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He pushed my sleeve up and sank right in. It hurt just for a mintue, after that there was no pain. I just felt wearker by the second, my life literally being sucked out of me. I started to bend and crouch down, eventually falling to the ground. Still drinking away my sight begain to darken. Soon all I saw was the tiniest bit of light, as if I were seeing through the eyes of a needle.

So i may have had a bit of a breakthrough. Mind you it's just an idea. So i've never wanted to know what to do with myself for the rest of my life, at least my young adult life. I use to love to write, i would write over a page a day maybe. Just about what i was thinking, feeling, anything and everything. Somewhere along that road i started to write fictional stories. I loved it, it was my own place where i could escape. Let's just say some personal things happened to where i... read more

I am aware that 2 different girls have feelings for me, they've told their friends who have subsequently told me. I've slept with one of them, but we said it was just a "fun" thing. I know I don't want to be with either of them, but I can't tell them no so I just keep leading them on and can't stop.

me: wow I did such a great job cleaning my room
my parents: wow your room is still a mess, do you see that pencil on the floor? wow you are disgracing our family. we did not come to america for this. wow. terrible

Is it so bad to want a pare of shoes for my one year old daughter

What do people have against girls, that don't have large breasts, that wear tube tops? :/

My brother was acting so horribly spoilt, I started wondering if he would act kinder if a more mature me raised him alone. I hated listening to the exchange between him and my parents.
"Okay, [Brother's name], we're going now."
"Will I get to have anything?"
"What? Why?"
"I want you to buy me something."
"Why? Your birthday's in a few weeks."
"Buy me something!"
"Then whaddaya want? Hmm?"

He didn't go with... read more

I'm afab non-binary and I want to wear dresses (not super girly type stuff but more of a 90s/goth mixture) out in public sometimes but I can't do it because I get too caught up about how people are perceiving me. Does anyone have any advice on how to not care about what people think of my clothes because it sucks and I want to wear stuff I like? I just want people to not immediately gender me based on what I'm wearing and they do and that's why I can't wear what I want, but i... read more

I think I was a lot happier before mass adoption of the internet.

Because now I know how stupid and clueless so many people in the world are and it's extremely depressing... and annoying.

Before, I was only around people of high caliber with high intelligence. And now... well, here I am on this website that attracts the lowest common denominator.

Chicago weekend talley
Gangbangers 47
Police 2

Dont lose who you are in the blur of the stars. Seeong is decieving, dreaming is believing, its okay not to be okay. Sometimes its hard to follow your heart. Tears dont mean youre losing, everybodys bruising. Just be true to who you are.

My mom is a b****. Today i told her we shoild get matching mommy faughter tattoos and she said "the facts that you said that really hurts" how the hell does that hurt?? So i decided to apologize in the nicest yet bitchiest way to apologize. What should i say???

I feel pretty today. :)
I also feel sad though. T_T
I'm sad because... well, I can't be with the person I like.

What kind of dress should I wear if I'm skinny, no boobs, butt or small waist? The first thing that comes to mind is none. :/

It feels good to not depend on you for my happiness anymore.

Transformers sucked, I hate Michael Bay and George Lucas for indirectly influencing Steven Spielberg, who then influenced Michael Bay. I'll see guys in hell. Except Steven Spielberg.

I hate waking up with anxiety. I haven't woke up with anxiety in weeks and the day I decide to wake up early this feeling decides to come back. It usually happens when I have to do something that I normally don't do on a daily basis as I'm used to routine so doing things differently than I usually do provokes fear.

I do not understand the western world anymore.

I grew up in a time where morality existed and was Biblicly based. All of the 10 commandments summed up by "love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself" and "everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial, everything is permissible, not everything is contructive."

Athiests attack Christianity and morals yet they don't realize they are settin... read more

I am, for the most part, happy. I love my wife very much. However, I have never been physically attracted to her. It is everything else that made me fall in love with her. She's a great mom, thoughtful, generous, incredibly intelligent, adventurous... the list goes on. But when I look at her, there are no sparks. She isn't ugly by any means, I just don't feel any desire for her. I look around and see many women that I am more physically attracted to and I can't help but think... read more

I've had depression for the last eight or so years, but was only officially diagnosed last year. Things went as well as they could, and I got the help I needed. Now, though, my savings have run dry and I can't afford any of it. I definitely can't afford therapy anymore, and I haven't been able to afford meds for months (although I've now realised that the meds I was using weren't actually that effective).

I've been okay until recently. I've been easing back into the life of ... read more