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Gotta love when someone asks you if they act different when they're drinking, you answer honestly, and 15 minutes later they decide to yell at for attacking them

You have any and everything to say when it's a topic you want to talk about. Soon as it's something I want to talk about,you have ADD all of a sudden. Stop talking to me.

My mom and my stepdad (David) goit into a fight. David either ran away or the police took him because he was getting violent with my mom. Today, a month later he shows up. Alone. I'm a 14 year old and he's probably over 40. He came to my room, said hi, then left and went to the back room and started playing a game. It's been an hour, I'm on my Xbox and my phone is dead. The homephone is in the kitchen which is right next to the back room. I'm scared and idk what to do.

I do everything my parents want, hell i do whatever anybody wants and no one gives two sh**s about how i feel or what the f*** i want to do. I'm sick of all that sh**, i want things that give me a personality and independence but i always find myself fighting tooth and nail to get the things i should have the g**d*** freedom to do

I feel like I'm nothing I feel like I have no one that is there for me my mom says I'm worthless and a b**** almost every day my brother sides with her and he beats me every once in a while but it's not like oh broker and sister fighting he chokes me a a fearfully chases after me to push me I can't live with my dad or see my dad bc my mom won't let me she won't even let me when I'm supposed 2 which is whenever bc it's joint custody I don't know if I should even see my my dad ... read more

Gotta love it when people think hey can help but don't listen to the whole problem. If moving out was an option i would but of course it isn't duh!!!father in law can't LIVE on his own, to old.

Waiting like a dog for my mom to come home. I can't wait until she gets here. Honestly so excited, 1:30 minutes remaining.

Yeah, this is long. Just need to vent about my horrible mother-in-law...

What the hell am I expected to do? Sure, I could attempt to broker a peace with that wretched woman, but for what?? She's pulled so much crap over the years and seems to go out of her way to be hurtful, passive-aggressive, etc. She's openly insulted my kids and then wonders why she no longer has access to them.

I know my husband is hurting. He hates that he has to keep his own mother at arm's distance ... read more

You're an a**h*** for coming over to my place and watching tv and staring at your phone. I never see you and you do this...a**h*** .

That woman better find herself a better punching bag before she gets herself hurt, I swear to god.

It's like she f***ing forgets that time I pinned her against the wall and nearly choked her out. God f***ing sh**.

You owe me an apology and until I get it, I will assume that you are as self involved as you were when you were 16, and it was expected. It's been 9 years. Grow the f*** up.

I can tell you are so motivated to work, I mean a shower by 10:45am... you're practically unstoppable. Maybe you'll actually be ready to go when it's convenient for me...oh, no. Never mind. You never bothered to ask what my schedule was and what time would work for me to cart your a** around. I'm sick of the eggshells you throw out for me to walk on.

ohkay my 2 year old was breastfed for only 3 freaking months. and yet se is absolutely obsessed with my breasts I feel like I'm being groped all the time but cant do anything about it. HELP?!

I put two cereal boxes in the refrigerator.

I told my mom I wanted to mess with her.

The real reason?

I wanted to mess with her...

... and I was too lazy to put the cereal in the kitchen closet so I figured she would put it away if I put it in the fridge with the milk.

But hey, I've put forks in the fridge before just to mess with her, this is nothing.

#family #funny

i know that in this argument i wasn't wrong. she even agreed with me. she even said sorry. but she's said sorry so many times only to turn and stab me in the back and do the same offensive and awful, blameful sh** to me again a day later. i don't know what to do. i just feel like i'm condemned to always feel like a piece of sh**. it's always going to be my fault even if everyone knows it isn't. it's like she's rather bully me than deal with anything difficult. i really am sta... read more

My father is really annoying. where do I start, First he's lazy. I understand my dad works long shifts as a construction worker but that doesn't mean he can't clean up after himself. he doesn't wash dishes, if his clothes are dirty he just throw them in the washer (he doesnt turn on the washer he expects someone to wash his clothes), he dont scrape out his plate, and the list goes on. Second he is a hypocrite, my father will yell that everyone in my family is dirty but my dad... read more

Do you know how f***ing hard it is to be sick? That moment you wake up in the evening and feel your chest cramping up? That moment when your walking and you feel like passing out? or even that moment that you're resting and you loose the energy to even breathe?? I don't think so that my parents know how that feels. When I told you that I've been having these episodes everyday, you would only tell me that I was lying. That I was making up stories and lies just to be excused fr... read more

I've tried for many years to be a part of this family and it's taken me over 30ys to realize that there's no pleasing any of you. You'd find fault in paradise.

Im so pissed at my family right now, not my immediate family but my aunt and her kids. So right now I'm in Destin, FL staying at a house my parents owned and I inherited, and every year we let my family (my aunt and cousins) stay here and vacation. This year they have officially ruined any chance of them coming back. Anyways what happened is every time we come to vacation here we celebrate my birthday but this year my cousin who is a jack a** wanted to celebrate his birthday ... read more

Tired of making efforts to include you. It's like pulling f***ing teeth. You don't give a damn to come why make me feel guilty when I stop inviting you? Just don't f***ing come and we'd both be happier.

Some people just need to feel needed. Hate to be bothered. Resentful when not included. And pissed off when obligated.