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I'm flipping out.
I keep hitting this wall of I'm bothering everyone. That no one wants me around. And comments people make aren't making me feel any less worthless. I feel like my life has no purpose. That no matter what I do someone could do it better, be a better friend, better daughter, better sister, better dancer, better student. I wonder why I bother...

Patrick, why didn't you check yourself before you wrecked yourself?

Posting here to send a rant into the void... Terrible cough kept me awake all night, woke my baby constantly, my 5 year old was up from 6am. Crashed my car on the school run (pretty minor incident). Terrible headache and need to take my dog for a walk in the torrential rain. Family coming to stay tomorrow so have loads of chores to do, then due to spend the weekend at my in-laws house 😕 Oh, and still need to lose a stone in baby weight. Enough already! #venting

Philosophical Question
Is it selfish to want to be loved by others?
And if it is, do we really actually love each other, or are all of our interactions just a search for that satisfaction that is felt when we are loved

I can't sleep I am a f***ing idiot
Everything is messed up and goes badly for me even when I try. I can't even write anything here. I can't sleep.

Really do not try and even understand you idiot. Now I am going to insult you. Motivation comes in a lot of ways and some people respond better to negative stimuli vs positive reinforcement.

Would you really like to have your sh**y feelings and stanky a** negativity in conversations? Or have someone point it out to you anynomously so instead of blaming that person for revealing the futility of your despair, you take responsibility and do something
I am an a**h***
Now kindly... read more

I'm always thinking about life. Like how living things have been around for years. Humans have been around for years. I wonder how the world used to be back then and how the trees looked how abundant they were and how many animals roamed free. How humans changed the world so much. And how human nature has never really changes or changed. We've been the same since the beginning. How there are always the inventors, people who look up or idolize someone, the popular and I'm pret... read more

How do you get rid of really really bad cramps. I have school and it hurts so bad right now but my mom won't let me stay home. It hurts so bad that I'm crying! Please! Advice!

I feel like I'm spiritually connected to my ex. (Other sense type of thing) I honestly knew I shouldn't have gotten into love because I knew I couldnt deal with living with a broken heart haha..

I wonder how to go home and not roll my eyes at my father-in-law....My husband asked me about why his father was mad that morning and he wasn't mad at me for refusing to do what his father wants (FIL is an a*shole who expects all his commands to be followed ASAP). I found out that FIL was the one who got our godmother's number maybe he was trying to get me tried by the rebel court....If that is the case I can kill him with my spiteful words he'll be in the hospital in less th... read more

im so tired of life and the fact that everythings getting worse.

I couldn't go to my physciatrist appointment 2 times because the previous time I didn't have enough money to get a taxi so I had to reschedual till I got paid.then the second appointment came and I f***ing forgot.i feel like I'm wasting everyones time I feel so f***ing pathetic and I'm only getting worse.

I wish I was dead

Stop being a creep telling people how to feel and that their feelings aren't valid. Is someone is scared, show some empathy instead of acting superior and inhumane. You're not cool, you're an a**🍩

Stop being scared and anxious

You never were a scaredy little b****, what happened?

I'm so glad I voted for Hillary and not a treasonous p**** grabber that lies about everything, even his real name. She won without Russians or gerrymandered racists She's not perfect but she would protect this country from hostile countries like Russia and would not put profit and greed ahead of the presidency. She showed her tax returns. How much Russian rosneft oil is drumpf invested in? What's the real kompromat? Wake up and resist.

I might be young and kind, but I'm not naive. You don't fool me.

I'm addicted...... to instant noodles. No wonder I'm always f***ing salty about life. I hate myself and no one will ever love me for who I am- a f***ing potato that tries to be productive but never gets anything out of it. I try helping others as much as I can too. But what do I get? Nothing, just a "Thanks, you're so nice!" and they continue to abuse my kindness. I still do take care of myself first, but I always try my best to lend others a hand whenever I can. Sometimes ma... read more

coast to coast am is speaking of shock treatment ruing peoples lives. my grandma had it, and it broke her arm from the extreme violent muscle contractions, and i feel that kind of thing is equated with barbarism

lmao why are my parents yelling at me for "only having a 4.0" when there are kids failing every other class smh

sorry/not sorry, Sean Spicer, but Donald Trump doesn’t deserve a cookie just yet: Upon closer look (and Trump’s actions usually warrant one), the president is simultaneously going back on the fiery words of his campaign. After hurling nasty base attacks at Hillary Clinton over everything from her alleged failing health to conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation, Trump is currently engaged in at least five of the same exact behaviors he had attacked his opponent ov... read more

i love how you put zero effort into caring for me and basically expect me to tend to your every need