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I miss the days when I didn't have to worry so much and I could just have fun...

Looks like my suspicions were correct. You're one of *those* types of people. The ones who are very good at pretending like they are friendly people but their true judgmental and holier than thou nature always manages to shine through if you're paying attention. Occasionally throwing sly marks at someone, not trusting that they know how to do their job even though you've only recently started working here as a "manager" (lowly fast food place well under the store manager and ... read more

welp here we go again

For a second, I thought you felt the same way....I guess not.

Why did i even get attracted to a f*** face like you you're not that even smart

I'm sick of this reality we are required to live through.

I feel like I deserve to get raped i deserve to be abused I deserve to be treated like sh** I'm nothing important just an overlooked piece of nothing with no purpose

Why is applying for a scholarship so ridiculously hard? I mean I feel like I'm a dog jump through hoops. Limited essays, a thousands documents to send, and a ridiculous small amount of time to complete. Yet I have to wait till late June to know the results? I'm gonna be pissed if I don't get accepted.

I f***ing hate myself for thinking that my crush would ever look at me the way i look at him. f*** you bryan you're not even that cute why the f*** are you driving me nuts you like basketball too much it's the only thing i can hear from your mouth and f*** you for making me always check on you

Wow guess I meant nothing to you. It's okay thought I never meant nothing to nobody anyways cause what's so special about me? That's right not a damn thing

i can't actually see myself having a relationship with someone nor marrying my partner. I'm actually scared of commitments because you're putting yourself on the line and everything will change once you started. Maybe because i'm just craving for happiness from the people around me and even if i've been getting used to my loneliness, i just want someone to stay by my side and make sure that i will be alright. Like, i just want to be happy, not to fall in love. I want to enjoy... read more

Damn I'm hurt right now but I have to pretend like I'm not hurt.

forget that everyone was asleep at this time of night. i should too XD ah well. good night to eveyrone

longest four hours of my life it seemed tonight, but all that could've gone wrong nothing did. made my girl happy on prom night, f*** yes :)

i'm so tired of studying you guys. seriously. i hate it so much. it's just so much information and i can't possibly remember it all and i'm just so tired.

Why do schools hire bad teacher and make them in charge of bringing up future generations. I don't think they understand how harmful it is for students be be given teachers that constantly put them down. One of my teachers just has it out for me, and I have no f***ing clue what i've ever done to her. Anyone else could be doing the exact same thing I'm doing, but she'd just ALWAYS pick on me. I've never been disrespectful to her in any way, and yet she still feels the need to ... read more

Love intelligence power

I am a colossal b****. Why didn't I just f***ing kiss her? I know she wants me to. There were so many moments where we just looked at eachother quietly and instead of doing anything about I just started making sh**y conversation. I have no f***ing idea what I'm doing.

My boyfriend and I have been trying to find a way to live together/get married for a while.

He just told me that he doesn't want to even come over or spend time with me because he feels like that would be "settling for what we have" rather than working towards marriage.

I mean by that logic, we shouldn't even talk at all.