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My friend, who lives in an Islamic country, was shot a few days ago when a fellow countryman found out he was an atheist through the grapevine. He's alive, much to both of our relief, but we're both lamenting the state of things. All "athiest" means is "a person who doesn't recognize the legitimacy of a deity/god or gods,". Buddhists don't typically claim to believe in a deity, as Buddhism is an atheistic religion. There are atheistic pagan and neo-pagan religions. I know a w... read more

what's a way to make a boy jealous and or notice you again and want you back? what's a way to make him feel like he lost a good one? advice from girl and guys would help

i'm not really talkin' to my crush right now and ik he's off today and we cud be hangin' out but he's ignoring me cus of a stupid little fight we had.. and all my friends are going clubbing tonight and i wasn't invite...its friday night i'm so bored and my phone is so dry...not surprised i'm home while everyone else is out having fun...typical!

Dear neighbours.
break the f*** up already before I call the police. the next time one of you punches something and your kid cries, i'll kick the door in and call child services myself.

Sometimes when i'm cooking, i intentionally slip with the knife or burn myself on something. i used to be a self harmer quite prolifically. I have severe social anxiety and depression, and whilst ive stopped doing it in the obvious fashion, i still tend to be 'clumsy' once every few months or so when i'm really, really low.
I was feeling very low today and my brother said i was a waste of space and a disgusting burden. i held my wrist over the steam spout of a cooking pan. i ... read more

Does my boyfriend treat me like sh** because I'm unenthusiastic about sex, or am I unenthusiastic about sex because my boyfriend treats me like sh**? It's a neverending circle of crap.

I have bipolar. My car was wrecked last week. I'm stuck at home. I miss my mobility and my lady friend who doesn't drive and lives 45 minutes away. She doesn't seem as emotional as I feel.

This must sound weird, but I actually love taking long bus/ train rides! It just feels nice to take a little trip and have some nice company with you to talk and laugh with. Meeting your soulmate in the bus sounds so romantic too. Aaw...

I just finished reading "The Wedding" by Nicolas Sparks. It's amazing how much the story paralleled with my life, specifically my marriage.

feels so good when a girl is looking you in the eyes when you're having sex -anonymous libra sex addict

I'm terrified to start working. What if I'll be terrible at my job? What if I'll get yelled at? What if I'll ruin someone's life? :(

Been taking care of a terminally ill mother for about five years or so now. Doctors had only given her 6 mos about 4 years ago so I am super happy about that. I don't want to ever lose her. But I am getting so worn down so tired. I will never abandon her but this weekend I FINALLY had someone able to come in and watch her for the weekend. Finally after so long.

Then she got sick today and can't come in. I feel so guilty for being as angry and upset as I am. I know the weeken... read more

How do I stop being rude?

I have become rude....and I dont like it. I have been quiet for a long time, and Ive been used and now, it seems like Im being rude as a payback for all those years. However, Its not fair that other people have to endure my rudeness: especially people who have done nothing to me. How do I stop?

Mrs. Ochoa I have answered your question 3 times, and your not understanding. I don't know what else to do to help you understand, so please get off my phone.

From pregnant wife.
If I have to deal and don't have a choice than so do you! I can't go out and have fun? Neither can you! "Don't worry it's only a couple months! "
If I have to go to the doctor, so do you! I'm not doing any of the hell alone! Not one step! Hey I'm concerned about dealing with these few months.... just get over it and get a hobby or read a book! How dare you!
I'm stressed and would like to talk to my spouse just to get it out but that's too inconvenient and ... read more

I fantasize about having women watch me masturbate, and I sometimes masturbate while driving and I hope a woman will want to watch. I know I shouldn't, but it's a fantasy.

I have a coworker who I initially thought was very unattractive. But somehow through my fixation on his fugliness, he's started to look sexy as hell. What the hell happened? Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Forever wanting to go out and stick to an actual diet or routine but here I am, binge watching TV shows that I have seen more than a billion times and stuffing my face with pizza. On my own. I really need a life...

I'm so f***ing tired of breathing. I wake up, piss, sh**, eat, etc. It's the same bulls*** every-f***ing-day. It sucks enough already that I'm the butt of every joke because I'm an ugly and impassable young-trans-woman. Can't even go out into a public space without being harassed and bothered. I grew up in fostercare, so I'm already mentally unstable, and financially unstable as it is. Can't get a job, because where I live, LGBT people are Satan-incarnate. I was already an al... read more