of being beaten for "attitude". all i do is bottle things up and cry i don't even tell my therapist anymore, i fear she will tell my mother. and if that happens i think i really would die