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Won't you help keep an endangered species alive?

Don't let pubic lice die out, start growing that hair!

so in my friends group, there was drama because my friend was jealous of me. she said i was the one who always gets attention in the group while she's the "forgotten" one. ruined some of my relationships with some friends because of her. what's funny is that she'd honestly 100 times prettier than me so i don't get why she got jealous of me

I wish I had as much courage and strength as some, but I don't. I hate myself, and I feel like cutting but I am too scared, so I hit myself with hammers and other misc items. I wish I wasn't such a stupid chicken. I also hit my head on a door frame tonight. It didn't bleed (again so damn chicken) but I'm pretty sure it's going to bruise, so now I need to find some way to cover it with makeup. I f***ing hate myself.

you have just been added to his death list

I want to win the lottery just so I can pay off my f***ing college expensives.
Even then I'd probably still need more money.

Alicia was such a c***in high school. She was so obnoxious it was ungodly! Had I not been a person of virtue then, I probably would've tried to murder her before junior year.

donald trump can suck my nonexistent dick


chillyotitspeoplethisisjustalameassjoke fam

ah sh** i succ at volleyball real hard i can't receive right hnnghh can someone pls give me sum tips and how to not embarrass myself in tryouts? i'm a female volleyball player that literally sucks
for now i'm stuck on youtuve volleyball tutorials what even am i doing with my life-

honestly tho frick users, i spent half my life doing what you needed, i did ur f***ing homework and gave you everything i had even though my dad was working two jobs just to put food in my mouth and the way your repay is by insulting me behind my back? I know I wasn't the perfect friend and i'm not completely innocent but that doesn't give you the right to make me feel like im just being took advantage of...

uhh not really a rant but
anyone here have a quotev account? ? if so, leave your username below and i'm gonna try and follow ya haha

I'm beyond fed up with the hypocritical discrimination of black people on whites. It's become acceptable for them to run their mouths spreading ignorant bs lies & hate. Honestly it's gotten to the point where I don't even care what happens to them. You wanna be free to commit crime, run, fight police, resist arrest like how dare they try to make them pay for their actions, they get killed literally 1 less violent liar causing problems.
It's horrible what happened to their an... read more

Oh sh** nvm._____.

I just don't understand. I don't understand my father at all. I don't understand how the same man who feel in love with my mother and wrote her beautiful love songs could do something so horrible. I don't understand how the same man who used to sit and talk with me for hours about all my problems betrayed me in a way no one else ever has. I don't understand why he raised my older sister and never treated her like he treated me. I just don't understand why he sexually abused m... read more

I'm sorry if I can't agree with your life philosophies
but under the right circumstances it is ok to steal
but under the right circumstances it is ok to lie
but under the right circumstances it is ok to die
but under the right circumstances it is ok to kill
but under the right circumstances it is ok to cheat etc..
life is not a game of absolutes and morals are defined by a culture!

As you walk thru this life you have truly only one possession
and that's your body. So do with it as you will but remember
some things you can't come back from!

i hate how i look

Why does my mother have to be like that ? seriously.

I didn't sleep at all last night because i've been really sick these past few days and this morning, at 9 am she woke me up, yelling, for the SECOND TIME. The first time being at f***ing 6 in the morning when i'd just fallen asleep.
All to tell me she was going to the movies and i have nothing to eat so i have to go to the store. Don't you think i'd have figured that out, mom ???
f***'s sake. Not even knocking, not even wo... read more

What do you do when you've fought so hard for so long convinced of the rightness of your cause only to discover that you were the bad guy all along?

I f***ing hate celebrations, etc. The last two days were summer solstice celebration in Latvia + my f***ing name day. Which is ok, I never planned to celebrate it either way, because I didn't want to spend the last two days just sitting with other people around a table in a f***ing gazebo and eat like a f***ing pig and then get drunk. I was trying to get myself in check with the amount of sh** I'm eating daily. Yo, I don't want to gain weight OK. Every kilogram is a nightmare... read more

I am worthless and can no longer hide my extreme self-loathing from others. I have refused to look at my face in a mirror for months. I'm afraid that if I do look, I'll have my worst panic attack in ages. I refuse to let anyone touch me because all I can think of is how disgusting I must feel and smell. I stay inside in the day time because I'm a blight on the world no one should have to see.

I don't think it's possible to recover from self-hatred this intense.