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Maybe I was just a pretty face you were happy to hold as a trophy, it'd make sense why you get mad at me so quick and not even consider my emotions. I've always accepted your faults but you never could stand for mine. Maybe it's time I go...


Being able to transmit memories and feelings of pain onto anybody you want at anytime.

Court cases? People think you're guilty but you're innocent, just give them the memory. People think you're innocent but you're guilty? They ask you to transmit the memory, you don't poof! You're guilty.

On your period? Guys being jerks and whispering "she's on her period" whenever you act moody? Just transmit the cramps and the pain onto them and watch them try and struggle wit... read more

you ever kno someone who like 99% of the time is totally cool but every once in a while they do something or say something that just deeply deeply unsettles you? and it's hard to even figure out why, but any time you do you feel like you're overreacting or reaching because like, you know they're not trying to be sketch, & u know they're mostly cool. but u still get this nagging feeling abt them like you're waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Define happiness? someone asked me to and I just can't.. Like I know what makes me happy but I can't define happiness and I want to know what you guys come up with?

So, I need someone's opinion..So right now in my life I am dating this guy. Him and I have been together for about three years and we have broken up and gotten together a few times in the three years. We have both done mistakes, but not to make him sound the worst, he would do things behind my back and would never tell me. When I would do something bad I would come clean but the things he did made my "bad" things look good. He went and hung out with his ex (& she would bully ... read more

I have a very hard time understanding why love must be so difficult to find. I have met tonnes of women during my (admittedly short) life who I thought were wonderful - but getting even remotely close to them proved an insurmountable task. Am I the problem or am I just too impatient? I have so many good things going for me; the only thing truly lacking is my height and then my insecurity from a number of different reasons - but even then, I have a hard time imagining that I a... read more

i am engaged and i have a 3 year old but i still think about my ex every once and a while. i cheated on my partner (at the time) with this ex before we had a kid together. it was just a kiss but it made me feel really guilty. it wasn't even a good kiss and the person isnt even my ideal mate. i told my partner and they forgave me. for some reason i still cant stop thinking about the other person though. it was 4 years ago

I am tired of being me. it is exhausting over-thinking every little thing. i can never just do what i want to do. i always do what i am obligated to and i am just sick of it. most of the time i would much rather just ignore everyone and everything. I day dream of getting in my car and driving as far as possible. if I had the money i probably would have done it already.

My biggest fear when dating someone new or meeting their parents is eating with them. I'm a very picky eater and even at the risk of unintentionally insulting people I just cannot eat foods that look disgusting (or smell disgusting) to me. I feel really bad about it, because a lot of times someone works hard to prepare a dish they're proud of and then I see it and I'm all "No thank you", but I honestly can't help it. If I try and fake a smile and eat a little just to be polit... read more

I'm not getting as much enjoyment out of telling people to kill themselves online anymore, but I still have a craving to do it every time I'm angry. I don't know how to get a proper fix though.

Ignoring me only makes me feel more invisible.

I f***ing hate thefact that I'm so f***ing gullible I wish I could stop being so stupid. I hate the fact that I want to spend my only day off with the person I love and I can't f***ing do that because his family's f***ing weekend business pulled him away no matter what and he won't come home just like a work night until 9 o'clock he's up for an hour with me we go to bed and that's the end is the same f***ing routine every time it it's sickening I feel alone I'm unhappy about ... read more

My Mum is a f***ing racist. She literally just said she'd like to "wipe out every oriental person from the face of the planet" by lining them all up, and shooting them. She also then went on to use ableist terms to describe them.

i f***ing hate myself everyday of the week 24/7, im shallow as f*** and i dont even like my own thoughts or personality its like theres another person living in my mind and i dont know what the f*** is going on anymore

so my college gpa went down cus i had a rough year, last i'll probably won't be able to transfer and get accepted into a new school. i'm trying so hard to bring it back up but i'm struggling. i feel like my focus is on everything but school. i hope that changes, ugh. i feel defeated.

We need another plague...and I'd love to be part of it.

I'm moving house on April 1st and I haven't even started packing yet. Dear god help me

Has anyone here tasted chicken feet before? I wonder if it's good.

This weather is the most unbarable sh** ever. It's f***ing twenty degrees and its nearly April. I just want the temperature to be reasonable, but that's too much to ask for in this winter hellhole. f*** this ridiculous sh** climate I'm moving to godamn California the second I get the opportunity so I never have to see his forsaken make ever again. Jesus Christ.

When you get mad you break things, I'm ready to break you, a**h*** .