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...why am I 20 graduated college And still have no f***ing clue what I want to do with my life??

I work so hard for only being 20...and I'm so scared it won't show in the future. I want to be successful. I'm tired of worrying about rent. I won't sleep with men for money....I can't. Older men approach me everyday at my job, but I wouldn't dare. I will be a beautiful/successful/hard working woman. I just need someone to believe in me...give me a chance. Fashion industry....give me a chance!

Sometimes I wish I had the balls to grab my bf and pray with him. Maybe we wouldn't fight so much. Spiritually I want us equal. I pray so much....I wonder if he does too...awkward subject:/

I just want a f***ing smoke!! Im trying to quit cold turkey but im getting so pissed off over everything, my kids are driving me nuts, just a couple of puffs isnt guna hurt im not guna relapse or anything iv quit before both times iv been pregnant.. I know i can do it but i just want a smoke without feeling like i gave in, even though thats not even possible lol.f***!!!!

I'm horny all the time honestly I hump my pillow to satisfy myself, I wish I had a f*** buddy I could just rip all his clothes off and just suck the life out of him but I'm so ugly honestly whenever I see 17-19 year old boys I just imagine him on top of me. Is this weird for a 17 year old girl to think like this?

Why are people pissed off at George Zimmerman? I don't see any wrong doing on Zimmermans side other than the fact that he got out of his car, Trayvon had told Zimmerman "your going to die tonight" and then Trayvon punches Zimmerman, then Trayvon bashed Zimmermans head on concrete, so as far as Zimmerman shooting Trayvon it was in self-defense. So why are people saying Trayvon was racially profiled, when in truth Zimmerman didn't, truth is Trayvons demeanor was very ... read more

I was popular in hs....I had tons tons tons of friends. I went to college, and moved out to only makes sense that since hs was so easy that college I should have came out with tons of friends....I've graduated and I can't even name 1. What's my problem? Why is this big scary place filled with thousands of people, and I can't find one girl to go get nails done with?? I can't invite anyone over. I can't call and just talk. I'm so alone. Why?? I'm outgoing. I think I'm f... read more

I've been dating this guy for almost a year...I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Love I had for him so early really is unreal. I love him so so much. But I feel like it was all too good to be true...not even a year later I graduated college, and we moved in together...we talk about marriage. Am I missing out on another part of this amazing life? Are there things I don't know about? It's only right that I stay with him because I love him so unbelievably much, but is... read more

Why do people always make fun of the suckiest person on the team? I know I suck already. I know I'm the worst player but as your team mate shouldn't you guys stick up for me? You stick up for the others but stay silent when I get made fun of... I try my hardest to improve... I just want to get a long..

I still believe in your eyes there is no choice I'd be long to you life all live to love you someday you'll be my baby and will fly away.

I've got my Red Wings I'm proud if you really love a girl blood don't matter on your tongue

Man I can't even f****** sleep cause I can't get you outta my head I'm in love with you so bad all I can do just think about you and the baby I know someday everything's going to be alright

we all live in a yellow submarine..

I'm about to be thrown out of the apartment because I can't find work. I haven't been eating every day because I can't deal with my housemates' dirty looks and comments. I stay in my room and avoid them because of this. They were kind enough to let me stay here but I haven't found work, and they're throwing me out at the end of the month because I have no money.

I tried to go make myself some food tonight (it's been two days since my last meal) and one of my housemates ca... read more

Someone make out with me.

So I'm back. I found out the guy I'm crushing on is straight. Bummed.

These past 2 weeks I\'ve become thinner! Yes. I see my collar bones, and started doing 5km walks every second day, so I\'m also tanned! Confidence is a little higher too. So I\'m happy about that! But I\'m still unattractive. & I wish I had friends to tell this news to. Huh. ~ lj

Idk where to turn to,im 16, im secretly lesbian no one knows and part of me is ashamed about... my bestfriend doesnt know amd she acts so oblivious to my depression... i wish my mom was here:'( i feel like i have nobody to talk to. So alone:( i cut and nobody knows, ive been.bullied all my life im never EVER good enough ;( i need help.

I just watched the kissing in the rain prank video. And now I really wanna make out with someone. I never have. and it'll probably be a loooong time before I ever do. sigh.

There's this one website where you can send real poop to someone. Can someone find it and send some, then tell me what happened?