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The afterglow of a really good sh**.

My opinion of humanity has been challenged yet again.
Another new dating reality show were these idiots show up naked.
Could only stomach ony 10 minutes . So the woman ( if that's what she thinks she is ) comes on & says her name is wee-wee .
Wee-wee ? Are you f***ing kidding me ?
I'd b**** slap her fat a** to another planet.

I did it again but I dont really count is as a relapse, Im not sure if I care anymore really.

Nancy. .high maintenanced b**** ..and you question why nobody wants to help you.your giving me a headache please shut the f*** up

If I speak the truth I am a heartless a**h***. If I don't, I am a liar. D***, life is tough!

I know that this is not the right time for me to get into a relationship. My schedule is so hectic that I hardly have time for myself let alone a girlfriend. But when I lie down on my bed at night I feel so lonely. I wish I had someone to hold, someone to talk to, someone to cuddle with.

My twelve year old wants to wear makeup and these weird patterned yoga pants to school...I have failed as a parent.

This became much longer than I initially thought.

You should mind your own business, dear sister. You have a drug addicted, alcoholic 30 year old son who you've been trying to help for the last 15 years, costing tens of thousands of dollars out of Dads pocket. It didn't help. Yet, I am a single parent, I was unemployed for almost a year. I needed assistance with the electric bill and food. You told Dad he was enabling me and that he should stop giving me money. Who the f*** ... read more

I'm lonely and sad. I live alone and don't have any family (worth mentioning), and all my friends from college live far away. I don't leave the house (except to go to work and come home) and my job only involves interacting with one person. I honestly like that, though; too many people = scary. But I wish I had friends in the area... I'm just not sure how to make any.

Bethany Frankel is the biggest Jew both on tv.
Only thing she's missing is mamm stien or sky.

I have three girls and one boy. The boy is being good, he's great, today, but my girls... Gosh, my girls.... They woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I don't know what their deal is, but i have them all scrubbing base boards. Maybe they'll learn to control themselves and be more respectful to their mother and to each other.

Hey! What ever happened to waiting your turn! Doing it all by hand, cause when everything is handed to you It's only worth as much as the time put in. It all just seems so good the way we had it
Back before everything became automatic.

Generation X

Demi Lovato is my inspiration. She has overcome an eating disorder and depression, and she is so amazing and strong. Her music is great, and she is also a good role model for younger kids. She isn't in the news for like doing drugs or sex tapes or anything. She is an incredible singer. She helped me when I was dealing with hardships in my life. She'll never know who I am, but I will never forget her. Thank you, Demi

I cant believe 115 people were killed in chicago by the purge reinactors. it was brutal im lucky were safe.

So ive been vegetarian (exempt fish so peskatarian) 10~12 yearsof my life and i am 22. Im not sure why but ive randomly had cravings for big meatballs and meat. Its vey strange maybe my body is telling me someyhing. But i do ferl guilt so even if i cheated on my diet choices a fee times its not terrible. Also ever notice dreads grow so long compared to the rest of your hair. I am also worried i may br pregnanant again i dontwant to be till at least after my disney world trip ... read more

f***ing renters. a**es deliver the rent late every month and we decided no more. Gave them 60 days notice. They freaked out. Wife just called me trying to get me to change the decision. Makes me nervous trying to deal with people that know they are in the wrong. I don't care about your f***ing plight, we've issues of our own to deal with, and this house doesn't have to be one of them.

In a family/friend owned business where I already know to much... I am not "family" but thought I was a long time friend... doing well and praised by upper management who is not family or friend and who are never in the office because they are always traveling has made the office staff (2 people) who is here rude and hateful. Saying I did not water a plant on Friday and left a knife in the sink has them saying I have gotten "too big for my britches" here..... read more

I can't stand to be around people who think that their time is the only time that matters. The world does not revolve around you so get over yourself.

That's it. If my brother spits his gum and throws his trash onto my bed or the floor instead of a trashcan, then one of his toys will fly out the window.

I talked to this guy for a year over the internet, and we met in may. It was the most terrifying experience of my life... I never want to do anything like that again.. I can't believe I put myself through that in the first place... It still makes me sick when I hear his name or walk past the Wal-greens that we hid behind in his car. He is the reason I am scared of men. I don't think I will ever be the same.