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Can't wait to see you next month and work with you. I feel like maybe we need to have a couple conversations about personal space and my fear of you that is totally unfounded by any of your personal actions.

is it too late to get into star trek? its probably too late to get into harry potter. that sh** never appealed to me. i loath that i pretty much dont get any of the harry poooter refrences i encounter daily

i have no idea whats happening in isreal and at this point im too afraid to ask.

My heart goes out to everyone who submits muttrs about their parental troubles on this site. I went through a lot of the same stuff you all did but (luckily?) it was at an earlier age than most of you and it resulted in their divorce, so it's been all over for a while now. Had they not divorced, though, things would have just gotten worse. It's sad to see people submitting here that are anywhere from like 13-18 years old and are still going through these troubles with you par... read more

i hate being inside the house all day yet i dont like going out because i feel the need to have someone with me when i want to go somewhere fun or just to the movies or something. i want to be independent but i always want someone around yet im too shy to open up. god i hate being inside the house all day because it just feels like such a waste of my free time and youth.

What the hell, today i am pretty sure some old lady tried to pickpocket my wallet out of my babies stroller. She kept grabbing it trying to distract us and move her finger closer. f***ing weird! I mean come on have some class old lady. Were a young couple with a baby!!!! I mean i wasnt even pick pocketed or robbed when.i was homeless and lived out of a bag and my whole life was in the bag. ( which 9/10 times homeless people dont want you to touch their stuff just as much as w... read more

I have this big freckle on my shoulder, and each time I see it, my brain assumes it's a tick and I start freaking out.

I'm just really sad and I feel like I can't explain it and I don't know what to do with myself. and I can't handle the things happening like school and my family and social life. Every time I try to tell any one I feel like their listening wrong and can't help me. I'm just really pained and sad.

To an anonymous scum bag: If you continue having sex with someone after she repeatedly tells you no, that is rape. Whether you think of yourself as a rapist or whether you choose to acknowledge the disconnect between your actions (e.g. plotting, planning, lying, and manipulating with the conscious intent to take from another human being what she doesn't want to give) and your preferred image of yourself as a decent guy, you are indeed the definition of a rapist. RAPIST. Someo... read more

Sometimes i feel worthless, i have no friends at all. And i just dont think people like to talk to me because im a different religion and dress a bit different then everyone else but i feel so sad sometimes

I posted this message nights ago, but I decided to post it again.

I read an article about a lady that was viciously raped and she orgasmed three times. I've also been raped. The experience was awful but the sex did feel good to me. It was so confusing. I was excited to read the article and learn that I wasn't the only person that has exsperienced this before. Anyone else out there that shares the sane story?

My brother has been talking to some girl on the phone for over an hour and he's trying to "flirt" over the phone. sh**'s getting annoying, especially since it's midnight and I have to wake up early tomorrow. He even asked her what color her underwear was... like wtf? Stfu already, none of us wanna hear that sh**.

Go on. You want me to take you as a stranger, dad? OK, fine. You want me not taking you as a dad? FINE!!

Waiting for the day my skin will be clear and smooth again haha

I put a giveaway up on tumblr two weeks ago. It took me *months* to save up and put together this huge freaking thing, and no more than 2 days after I post it, f***ing 4chan screws around in the tag system and now nobody even knows I *have* a giveaway.

I'm giving out *well* over $200 worth of prizes and gift cards and NOBODY CARES. I had to work extra hours and argue with my bosses and push and prod and plead to get all this stuff and there are less people reblogging it than... read more

I hate my school, the people at that school, I hate that band director, I hate all the people I know except my family. I wanted to become a musician, but my f***ing band director ruined that for me. I f***ingf= hate everyone. I lost all motivation to pursue my dream and what makes me happy. Now I'm hating playing flute and saxophone. I want to give up music completely, but my mom says don't. I just want to forget about playing my instruments. I hate it so much. It used to mak... read more

IM SO TIRED OF BOYS. I talked to this guy for awhile, we never dated because he was still scarred from his past relationships. But we acted like a couple. We did everything a couple would've done. He says the sweetest things but when we get into ONE too many arguments, he calls quits, doesn't want anything to do with me and as always I beg for him to change his mind. I'm so mad at myself for letting him control me and my emotions. I like him so much. It hurts that he doesn't ... read more

Please come back. I don't deserve better. Ever since you left I haven't been able to stop crying. I know we didn't talk much because we were so busy, and I only got to meet you once in the almost year we were together, but that was the best weekend of my entire life. When I held you, I felt okay for the first time and now I can even stay awake a whole day because I get so tired and I want to dream about you. You're so pretty and you thought I was pretty and nobody has ever th... read more

I have an ingrown pubis pimple and went on youtube searching for the best way to extract it and let me tell you! I never knew how much of a fascination it is to some people. The mere act of popping a zit is fascinating to so many viewers...I saw one video had like close to 2 million views! o.O

I lost the girl of my dreams. We dated for five years. And then she fell in love with someone else. It put a real strain on our relationship. So I had to let her go. I couldn't stay there and watch everything we had fall apart. So I told her we should break up for good.

She seemed depressed about it, and apologized that it had to be this way. That despite all my efforts, everything I sacrificed, everything we had together, she just did not want to continue.

She may seem ups... read more