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f*** you, you heartless b****.

TIL I like metal. It's better than the rap sh** nowadays

Your a nice guy but I don't think you are right for me and I think we should just stay friends I'm sorry

Anyone who has a prom dress already can anyone tell me some legit sites to order one from or where you ordered yours prom is coming quickly and I still can't find a dress I don't like simple dresses and short dresses look better on my body any suggestions

I have a D in one of my classes, and no one knows about it but me. I have a D because I didn't turn in the homework assignments, but I did well on the midterm. I hope I can bring this grade up. I have one month. Pray for me.

Feeling like a zombie today. I cried too much yesterday and I don't know how I really feel. I feel emotionless compared to how I felt yesterday. Which was mostly angry because I just cry when I get like that. I feel somewhat lost.

Living ain't easy it opens your head
Layin' and prayin' you wish you were dead
When I was born I was given a will
That the meaning of life is
I'm in for the kill

You got a reason to listen to me
For I am a messenger carrying the key
Money is nothing to hold into wills
And the meaning of life is
I'm in for the kill

I hate men. I am a strong capable women with a good heart and love for my family, but men can't handle it. They can't handle that maybe I know what i'm talking about when it comes to spending money, making decisions for the future, or how to change a light bulb without breaking a nail. They can't handle that I go head strong into a situation and aren't afraid to back down when it comes to something i believe in. They can't handle that their girlfriend is some that works hard ... read more

You know you've reached the epitome of sadness when you decide to masturbate out of boredom..

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my life really has been 1 big cliche. haha..

Today I made the choice to give my dog a better home, since i btoke up with my ex and got a 3rd shift job that prevented me from taking care of her how i use too.. i didn't want to neglect her. Guy csme, loved her. Didn't realize my heart would break twice this year. 1st my a**h*** ex harassing me.. and contacting my drive them away from me...and now... #best4months #heartbroken

How did it feel to be smitten with a child? When we met through a less important bridge of a friend, when it was all just dumb sh**, but we were smitten...when you were nearly 18, I hardly did it feel to know a child was in love with you? You a boy, I a girl, and nothing ever truly with a girlfriend, I so makes me wonder if you simply pitied me, or if you told me I was beautiful just to see my childish smile. I loved you, and one day, I los... read more

Does anyone else want to live their life in a coma so that we can start it all over and be happy for once? No stress, only peace.

the good thing about a phase of self-hating hopelessness is that I apply for more jobs through the sheer power of “f*** it”

i never had a childhood because it got taken away when i was9!!! if i did we'd take a bath together and you wouldn't stick your hands inside melike how they did!!!!! :))))))))))))

Every time my boyfriend's marine friends come to visit all they want to do is drink and go to bars. I am a year younger than all of them, turning 21 next month. I like having fun and drinking too, but there are times where I can't go with them because of age restrictions or because I really can't although I really want to. When I can attend these social gatherings, I don't mind staying up late and drinking when I'm with my boyfriend, but for the times that he goes out and dri... read more

The answers to my problems wont exist for centuries. I wish I could go into cryosleep, but until I can afford that, I'm left to scrape for my life on this piece of f***ing dirt.

I like this guy and he likes me back but we still aren't friends. Its so frustrating.

I'm trying to decide whether I just want to live a simple, homeless life for the rest of my years wandering around free, or if I'm going to try to blend in with society and make my way in it. Time isn't waiting for me to make the decision.