I don't know if i'm overreacting at this, but my sis walked into my room and said "lads are so boring". So me, the trans guy, tries to justify for this. she then says "name one boy who isn't boring". So then I pointed to myself and said "me", in a joking tone of course. She then said (in a non-joking manner) "Yeah, well you have a vagina so you're a girl." I then got really mad and I yelled "yeah, well at least i'm not transphobic scum like you". She then told my mom who made me take my laptop and my xbox controller down, so I had no technology to talk to anyone on. I stopped my sister from taking the laptop at first, but then I took it down and said "I can't believe that i'm related to you f***ing transphobic c***s" . I then asked when I would get them back, to which she replied "When you learn to watch your mouth". I then said that I was the victim here, which I was, and they wouldn't take me seriously. I started to argue with them, which lasted about 5 - 10/15 mins. I then went upstairs, and I was angry, so I punched some walls and my mom yelled at me to stop it (not in a “yelling so you can hear” type of way, it was a “yelling because i’m pissed” type of way), to which i yelled back “Don’t tell me what to do”. I then ignored them, and i’m thinking of ignoring them until they accept my choices of being trans (which will be a long a** time because they have fixed views which they don’t change for sh**), but I’m thinking of staying at a friends for a few days, just until everything has calmed down, but I’m worried that my family will get the police involved, even if I will be alright. The friend I’m thinking of staying with is actually really close to me, and I know I can trust them, but i don’t know if their parents will be alright with it. I hope they will, because I really don’t have any other choices right now. I seriously don’t.

#transphobia #transgender #swearing #familyissues #movingout