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rectum is the smell of my penus.

Omf, you're just so special to me. So special and I love you. I love you so much in fact way more than I let on even though we're together. f*** I just f***ing love you. Like sh** how it get to this point? Damn I love you so damn much. I want our world to be perfect and I'm working so hard for us baby. If being with you is a mistake, you're my favorite one. I just love and care for you beyond this world. I can't even tell you this but when we say I love you, you make me want ... read more

Nope, still don't want your penus. Stop harassing me!

Okay I'm on my 3rd pregnancy test please just work I can't pee this much

"White people cannot be victims of racism because racism is deep and historical."

Ooookay, sweetie, that's enough Tumblr for you. No, I mean it, step away from the computer. You're not even coherent anymore.

why am i so useless
i just want to be good

help me my penus smells like rectum.

I predict that the solar eclipse will be the beginning of the end for the lives of sh**y people

So, I've always problems with my step dad even when I was super young. My mom isn't married to him (thank god), but I still can't stand him. He considers suggestions, or explanations as rude or back talk. It's really stupid. I tell my mom about him a lot, but she gets so sad whenever I tell her anything, even though he's rude to her too. It's like, what the f***? She doesn't realize that he's got issues and whenever people bring up the fact that he does have problems she's li... read more

I cry myself to sleep every night and no one ever notices amything. Im just unhappy with life and im stuck in a horrible repetitive routine. I hardly leave the house or go on holoday or do anything. In an attempt to change my life amd break away from this boring life i applied for a job to work abroad and surprise surprise my dad saod i cant go. I love and respect my dad so much but swear down, would it be so hard to allow me to go away and work for 3 month. Im actually sick ... read more

Is having the opportunity to hold your hand too much to ask for?
I want you all for myself. You mean everything to me and I'd give you the world without you even having to ask for it.

This is the post of good luck

i would rip my womb out with my bare hands and give it to someone who actually wants it if i could

every screaming child in a store makes my ovaries shrivel more and more, the daily semen seed facebook posts give me indigestion, and every messy-a** kid i have to serve food to makes me debate suicide

i don't even hate kids, believe it or not, i hate their lazy-a** parents who allow them to scream and make a mess, while posting "cute" photos of them on facebook all the time

... read more

im high on coffee

Why are people so caught with who's single and who's in a relationship? Don't worry about me, worry about your SO who's cheating on you.

I'm living the single stress free life, shieeet.


I'm genderfluid and proud.

Ever since I tried to reject my friend and told him that he is not my type, he has been a real snob. He keeps on trying to impress me, which is nice, but his attitude is what I do not like. For instance, he will get something new or get a new haircut and then just assume and say for me that I think he is handsome. He then gets really smug by it and I REALLY hate it. I understand that it was a sh** thing to say to you, but by you acting like a dick isn't helping.

If even a serial killer is able to find a partner and you aren't then maybe you should start considering the fact you're worse than a serial killer sorry