When will I ever learn? Don't read the f***ing comments on anything! I was reading about the first wave of Irish immigrants to the US, and thought it was a good basic article, and timely due to St. Patrick's Day. I leap down to the comments like a blundering idiot, and straight out the gate I see angry Blacks have co-opted the comments braying "I'm oppressed!" and "Irish were treated like sh**, then rose up and treated blacks like sh**." Actually, there is plenty of evidence among country folks (as opposed to urban dwellers of the time period) that Blacks and Irish intermarried, but let's not let facts get in the way of your victimhood status and race card eligibility. The comments were nothing more than a "who's more oppressed" pissing contest on the level of a Monty Python skit.

f*** the irish ... little cocksuckers who trash a town and call it their holiday.
pay for your own damages f***ers.
the tax payers been paying you tab for too long.