Holy fudging crap! The season 12 finale of Supernatural has the whole f***ing world shook. I mean with the deaths of almost all of our favourite characters, and the f***ing cliffhanger! Everyone saw this coming and yet they're overreacting like f***ing babies. Of course Castiel isn't f***ing dead. Crowley, maybe, but why the f*** would they kill off everyone's favourite character!? The writers have been doing a sh** job for most of the season, but I don't think they're striving to eliminate viewers. I have faith that they will resurrect Cass sometime in Season 13. I know we saw his wings after he died, but I feel like something was mega off after he went into the Alternate Universe. I think something happened in there that we didn't see. I mean come on, Crowley wouldn't just off himself, and Cass defs wouldn't have left if he knew Lucifer would come after him. Also, if Cass was really that expendable, they would/could have killed him off sooner. Why pay extra salary for no reason? They built up this entire season with Cass being non-existant, and then reinforced how important he was to everyone. They won't just rip it away. The writers know that their audience is primarily teenage girls, and doing this will and has literally broken hearts. I just wish people would quit overreacting. I know its a big deal, hell, I cried and screamed and begged at the TV, but after all this time I've grown to understand that in this show, main characters usually don't stay dead for long.