I might hate my dad, and her might abuse me and treat me like sh**. But I still respect the dude and so far he has taught me one important lesson that I still have problems with to this day, and that "whatever you do, do it with your whole heart. You must have faith that your godgiven talents can get you through your challenges." He said to me that the reason why he does such an excellent job at anything and everything is because he puts his whole heart in it, and after he said that to me, I finally realized that the reason that I fail at school, relationships, and at anything really is because I am afraid of what could go wrong instead of trying to work to what I want it to be. Because if I put my whole heart into it I wouldn't be worrying about could go wrong and actually be satisfied with the end product.
I believe that the end product actually isn't everything and the way you get there is actually more valuable. It is kind of like a play, you have rehearsals, and costumes and props to make, and even a set to build, and when it comes to opening night people don't really know what happened before curtain call, they were only there for a small part, which is when you are performing and until the play ends. My dad might not have the same views as me and we might not be on the same script, but we are still related (sadly).
I believe my dad is amazing and I will never want to come back to see again and I don't want my children (if I ever have any) near him. Thank you and if I miss you have a good day and don't get into too much trouble.