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my mom's been pushing stress on me for weeks and all i do is mess up now and everyone is disappointed in me and it sucks to feel like such a disgrace to everybody, it's really hard to handle everything that's killing me

Am I a horrible person? I feel as such. I'm sixteen years old and today I was forced to put down my best friend Copper. Copper was my basset hound. He's been in my life since I was four years old and I can tell you stories of me and him as if I were downtown with my girls and laugh until I cried. Right now however I cry for a different reason. Copper had been battling cancer for four months and the doctor said the fluids from the cancerous spot had reached his ear, leading to... read more

Sick of my in-laws treating my husband and kids like trash! Then, turning around and giving the world to my SIL's kids. Every time I tell myself to forgive, forgive, forgive but it is getting so old. It feels like we're being punished for being good parents and making hard choices about what to spend money on for our kids and they give all their time and money to every other grandkid.

I hate my mom. She's the true devil. Please save me. Hope she dies and lives a horrible afterlife.

Not trying to sound snooty or anything, but a family member has a disgusting house. 5 cats, cat hair everywhere, she never vacuums or cleans, so everywhere you sit, you get cat hair on you, and roaches are so bad, one time she brought her crockpot to my house, turned it on and roaches made a made dash out of them, trying to over take my house. My mom even thought they were ants, there was so many. I was NOT happy.

We do not enjoy going to her house. We have to check all our ... read more

"We'll talk about it later. I dont want to ruin my day" yeah well my day was ruined already thanks.

My old man has always wanted a tattoo but not the commitment to the art, so I suggested we get matching tattoos of a freckle. He's actually mulling it over :D #tattoo

great so even if i try to not get involved and be nice im still dragged into sh**. like geeze i just want to enjoy my life but now one's telling me about getting someone arrested and another wants to fight somebody and im just stressing over all of it cause im the middleman and im just tired of it. like its not my sh** to deal with it but because its so close i can still smell it you know?

I am so tired of my ex pushing my buttons. I am tired of him turning our relationships with our kids into a competition. I am tired of hearing from my kids about all the "really cool toys/ electronics/stuff!!!!!" that daddy has bought for them even though he has $9000 in unpaid child support and I'm busting my backside to keep shoes on their rapidly growing feet! He plays games and I hate it. He says he's going to court to get custody because the kids want to live with him no... read more

How do I ask my parents to buy me alcohol!?!?!?! Kinda urgent

I did not take my anger out on him, I just told him that what he did was wrong and put him in time out. But I'm pissed the f*** off! Why would my son take a sh** in the f***ing corner? ON PURPOSE!! His a** has been potty trained for a little over a year now, wtf was going on in his head at the time... Damnit, I'm so annoyed right now.

So earlier my brain decided to try to convince me to strangle myself for no apparent reason whatsoever. I'd been having a great day so far and there should have been no reason, like I said, to do this. A few minutes later, my dad causes conflict that brings my mood right down. Of f***ing course he does. Maybe the random thought earlier was foreshadowing something going wrong, I don't know. Al I know now is that I feel like crap and that temptation from earlier is starting to ... read more

He keeps the house freezing and it drives me crazy. I say something about it to him all the time. Every time I turn the thermostat back up, he turns it down again. Why does he feel the need to keep the house so cold? And then he b****es about the power bill every month. Sometimes I want to choke him.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. It is very space.

idk its just really sad that my family dont even appreciate nor support my talent. i've been dancing for 5 years now ,doing shows and joining comps, getting myself trophies and certificates, but no one in the family even acknowledge my talent. i really wanna get into a performing art school like so bad but how am i suppose to achieve my dreams if the closest ones don't even support anything that i do then expect me to do something much 'worth-more-time-than-dancing' stuffs. b... read more

My sister has no friends because my dad is as cynical and superstitious as they come. Every friend she makes, she is required to "pray about it" and can't visit them nor hang out without hearing a mouthful lecture. Its so freaking stupid.

im literally trying not to cry over sh** that isnt even my problem. im stuck in the middle of constant conflict between my parents and my niece. i just wanna enjoy my summer break but i gotta worry about everyone. i dont care anymore but if i dont then everything will fall apart. i used to say that im so tired but now i really am. i dont wanna leave or anything but sometimes i wish i wasnt here and they can yell it out or whatever

Im tired of everyone saying to move on like look i dated a girl for 10 years i sworen to be with forever till death but now that shes off to college she just being a sex addict and much worse. She was the only one to know who i am and now here i am i have to start back over with another girl. Im black and ulgy as f*** im telling you no flipping girl wants a fat mother f***er nor a person with aspergers in there life. Im not very confident to my words and its hard to be positi... read more

My girl's parents are f***ing psychotic radicals. They need to be put in a psych ward, not even joking. Ugh

I feel like a burden to my family, the things I ask for, I feel like they have lower priority compared to my brother and sister 's, I usually have to constantly remind my parents, and neither of them hangs out with me, I know it sounds lame, taking into account I'm no longer a kid, but they've never hung out with me, sure, it doesn't help that I'm not close to any of them, but it makes me feel like the outcast of the family.