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Feeling like giving up. But I can't, because I love him. Shame on me for falling in love with someone so lazy and stubborn....and incapable of proper communication. Gosh dangit I love that obnoxious brat.

My depression worstens as I get older and older. I hate feeling like a misunderstood loner. I need help but I'm only 15...soo who can I run to for help ??

I've been throwing up all day and I have a fever yet I'm currently in the back of a limo on way to club. Alcohic or trooper?

ITS MY BIRTHDAYYY TODAYY. :D I'm one year olderr. :)

I hate how twilight comes between genders with a vengeance.

I really love you. You know I do, but your on the rebound and I dont want to get my hopes up high, and then have you tell me your going back with the ex. It wouldn't be fair for me. you know that i want to give myself a chance at finding someone that actually loves me, and i could love back. you know I'll always be your one true friend. but hey when and if you get over your relationship. if i'm still available look me up.

I wish he had at least gone all the way and raped me with his ***** instead of the sexual assault thing. At least I would feel like less of a freak for getting a resulting acute stress disorder from it...and not quite being able to get over it. I still feel so violated! But so...un-legit. It's like I can't even talk about it cause it isn't classified as "rape" in the dictionary. F** me.

I hate it when the rest of my relatives high tail it out of here the second I ask one of them for help!!! f*** you too a**h*** !

Life isn't fair. How do some of the sh**iest people get some of the best things in life? Like good jobs, or inheritances, or happiness?
Karma isn't real, and neither is god. I don't think people who treat other people like they are just pavement deserve nice things. And I don't think karma or a god would allow for it, either. If there was a god, and he did allow this, why would you want to even follow him/her/it?
Some people are just horrible, disgusting, manipula... read more

I've decided, I hate all of you that get to lie around all day on the beach or by a pool.

I am so bored of the same ol' same ol'. Can't I just go...get hit by a train or something? Wouldn't that be more interesting? At least for a few minutes?

you dont love me thats fine but if you want to keep sleeping with me then i need a break to make sure i don't like you it doesnt help when you say you love me just to get me to sleep with you thats just mean, you want me to faithfull fine but i need a way of dealing with this to seperate the emotional from the physical so i need a break even though your not happy i need a bit of head space.

I'm tired of always having stuff to and school, then work and school, and work and school some more. I can't remember the last time I had a vacation. But then, what's the point? I'll just have to do more work and school after that.

The 4th of July is the 4th of July, and should never be held on the damn 5th...this aggravates me beyond belief!

I'm interested in you...and you know I am. I know you're interested in me too. But, I'll admit, we're still just friends. Is it so bad that I'm a little bummed you're so excited to be asked out by someone else?

I used to really like him... and it didn't work out. However, we're still friends and I was happy about that. But lately, he always says really mean things to me. I don't even know what I did to deserve it. Even though I block him and don't return his calls or texts for a few days, I eventually respond. Am I forgiving or do I have no spine? I don't want to fight anymore.

Don't you think it's sad that I get paid more attention on Muttr than I do on Facebook? Oh wait, that's cause I separate my drama from my facebook....

Why can't I rate muttrs on my mobile? That's my muttr

Are you flirting with me or are you just being nice? How can I tell the difference??!

I understand my friend loves you, or whatever. And I broke up with you for that. But given the chance, I'd do it all again. Because hell, I love you too. But I also like him. And I would like to see where that goes. Because thats safer. And I've hurt him before. And it would kill me to do it again.