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I have the razor and I'm ready. Bye everyone sorry everyone sorry I'm sorry mom and dad I'm sorry people I lovedimsorrh

How do I pop my own cherry with less pain

come on now, I need you tonight. It just sucks cause you never "need me", even though you say "I don't know what I'd do without you". W.e. it's inevitable right? You have a new life now and I shouldn't be apart of it.

I'm going to kill myzefl. Thank you.a lot of you were my friends thank you for being nice to me:

I think this is it. I think this is the moment to do it.

Feeling so pissed right now. "My religion mind your own business never talk about my religion" what the f*** don't you WANT me to be Muslim don't you WANT me to believe in your religion what the f*** is wrong with you and that girl on that site WHAT THE f*** I am NOTHING to you you cheated on me with so many women and now you are using me to masturbate yourself after you married your wife WHY THE f*** DID YOU DO THIS TO ME and terrorists well I am not dumb ok I know how thing... read more

No. I'm not much dead unfortunately but maybe I should be.

So I was casually seeing a guy for a semester. It was largely hooking up but we also did some very cutesy couple things like watching a movie together, getting ice cream and going on a romantic weekend. We were stuck in this gray zone where neither of us could really put a label on what we were. During this time I developed feelings, because unfortunately I was cursed by my own humanity. Goddamnit. Anyways recently we left school and are now living in separate states. We neve... read more

You should be in my bed right now letting me please you best friend

Breaking news

Cherrychapstick found dead in her home at the computer
apparently she rubbed SO hard she rubbed herself out

It is being considered suicide at this time but the investigation is still ongoing....

I won't go into details about my previous post, but I tried out a new woman I met at a bar tonight. I have to say, my girlfriend is better :) One down, not sure how many more to go.

Not a very honest guy, are you?

I'm so freaking sick of you. Can you not see I'm in love with you?? REALLY?? I've had a crush on you for years. We're best friends. It's 12AM and here I am having a panic attack because your long distance boyfriend is visiting and you want us three to get together. Can't you see I'll just be a third wheel? Can't you see I'll be staring at you the entire time, admiring your smile. Can't you see your boyfriend is jealous of the bond we have, but I'm jealous of the bond you two ... read more

You should have known that the men in this city would tear you apart searching for their fathers in between your legs.

I have such great friends! They always leave me alone. :-P

This was going to just be a post one liner... but here's my vent ;) When I really think about it... I could have a load of traditional friends who call me up just to talk about themselves for hours, bitching or bragging or both about their lives..and I could have a load of friends who only like me for being part of their group, or ones who constantly drag me around town to follow their plans. All of these are at leas... read more

By the way, go to hell. You treated me so badly after I worked my a** off to cater to your every whim. You're a complete a**h*** and absolutely worthless.

You all know that I have a drinking problem. Most of you know that I have had a problem with bulemia as of late. I have been throwing up. I have another problem. I can't go out in public to do the things I need to do. My self esteem won't let me. I can barely get my mail. I can barely get out of my car to go to the park. I just don't want to be around people and life. I'd rather be a child and sit around and sulk all day.

Why can't I be pretty? Why doesn't anyone love me? I ... read more

Just give me a chance please ❤️️ I want to love you

Hey Becky which outfit looks better? The khaki Bermuda shorts and pastel cardigan or that funky Lilly Pulitzer dress.... and the pastel cardigan, of course. It's date night, I'm so excited! We are going out to eat at an incredibly expensive restaurant, followed by a movie! And guess what? It's.................PG-13! But don't tell anyone. We're just trying to spice things up a bit. ;)

Okay whatever im going to anyway i dont even care anymore im so exhausted phsically and mentally. Sleep is my escape.