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PLEASE READ ..why do i get so emotional talking to my dad? hes not old or sick , i just cry when i talk to him sometimes . Him and my mom are trying to finalize their divorce and he lives in a different state . He's trying his best to keep in contact with me and my brother but he cant because he works on the ship and i want to see him in person. We have never been extremely close because im close to my grandma and he was close with my younger brother, so idk why im so emotion... read more

GET. THE. f***. OUT.

There is only one thing I live for, and it's the rare time that I get by myself when everyone else is at work. But right now no one else has a job, so I have to spend 24/7 having other people f***ing up my sh** and making my life awful for just being there. I f***ing hate other people.

When I get time to myself, I'm easily able to manage myself. But when other people are around, I constantly feel like dying, and that's not an exaggeration. Other people make me want to slowly... read more

all these memories of a traumatic event are coming back and making me stressed and question things and honestly i have no idea what to do lmao

#trauma #memories #suck

Im so sick and tired with people just assuming that Ill follow them like a dog just because I ACT aloof and all friendly. As soon as I stray and talk to other friends, they're all mad. Like ok??? I have other people to talk to and have other things to do. I can be your part time dog another time just dont expect me to follow you around everywhere you go and laugh at all your sh**y jokes just because YOU said them. #friendproblems #leoproblems Yes my loyalty is endless but do... read more


This is so stupid but is this a Psyic ability?? I usually have this feelings that I know how my day is going. If it's going to be bad or good. Sometimes my dreams come true and I have a lot a lot of deja vu. Idk maybe I'm crazy or something. Please! Advice!

I come in here sometimes to read and gather my thoughts. ... and vent. Lately, I've felt as if I had a bottomless stomach. My head pounding and fatigued and I can't wait to jump in bed and call it a night.

I really wish I could find a place to write.

That is love right there, pure unfiltered music mainlining it into my dome

6 months ago I started working at a supermarket franchise. Its a local franchise so its only in my hometown. I was first sent into a store that's close to home and I was doing okay. The managers seemed friendly, my co-workers seemed fine but there was this one manager that seemed to want to make my life a living hell the moment I set foot in that place. I didn't say or do anything at first, I kept holding it in but at 3 months of being patient I suddenly burst out. I had a ve... read more



Is it weird that I lurk through this one cute guys instagram that used to be in my class? Lol who am I kidding it is weird but I don't care. He is so cute, he really looks like this one guy I used to have sex with and he looks soooooooo much like him its crazy (just a bit cuter tho), they both skateboard and have color eyes too! Its crazy maybe god is sending me signs to f*** him??! Lmao jk but I'm super upset because he dropped the class I had him in and I was so happy becau... read more

So basically... I have to force myself to be okay ringing up 200+ dollars on every single date we have without a moment's hesitation because otherwise it "feels like you're forcing me to spend all my money." Are you hearing yourself, you psychotic b****? I have to act so that you don't feel like I'm acting. Great.
Not even a boyfriend at this point, I'm a wallet and a trophy.
I remember a few years ago, getting mad about you getting cozy with that other b**** that you have on... read more

I won't ever admit you're sucking me dry. I wont let you keep having your way even if it takes me to an early grave.
You can keep taking my love until my heart stops which might be soon. Either way I will let you do you, because I love you.

Nevermind you can take it all

I just now woke up. Have you ever felt like you've been crying all day and night. I hadn't been crying but my chest feels as if I have. I woke thinking " there isn't anything to say to him, it's pointless." I've tried, I think fooling myself into believing that I mean something to him because at times he is warm loving and happy while other times he is gone. Oh the reasons are expected, he found someone who accepts him for who he is or he found someone so desperate and unwill... read more

You're the one thing Im afraid of
Will you let our differences continuously seperate us?
I worry for you like I would my own. Do whatever you want. Ive been letting you. But just know I see when I couldn't before
Let me know when I can have some of my light back

I WILL have you.

You will run back to me. Back into my arms. Away from her. Away from your ex.


I am tired of gay or trans people makig up stories or fake videos about someone commiting suicide.
If there is one group that lies constantly it is them.
We all know it so just stop before we get so pissed we actually do things we will regret!
Which is probably why you have this old stigma baggage you carry around of times past when people did not like your kind.

I just masturbated to the thought of my 12th grade ecomics teacher