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First I'd like to say, THANK YOU for using Muttr. I greatly appreciate all of the continued support throughout the years from the users who use this for what it was created for! This website is made possible by just myself and a few friends who enjoy nit picking at my ideas (it's okay, I welcome it). While it is enjoyable to work on and maintain this website as a hobby, there are of course some expenses that accrue. Especially in order to get this mobile application going.

Muttr was made to be your own personal venting outlet. So, if you feel it has been useful to you in anyway, and I truly hope it has been helpful, please donate to support its continued development. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be put towards the development of future endeavors (including the mobile app). No amount is too small! If every user of Muttr donated even just a small amount, the possibilities of what could be offered to you and the entire community would be endless.