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Im so f***ing pissed i am being forced to go to my boyfriends mothers wedding. I literally hate all of her friends and his family. They are all wild animals and slutty c***s and im tired of being forced to sit next to them for hours while they ignore me and focus on my boyfriend the whole damn time.
These old a** woman flirt with my boyfriend right in front of me and my boyfriend just says its whatever.
really? Wtf? nothings worse than being FORCED TO STAY SILENT AND WATCH TH... read more

My parents cannot take care of any living thing. We had a dog once and it became completely feral because no one ever petted it or took care of it. Then we gave the dog to a nieghbor and it became an awesome pet. And yet, they had FOUR children. They're both idiots. Mom never intended to actually raise us. She thought we would figure ourselves out on our own. And now my sister has had a baby and she has no idea how to take care of a child and she is living with parents. And w... read more

my dad cannot live without having full control of every aspect of my life

Stop complaining. I work and bring home all the money. You stay home, clean the house, fix the meals and take care of our babies. That's how it works in our family. Think of how many single moms there are doing it all themselves, including bring home the money. Compared to that, you have it easy my love.

How many times does a person tell you to stop I mean are they deaf I can recall one incident involving my sister getting into a confrontation with our brother's girlfriend who kept calling her lush which ignored her to no end However the girlfriend said the word wasn't mean to insult her my sister wasn't buying it. The girl should've stopped usually when I hear the word lush it means somebody that's intoxicated having too many drinks my sister didn't have no drink in her hand... read more

Shut the ever loving f*** up! I didn't steal your money! Gtfo of my face with your accusing me!

I am honestly scared of my mum and whenever I hear her wake up my heart just jolts.
She's never physically hurt me or my siblings beyond a smack or two when we were younger but I can't help panicking whenever she gets up because I just don't know what mood she'll be in.
If she's in a bad mood then my immediate reaction is to start cleaning as many things as possible and as harshly as possible.
Even if she's in a good mood I still feel like I have to tread lightly around her j... read more

I hate being put in the middle of an argument between family members, especially when neither one is right.

My cousin and I were always very close and grew up like sisters. I practically lived at her house when we were kids and we've always told each other everything. Being the younger one she always copied me to a degree and it never really bothered me. I'd just roll my eyes and move on but as we've gotten older things have gotten more intense.. she's almost 20 now ( I'm 22 ) and she's copying things like.. my marital status (saying she's married when she's not) she also tells peo... read more

I f***ing hate my lazy b**** of a mother. Her whole life has been sitting on her a** refusing to get a job and refusing to take any f***ing responsibility. My father is just as disgusting but at least for the first 6 years of my life he had 2 jobs and tried to take care of her 2 other kids while she lied manipulated and used him. He sadly became a sexist piece of sh** and turned to drugs to get away from the hell of living with her now that she had his kids and had full contr... read more

You know what's interesting? My parents found out I cut recently. They started beating the sh** outta me (don't worry, they're Asian) and were about to shut down the little social interaction I had. Right, like that's gonna f***ing help. In hindsight, I think to myself, Were they trying to help or make things worse?

You know what I f***ing hate? When your on your period, your parents know, and they give you sh** anyway!

I wish people would tell me secrets. Like today, my mom told me something she has known for a very long time. My parents decided not to tell me because I was not old enough. It made me feel so sad and angry that I had just found out! I could have handled it!

It's not the first time that my family keeps a secret from me and I am the last one to know. Even people who don't belong (or are that closed) knew before me. It makes me so angry. Like aren't I important to you? I'm not a little kid so why you think it's the best to keep something from the closest person in your life. I feel like I'm wasting my time with someone who doesn't see me as a confidant. I thought I was the best friend, family but at the end I don't matter. I tell e... read more

So sh**s going down in my family right now. I just found out my mom is cheating on my dad with a guy from her highschool. They've only been talking for one month and my mom is already convinced they love each other. He lives in Asia and we live in Europe. This is a whirlwind romance-y situation and honestly it feels like I'm in a g**d*** soap opera. He's married with a kid and I have 2 siblings. My parent's relationship is pretty f***ed up, not going to lie, and I don't think... read more

When you're gonna be home alone with your aunt for a week and she looks at you like:

"Hahaha you're dead"

My mom is controlling and a liar and she thinks shes the person to keep everyone in check and yet one gf told me she was always in our business and always want everything her way. And yet another told me that i need to open my eyes and see whats going on and that she is. Yes my mom is controlling and also screams way to much to get what she wants even if she is wrong she wants everyone in check and yet she sells medicine to people and when i stayed over my gf house for a whil... read more

Ok, so I have a project and of course, I procrastinate until I have two days left. Thursday I lock myself in my room and work on the project until midnight and the same thing on Friday. So when I'm done on Saturday I go downstairs and my family is just like "Had fun playing for 2 days straight?" so I'm already f***ing mad and they barely said anything. So my friends say we should play this game called Town of Salem so I go into my room and play all day, then I do that for a w... read more

f*** sake i literally cant deal with my stepmum anymore every f***ing time i come home im in tears because of what she does too me. She makes me SO very angry
I went to my dads house for the first time in a year. And she rants for about 30 minutes how im disgusting,horrible, rude. And she goes on about how shes supirior. Im so used to it. I cant stand it anymore. 14 years i have to put up with her sh**. I just want to see my f***ing dad i dont want f*** all to do with that bi... read more

Okay so heres some reasons why i CANT stand my dads partner.
1. She caused me to loose my relationship with my dad because of verbal and mental abuse every time she sees me
2. She patronises and belittles me. Im 14 years old and shes MUCH older than me and shes bullied me since i was very young.
3. She dosent let me go near my dad
4. Shes caused me to go through depression and anxiety.
5. She picks every single thing about me and rants about it for ages and says im a horrible... read more