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I'm gonna take the longest shower in the whole world.

I love my husband, but he's driving me crazy. I gave up everything for him, I was accepted into Nursing School but he said he didn't want me to go. He wanted me to stay home (not even work). When we argue he turns everything around on me and gets me so confused I cant remember what he said. He does this the whole time we argue. Today he told me to kill me myself. I don't know what to do :( we live in a small community , I feel like no one would believe me if I told them. Ever... read more

Just back from my visiting my Girlfriend, I won't see her for a year and the down feeling is so bad :( I don't feel like myself anymore :(

I hate how alone I feel.

You shouldn't kill yourself because then you'll lose an important part of your life. Also I did it once and it was boring.

First you get sick with anxiety when you're period is late because of pregnancy scare and then when it finally decides to show up, you get bad cramps that hurt like a motherf****r! This is a no win situation, arghhhhhhhh!!!! 😬😖😫

Really pissed off, when you find out your friends are hanging out without you. WOW

I need chocolate and a forehead kiss, but will I get it? No.

I need sign of life.

Grr I despise cleaning, every Wednesday I get the same boring old woman saying the same thing "clean your dishes, clean your bedsheets, clean your desk, clean your floors, have a shower, brush your teeth" like WOMEN, GROW A PAIR OF BALLS AND GROW UP, CLEANING IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS TRYING TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE, DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE CLEANING, GO ENJOY WHATEVER LIFE YOU HAVE.

I know that most men prefer women with long hair, but are there any that like it short?

So, are there any Europeans out there who love American accents, or are they all just like "Yeah, our accents are the best, we know." ?

i am just so fed up with some people they need to get a life

My fiancé and I haven't had sex in almost a month. That feels like forever for us. I hope to god he isn't getting cold feet.

If someone says they only do things with you because there being nice what does that mean...

You Basically lied about everything in are relationship you would Tip-Top around everything until I forced it out of you it's f***ed up You wanted to end everything but I always wanted to fix everything I'm done my goal now is to love myself and grow

I hear people say "depression is the worst thing ever I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy". Really? I sure as f*** would. I want my worst enemy to feel the most soul crushing, absolutely mind breaking and will destroying depression known to man. I want them to feel the pain of everyone they know leaving them and never talking to them again. I want them to feel the hurt of not having a lover when they need them most or feeling like blowing their brains out but not having the ... read more

It's sad how you did me.

My brother is such a g**d*** a**h*** .

He took "cheat day" to a whole new realm and level. My goodness he is bad news,undebatably!