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Why did I get my period the day before I see my boyfriend? It's been two whole months! Not cool Mother Nature. I guess we'll just have to get creative... or really messy. Gross.

Westboro Baptist Church...really?

I try so hard to be what they want me to be. My parents never appreciate anything I do. They don't thank me for anything, and it's not even like they show it by providing for me. Like buying my clothes or taking me out to eat with them. They never do that. They won't buy me clothes to wear to school, school supplies, or even tampons and other essential things. I do everything they ask, they never repay me with anything. Not even a thankyou. They sure as hell don't appreciate ... read more

i wish these never happen beause i can feel the complication but i can see that you dont care and that just makes me want to love you forever.. i wish things were not complicated and ii wish we could be this way forever but things are complicated and its never gonns hsppen i csn feel it but for now i cant immaagen my self with anyother person i dont know what this really is but in some weird way i llike it and im sorry for never telling you the trusth but now you know and you... read more

sometimes I really do feel like it would be easier to be dead. No, I'm not saying this for attention and I'm not going to kill myself, but you know, sometimes I think it would be easier.

Why bother wasting people's time on dating if you just want a f***? Why waste time getting to know someone if they dont intend to meet you. I think its lame and dumb to lead people on.

its the 4th of july!!so happy 4th of july!!

You asked me if I still love you. I dont know what to say because Im not sure I ever did. I dont know if its because of the crap weve been going through or what, but I just cant say I love you. It doesnt feel right. I cant remember the last time I was happy with you. All I can remember is us complaining about each other. I always have a headache. I dont know what to do because where do I go if I leave you now? Im too old to be alone...

My dad did the funniest thing at the movies yesterday . While we were waiting for our movie to start he said "damn Im thirsty" so he then reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a handful of pennies nickels dimes and maybe two quarters ! Sure enough he got himself 1 large slashes with TWO flavors Babyy ! It was soo funny if your not laughing then you Jusst had to be there . Now he can get it !

Had a dream that when I logged onto Muttr there was just a page that said, "Due to the lack of f***in activity on this site, we are disbanding Muttr indefinitely. Hope everyones happy. -Muttr Staff". So I woke up and realized it was just a dream. Thank you muttr staff for not getting rid of this f***in site!

I haven't had a girlfriend for three years and its killing me! ARRGHHH! If I could understand and control my emotions then perhaps I would be with someone, but I don't so I can't. Why do I get so damn paranoid, jealous and angry, I'm such a dick. I've had therapy but the therapists talked to my parents so I didn't tell them much and lied just so they would stop seeing me.

So my girlfriend leaves her phone in the bathroom and when I go in I look in it and see in her browsing history she is searching for her ex in my-life com , I confronted her about it and first she says she didn't, then when I show her proof she said he owed her money and she was interested in contacting him to get it back, then when I ask her why dint she tell me she said because I was going to get mad.

Do i believe her or is she lying trhu her teeth and wants to ... read more

Im at kroger and this man is taking pictures which sounds normal but the worst part is hes making the weirdest soundss ! And i think he has a mechanical dog with himm ! #creepster

NOOO stupid purse why are you lost!!

My mom is a stupid lazy c***bag manipulating b**** and I hope she dies

I must be stupid or something? To think this one person could be different from the others. Sure you talk the talk, say the right things, ask the right questions, have the right answers, be everything I want. Then we meet. All of a sudden I'm back at square one! You have to bail to go "rescue a mate stranded" like I haven't heard that one before. Like this person knows no one else? Comeon... Seriously? What am I thinking? Why should I care? Just a little bit heartbroken now :... read more

Sick of you hispanic immigrants.You come to this country, bring your damn drugs, take our jobs, avoid paying our taxes then you breed more spic bastards! Who are just as bad as their irresponsible parents! Im waiting for a friggin hispanic uprising...most likely on May 5 which most of you refuse to work on!!!! You people are f***in lazy, selfish, and retarded! Your kids are even worse between the screaming and the lack of respect for anyone! Mostly in Walmart... Youre worse ... read more

I found out that the one person that ilvoed more than anything in the world had sex with someone else

Every night before I close my eyes, I'm wishing you were by my side. I desire to see you when I close my eyes. And when I awake I long for you and your touch. I just want to see you. Hug you. Kiss you. Feel your love and warmth. I need you. I'm not sure how much more of this loneliness I can take. Baby, please come back to me. Soon. I love you and miss you terribly =(

I broke into a rich person's house yesterday to have a picnic in their living room. They had some pretty sweet furniture.