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Poor managers and poor directors suck! They are soul sucking people who are mean spirited and selfish bastards. And the sad thing is... They don't even realize their faults because their blinded by their own insane perception how work should be.

I hate over-complicated calculators and repetitive mathematical methods. This is making things so much harder than it needs to be -__________-

Ok I need some advice because this is driving me crazy and I do not understand why. Here is my long story so you get the history on things:
Ever since I was a little girl (I am 28 now), I have been really attached to my father. My mother and father were never married and separated before I can remember. He married another women who always tried to keep me out of my father's life so it could just be her and her daughter. She would say wicked things to me like "my father ... read more

I saw you today on my way home from college. I don't think you saw me though, because you seemed like you were too into the music that you had playing in your car. haha it's okay though. This was enough to make my day, even if we don't speak.

Today, I ran into a woman I haven't seen in months. Recently, I had sent her a message explaining I still had feelings for her. When I saw her, she seemed really happy to see me. When I asked her about the message, she said that it wasn't awkward and she was happy about the things I told her. I'm really confused. She said shes seeing somebody but she doesn't seem confident about it. I still really like her and I want to see her again. But she used the 'friend' word. I don't t... read more

I scared of love because everything that causes me pain has come from it.

i dont get the point of anything these days. I can be happy, i can laugh, and i can still enjoy things. At night thought none the less an impending darkness swallows me whole and reminds me of who i really am. I can't get anything out in a correct manner. AT school most of the day my worries just fade. When i get home i feel as if my whole world is crashing down.

One of my closest friends didn't come to my wedding. He missed the most important day of my life because he said he didn't have enough money though he happened to be traveling all around the world (that doesn't cost a thing, right?) and he knew our date plenty of months in advance, had told us he would be there several months prior when he was at our place, and RSVP'ed yes. But then he calls me up a WEEK BEFORE the wedding to say he wasn't able to make it. One of my closest f... read more

He's making me bat-sh** crazy!! :(

He making me bat-sit crazy!!!! :(

"Be strong, keep it inside, this is what being a man is all about..."

Sorry, but I just want to emote for a bit.

about 13 years ago i met a woman who'd change my life. She was (is) awesome, but very insecure. I wasn't aware of that insecurity, and being 20 and shy, i thought it was an awesome opportunity to live with someone awesome and have awesome fun, and maybe some of that awesomeness would rub off on me - i was insecure as well, and desperately just wante... read more

i dont understand why mother thinks its okay to say sh** like "I cant wait until you turn 18 so i dont have to deal with you anymore" and "if you didnt come out of my stomach i would ignore your existence in this house". that sh** really hurts. im 15! you should be saying you love me! yet ive never heard those words come out of her mouth. well towards me. she says it to my sister all the time. i am so tired ........

One of my dear friends is suicidal. He just can't find any happiness and his family isn't understanding. He lives in a place that isn't all on top of mental help. I don't know what to do to help him. I am stressing out. I'm scared. I'm worried.

Lilly , apparently M likes the new do.

It appears Hollywood has claimed another young person , Amanda Bynes may be locked down for up to 18 months.
18 months in a physc ward ?
What a waste of talent that's going to take a long time to repair the damage done.

I don't know, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed, I mean. I don't have any big problems, I guess, I keep telling myself someone has it worse, it's not so bad, but the more I tell myself this, it seems as if I don't get better, I don't get happier, but someone has it worse right? I don't know I'm just feeling a little lonely.

I'm just gonna keep trying. I've been kind of leaning towards giving up and letting him come to me but I realized that maybe he thinks I'm not interested. So I'm gonna try. I'll text him tonight. And maybe I'll ask if he's doing anything this weekend. I'm just gonna put myself out there. It's gonna be as subtle as possible but at least he'll know that I want to hang out with him.

Why do some people think that Sept. ends on the 26th ?
WTF , wait until f***in Monday like everyone else.

I know he isn't cheating on me but right now he is with a beautiful girl who is also an artist. I know he would never do it... but she is pretty and artistic and smart and she thinks a lot like him... I'm just so f***ing insecure about my self. I'm not fat; I weigh 144, but I'm not in shape. I don't like my body. I just keep getting flashes of him and her together and it makes me feel sick. He hasn't called me back even though I've called him twice... His phone was turned off... read more

Part of me cares and another part of me says that I don't care. That I just really, really don't care!! Does this make any sense??? :(