Why are you so focused on me? Seriously. Stop. It's not cute. If you want to talk to me that's fine, when you do I don't wanna hear the nasty garbage that comes out; How I look, how I dress, how I'm such a f***ing embarrassment, how useless I am, how you would do things if you were me, how I need to change, how I shouldn't speak much because according to you I have such an annoying voice... And it's so funny because you say it with a smile, like you're so perfect and can do no wrong, you two faced gaslighting teen wannabe. Focus on you. I think I look fine. Obviously I will look like "crap" because I'm sitting at home, wtf do I need to put on a full face of makeup for if I'm sitting on the couch? --Even if I'm going out. I can't even wear makeup because I get reactions, you should know this and be sensitive to it as my mother! I can't even believe this all started because I told you I didn't want to go shopping with you tomorrow. Be an adult. Stop picking on your 22 year old daughter. I could tell you plenty of negative things about you, I should just to burst your bubble, but I don't. I know if I did say what I thought about you... I think that would be the end of our relationship since anyone who has anything to say about you that you don't agree with is automatically "disrespectful" and you don't need them around you because "you are who you hang out with and I'm not about to be trash"..."I don't need people around that bring me down." Actual quotes.

That's some good advice though, one day I'll take it. I admit, yeah, it would be sad seeing as my dad isn't around so my family would be my mother's side. If I was to be disowned or estranged.. I'm her only kid so.. I could kiss it all goodbye if and/or when I say something. If you're thinking "what? no, I'm sure someone will still talk to you," that's very unlikely. If my mother cuts me out the others will kind of sweep it under the rug to avoid further questions and embarrassment, some of course might not agree with what's going on and might want to see me or contact me but I know they won't. That would be some kind of insult to my mother if they tried to contact me when she got rid of me, there would probably be more questions and awkwardness answering them. So whenever​ I decide to do this I'll be alone.

That was a lot, sorry lol #venting