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He's ignoring me. I guess he knows. :'(

I wouldn't even wish Frenchy's upon my worst enemy. Diabetic central.

I hate eating in front of, near, across, anywhere in the room of my family. Growing up I could never enjoy my food because my dad would take half of whatever was on my plate and put it on his. And my mom and siblings would guilt trip me to giving them some of mine all awhile they had their own! They still try to do it but now that Im older I tell them off. Its now a phobia I have, that someone will come and take my food away from me. So I eat so fast and Im tired of doing tha... read more

"Will you help walk the dogs"
"Sure, go ahead and take the other two, and I'll take this one in a few minutes when I'm done with work."
*puts a leash on all three dogs so that the one I'm supposed to take is freaking out and crying and jumping around insane and I can't actually finish my work*

Thanks, mom. I'm so glad I agreed to help you out so that I can get my a** chewed out when I don't make my dead line. You f***ing b****.
[I'm so mad I had to post f... read more

Pathetic that a police officer from my state shot an innocent teenager...great. Now the police officers in even the more republican leaning states are starting to go crazy...I need to move to Texas.

I realize that I everyday conversation, I say "same" too much. This is probably because I say it a lot on the Internet. I also say "yeah yeah yeah" when I'm agreeing. Not sure if other people have noticed but I think I might have to stop doing that. I don't want to sound annoying.

When I get nervous, my words get choked up an my toungue gets all stiff. Tongue-tied basically. I stutter and am unable to pronounce some words. This happened today while I was ... read more

My first day of school turned out to be great. I have friends, or at least friendly people I can talk to in each class. All my classes are at the perfect times. My friends also have the same lunch as me everyday. I like most of my teachers, and the class atmospheres are comfortable. Everything went pretty smoothly and I didn't not get super anxious. My AP English teacher seems really cool. AP Bio was weird...the teacher is really awkward. Art and German were the usual. APUSH ... read more

No one wants to be around an a**h*** . No one likes an a**h*** . Go away forever and never return. No one will miss you.

I always feel bad after posting a rant or vent about someone I know. Paranoid, too.

I love and care about all who post here. I couldnt respond to all your posts because I want to get back to my life, but rest assured, I care about all of you and i'm thinking about you.....especially the lonely and broken hearted. I'll be thinking about you every day and will check in when I can

You're going to regret the way you treat your child, you monster.

how hard would it be to put a sidewalk beside every street, I'm not even asking for 2, just 1! No wonder we're the fattest of the states.

Oookkay.. Well this is my first time using somethinng like this to vent. Usually, I'm the person who listens and tries to help and give sincere advice. But my turn now I guess. 8 months ago, my ex that I dated for 4yrs broke up with me for another man that she had been cheating on me with. Yes it was painful and sucked, BUT this had happened to me before with my highschool sweet heart of 3 years. Now before anyone thinks "well you must be an a** or something if you keep ... read more

I really like this guy but I'm positive he won't be interested. He will probably think I'm gross and disgusting. Just like all the other guys. I hate my life so much I don't understand why God made me this way. I just want to die sometimes.

im glad the simpsons played a pretty big role in my childhood. i stopped watching it like 4 years ago tho.

Is it just me, or does having a facebook account make you feel lonely? Whether you have 543 facebook "friends" or just 2, no one seems to respond to anything I post. I see those people that EVERYONE responds to and protects from any opposing positions (kiss a**es). No one seems to respond to any posts of substance..real issues. I get more responses from complete strangers than my facebook "friends". Its making me feel invisible. The only time I get comment... read more

(I am a girl, by the way).
Today, I came out to my mom. It was the best feeling I've had in a long time. It went a little something like this:
I woke up, went to school, and got caught up in the crowd leading to the bleachers. As I am was walking, I saw my crush. She is a beautiful Hispanic girl with straight white teeth, chocolate brown eyes, and brown curly hair. She's kind of tomboyish, but still has a flair of feminism. She is mostly quiet and reserved, much like me. Anyw... read more

I have a old friend from school who I would hang out with a lot when I visited from out of state. He calls or texts me every day now that I moved back. He wants to chill everyday it seems. But I don't want to hang out with anyone especially another guy every day. I am getting a weird vibe from him. I have been distancing myself now. I can tell he's trying to think of ways to get me to hang out. Like he will say he needs to go to a store when I need something then he changes h... read more

I want to be the next bill gates but I'm not smart enough. I won't survive college either, I'm more of a hands on learner. That probably means I'm an idiot. But thats okay, I'm still looking for that special place idiots can go to do their thing, other than a fast food restaurant, or the streets.

So there's this guy I like a lot and he's really sweet and caring. And we both know we like each other, he asked me out but I said no cause me and, my ex had broken up a month ago. And that I didn't want him to be a rebound even though me and my ex's relationship or, spark had died long ago. He said that's fine and he'd wait for me which he is and it's the sweetest thing anyone has done for me, and I don't want to make him wait any longer. Is it to early to date again?