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I knew that once you found out about my past, you wouldn't want me anymore. Thank you, for making it seem like I am a disgrace for being raped when I was younger. I'm sorry that I am damaged goods. I'll be sure to take that secret to the grave.

why are you playing mind games with me? calling me and telling me you dont want to lose me and for what your still living together. have the guts to move out or leave me alone, you made it clear that your not happy with your current situation. then whats holding you back? so much frustration.

Am I racist for not being attracted to black girls, or Asian girls? ... Pretty much only like white girls or light-skinned latins, which is what I am.

Things that suck about living in ******, Canada:

- HST: taxes keep going up and up.

- DMV: if you need a road test, everything is booked for the next month. Just hope that you don't need that driver's license anytime soon.

- Public transportation: price keeps going up, but routes keep getting cut. During rush-hour, buses are packed so tight you can't breath (don't even think about getting a seat).

- You need to be licensed for every... read more

I was just sleeping and woke up when an earwig bit me on the face. I immediately jumped out of bed and turned the lights on - that's when I saw the f***er trying to run away. Enjoy your water grave, infidel.

why? do i keep thinking about you!!
cant get you out of my head. could i be falling in love?

f***in hate hemorrhoids but i love preparation h!!!

I hate how throwing up on a regular basis makes your teeth sensitive. Can I get some love here?

after all this time and i still find myself thinking about you, and i can honestly say i will always love you.

You know.... there's a lot you don't know about me.... So before you say you love me, just wait. Cause when you hear about everything that's been in my past, you'll know I come with too much baggage for you to ever be able to care about me.

What should one do if the career and path they thought they loved and went for it, turned out to be the wrong choice?

Alright you self-involved dimwit. I don't care how rich you are. You start f***ing with my stuff again and I'll put a boot up your rich, wrinkly old a**. I've been doing this job for ten years and if I say I need to do something a certain way you can damn well bank on the fact that it needs to be done that way. So go back to your mansion, pound that freeze-dried s*** you ditched your wife for, and stay out of our way.

What's with these spin-off Muttr type sites lately? I gotta say, they fail pretty hard compared to this...

So, a warning to all douche bags trying to steal the "idea" behind Muttr, I WILL find you and eat your first born!

I'm disappointed I didn't move faster on this "griping" website concept. I had the idea for this type of site in 2003. Oh well, I got next!

I need your help. I've known this guy for about two years now.... We've always been flirty and theres always been something kinda there, even when he dated my best friend. Well, now I'm dating him. And since we've known each other soooo long.... We are kinda fast with the physical stuff.... and I keep thinking, "Its okay, because you both care about each other sooo much and you've been talking to him for TWO YEARS!" But then, I keep thinking, "We have only been dating a month... read more

Why the f*** do I have to work at places where the people above me are so f***ing retarded that I could be doing a better job of running the place with my g**d*** eyes closed?!?!?!?!?!

I left him today, i feel, dare i say, like i could actually be moving forward.

My desk is under water. I work in a cube like everyone else; and I kid you not, the whole thing is UNDERWATER. How does such a thing happen you ask? Well there is a 2ftx3ft hole in the wall next to me. Out of this wall water came bursting out, sending drywall 5 feet away into the aisle. It is Monday and this happened on Saturday. You can imagine the smell. I am praying no bugs or rodents come out of this hole.

I hate myy housemate. Sample conversation when he has a friend over:

Housemate "have you met Sarah? She was just in the area looking at a property"

Me: (to Sarah) "oh, cool, where?"

Sara: (looks embarassed)

Housemate: "Ha! Not really."

I don't think even you know where the punchline is anymore, and I'm fed up with the cryptic Andy Kaufman-esque metajoke that no one else gets.

Until further notice: I can't be arsed with speakin... read more

Just need to get away from new england... people suck, jobs suck, and weather sucks.