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  • Anonymous left a Comment

    The spiral in Bumstead’s coffee cup is added for the director’s cut. However, he felt it important to show that the Strangers are affecting this world they’ve created both intentionally and by accident.

    Showing the swirl in the coffee cup after the tuning is an indication that something not right is going on with the world.

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    the tuning effects, the spiral that comes out of Murdoch’s forehead when he’s tuning

    • Anonymous replied

      The word “tuning” would suggest an altering, but he also felt the word “tuning” was obscure enough as to sound almost alien.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    The shot of Murdoch looking at his fingerprint and how the print spirals in the camera was added for the director’s cut.

    Showing the print was to show how Murdoch is evolving and “adapting to his circumstances”.