SillySilverbar Sexually Abused my 16 Year Old Daughter

Good Morning. I am posting this because my daughter was sexually abused and preyed upon by a broadcaster on named SillySilverbar ( and Twitch did nothing about it. I don't want this to happen to any other young girls online or offline.

I am a concerned mother and I wanted to take a few minutes to post my story. I have a daughter named Melody. She's 16 years old and loves video games. So, she has been watching a site called Twitch for over a year. She has a PS4 and loves playing Destiny and other games.

I never thought twice about the streams she watched because they generally seem harmless and the content is all video game stuff. You would never think that one of the broadcasters would use his "position of power" to sexually abuse a young girl.

My daughter hid this from me until one day when she was crying in her room. I finally pressed her to tell me what happened.

SillySilverBar asked for my daughter's Snapchat about one month ago. She, being 16 and liking his stream, gave it to him. They started chatting almost daily. After about a week he started sending her selfies which were G rated at first. Eventually (she took screenshots) their chats turned a bit more "romantic". He began asking her for pictures, which she sent some to him. Eventually he started sending shirtless pictures of himself (not attractive) and then full nude shots with his penis and testicles exposed. He even sent pictures of his penis while at work and in the bathroom. One video was him masturbating while saying her name.

She made a mistake engaging with him. Yes, she sent him herself in her underwear as well. However, he is in his 30s and was actively preying on a 16 year old girl. Some of the messages he sent her are too shocking to post on here. The man is a disgusting criminal and should be arrested. Just because he is hundreds of miles away it seems he'll get away with it.

We've contacted Twitch, Snapchat and more and no one has done a thing to get him removed. SillySilverBar is a pedophile and rapist and preyed on my daughter. He repeatedly asked her to engage in sexual acts and sent nude pictures of himself and videos to her. She admitted they even talked on the phone (through another app) and the conversation was about meeting up.

I am posting what happened to my daughter so that you can protect yours from sexual predators like SillySilverBar on Twitch and other seemingly harmless sites on the internet.

A man in his 30s,, actively sexually abused and exposed himself to my 16 year old daughter. He should be arrest and banned.