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what's up with medical marijuana, just an excuse to smoke pot and act dumb, really what is so medicinal about getting high and crazy and frying your brains. stupid people..

I'm just going to come out and say it...if you schedule your life around smoking pot and doing drugs, you are a loser. Also, you're an even bigger loser if you build parties around them! Get a f***ing life already.

Never try to pee in the gas tank of a Tesla.

There is no such thing as a "group" of misfits or outcasts. You're an outcast once the group of "outcasts" tells you to go to hell too.

i miss you so much it hurts... i hate that people are trying to control my life and trying to keep us apart... i guess the only good side to this is its making you realize how much you really care about me.. either way I would give anything to go back to before when we could be together happily with no problems... I miss you, we were just getting started <3

Just put up a Facebook update showing off how big my new pay rise is, which if I understand right, is the male equivalent of showing off cleavage.

I really wish sleep would make its way to me... SOON. I'm tired. Just straight up tired. And when I sleep, I can dream I'm happy... and that I'm with you. I love you. And I want you back with me. Come back soon, please. <3

I hated that song the first time I heard it. And yet, the radio insists on playing it at least 30 times a day. I'm tired of switching the stations and driving in silence. Come on now.

Maybe what I said was wrong... the delivery wasnt so great, but I'm tired of feeling like I'm being used. I'm tired of feeling like everything and everyone else is more important than just being with me. I don't think that you really meant what you said, if you can go your entire life without hearing from me or thinking about me, then it must mean you never loved me in the first place. I never cheated, I was loyal, I wasnt golddigging, yet you act like I f***ed your daddy. I ... read more

dont you just love mooching off your dead relatives?!

If a customer is wrong 99% of the time, are they still "always right"?

You call yourself a marketing manager?! I've had my dog sh** better crap than that.

That's it. I gotta steal her from him. Normally, I would be totally against the idea but she's special.

So we can't put on the radio but we have to put up with your singing? f*** you, a**h*** .

you tell me i need to grow up, yet you never let me make my own decisions mistakes or anything. if you want me to "grow up" then you have to let go and let me "grow up" .

That's it. I'm done with Firefox. Slow. Update obsessive. Just need to find a replacement now.

There are vast numbers of xenophobic people, sigh, even in Europe. Where do I go now?

i want you so bad. i look at you and i just want you to take me and have your way with me. its so hard trying to pretend that i'm just your friend DO ME BABY!!!! DO ME NOW!

Quit touching my sh**. Quit pretending to be with me if you won't be there for me. Quit messing with my life as if it belongs to you. Quit lying to me.

i want a bisexual girl thats into bondage and all this kinky sh** who will have a 3some with me and god willing, another bisexual kinky a** chick. Is that so much to ask?