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I just don't know what to do, I want to be with someone but it isn't that easy. I always push my friends away when I feel terrible because I don't want to bring them down with me and I just can't let them know how I'm actually feeling. I'd loose them for sure. I just want some one to hold me and tell me it's OK sometimes. I have no reason to be sad and sick all the time. but I am and it hurts. I'm really lonely but I guess it's my fault

My mom said, " You would be so skin, if you stopped eating." I only eat twice a day.

boy do i just love feeling insecure abt my personality disorders. its just like "well i mean ive thought i had this thing Wrong with me for multiple years but i guess i was just faking it for attention!! even though i never even brought it up with anyone for fear of them Instantly hating me because i have something Wrong with me!!!! Guess Ill Just Die"

#venting #cervix #jealousy #getalife #b****
Why do people carry jealousy from the past and try to use a social media post to slam you by changing or adding to what you shared. I truly believe that a person who carries around any type of jealousy or negativity creates a necrosis they have to live with and causes a disease that continually infiltrates their lives and family around them. Learn to accept the fact that life isn't fair and not everyone should get a trophy. I was vo... read more

Lol life is good again, I just feel it


You're a girl plain and simple

A woman takes action when she needs to

You are at your best friend’s wedding just an hour before the ceremony is to start. Earlier that day, you came across definitive proof that your best friend’s spouse-to-be is having an affair with the best man/maid of honor, and you catch them sneaking out of a room together looking disheveled. If you tell your friend about the affair, their day will be ruined, but you don’t want them to marry a cheater. What do you do?

A. - Tell your best friend; sure the day will be ... read more

I'm happy more and more people are becoming "woke" from all this bulls*** from rich companies and studies funded by said rich companies. #corrupt

I don't know why I give a sh**. It was clear how much of a dick you were from the 4th date but I was cool and gave you the benefit of the doubt. You were a waste of gas and a waste of g**d*** money. You put in zero effort and when confronted got pissy about it. You only wanted to hangout if I drove 40 miles out and back to see you, which I did 6/8 dates (not even. you drove a little over half way on our first date and to my house once.) which didn't and was never going to get... read more

i think. i'm in love with him. i'm not really the type to fall in love. i had a previous boyfriend before. he broke my heart so for a while i thought romance wasn't for me. i met a girl a while back, and i fell in love with her. we started going out and we're still together but.. it doesn't feel right. on the other hand, she's somewhat jealous and posessive and maybe that's what shook me about her. i think i fell out of love with my girlfriend. she loves me and i still love h... read more

Trump supporters should be happy with him. As I heard him remark in a speech: "I LOVE THE UNEDUCATED"

Have you guys ever noticed everything can be broken down into

Introduction, Rising action, climax, falling action, exposition

I just need to get a whole lot of little things off my chest. I know that compared to some peoples problems mine are nothing but sometimes all the little things seem to pile up so much that I just cant handle it. So to some people they may think, why are they even struggling at all, or why is this person even posting on here when they seem to have a perfect life. So please, no hate here.
When I seem to talk to my mom, it seems like she isn't even listening. She always is wrap... read more

i'm going to his house again tomorrow. If he doesn't f***ing make an move this time than that's it, i'm friend zoned forever.
f*** f*** f*** f***

God i want to f*** him so bad.

Sometimes I just hate people. When I think someone is my fiend, but they are so fake. Behind my back they call me weird, annoying, "DON'T INVITE HER! SHE IS SO WEIRD!!, EVERYONE HATE HER!! But this is bullying and can make me look at the ground for hours and think i'm not good enough but if I tell on them to someone i'm a baby and a tattle tale. And if I tell she will spread a rumor that will hurt me but whatever i'll keep it inside. #Adviceplease #comment


When people find a way to diminish Religion, it just makes you question their surroundings.

In the midst of any problem, suddenly religion is to blame. R.I.P any independent thread of thought in these vulnerable minds.

"Harsh judgment shouldn't affect you - UNLESS, you allow it to."

I'm deeply apologetic on behalf of whomever improperly raised you in such a negative, uncaring, insensitive environment. My sympathy to you. You know who you are.

I must say, expecting such coldness from a human is something else. Those poor abused, neglected youths you expect so much from. I ask you not to start a family.

I read so much I love to escape and pretend I have the lives the character has since my life is so boring