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I f***ing hate my parents. I got f***ing grounded for a month for forgetting to pick up my g**d*** mother f***ing towel after I showered. Im so sick and tired of all this f***ing bulls***. Ive been grounded for so much stupid sh** that im done with it. I want to f***ing run away and leave. The sh** I get in trouble for is retarded.

Told my daughter about her letter from her dad. i wanted to be the bigger person here. She knows he is sick and in rehab for drug addiction. She wasnt too mad and understands. I feel better telling her and showing her the letter. I want to have a good relationship with my child where i can talk to her about this stuff without it affecting her. She knows im the best parent right now for her and knows she is safe with me. I know after he gets out he will want to see her so i sh... read more

So this starts about a year ago. I was at a family get together and a somewhat distant cousin was there. We never used to talk but we hung out that day. We jumped on a trampoline and it was just us. She always seemed to make her butt end up on my crotch. We started Snapchat eachother here lately and it it started back up with her sending a snap of her friend in her underwear. She claims it was an accident and I accepted the claim but now she sends snaps of her legs and her us... read more

My mom calls my dogs farts buffers.

I'm tired of all the sh** I get blamed for. "María what did you do!?" "María stop messing around, you have stuff to do!" I'm tired of it! And then, after we've all settled down, it starts again. "María why would you say that!" I didn't say it. "Niña you better stop sassing me." All I did was breathe.
And then the moment I break, when all of the sudden the tears come and I can't stop them, suddenly I'm an object, not a person. I just need to be fixed. "This is just a phase... read more

I don't feel like my family understands me. It not because of my sexuality. (I'm straight) but its how they treat me. I felt like if I need to cry I can't. But instead just crying to myslef. My mom and dad hit me and my siblings when we were younger. But know that I'm 15 they stopped. My parents only hit me for discipline reasons. They don't drink or do that sort of crap. But my mom told my siblings that we were moving rooms. I hated it. I dont think my mom understands me hat... read more

It's ten a f***ing clock my child won't go to sleep. I haven't had a f***ing break since my kid woke up and I am hating life right now!!

My step dad kissed me today and I don't know what to do . I feel bad because I didn't pull away right away . He says he is sorry and it won't happen again . 🤔

my dad said, im not saying that you lied, im just saying that your not telling the truth. AND THEN KEPT ON TRYING TO TELL ME THAT I WAS A NOT LYING, EVEN THOUGH, TO HIM I WAS f***ING LYING!!!!!!!! AND WHEN I POINTED IT OUT I GOT f***ING GROUNDED!!!!!! I HOPE EVERONE IN MY FAMILY DIES

Husband has been diagnosed with Leukemia 7 years after the passing of my mom from Colon and Liver cancer. His mom and sister are here for a visit. Last time I saw his mom she was kicking me out of her house in her country....not my home county. Now that she is here, my house is not mine anymore. The happiness that I had here with just my husband and our animals is destroyed. I find myself dreading going home after work. It is my haven. Little comments drive me nuts. "Your ute... read more

Nothing like finding out the one person in the world that you thought loved you, just doesn't. I feel like I've lost my child, but i guess maybe, I'm kidding myself. He was never my son. Just a kid I gave my chance for a family all my own up for.

I'm tired of living with this family. I'm tired of feeling like my mom loves my sister more than she loves me. I'm tired of her taking my sister's side for everything. Yes, sometimes I try to talk to one of you about the other when I'm feeling frustrated, but you do the same to me. I'm always hearing about the other person from one of you. I hear all these awful things you say about my dad all the time and I know you're always talking about me. I'm tired of it, you freaking h... read more

No one was talking to you, you little b****. I love the way everything is always my fault. You start sh** and mom is taking your side. I hate you.

ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu***********kkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would you let people i dont know into my rooom?!?!?!?! yes you paid for the hous ebut i dont like it when strangers enter my freakin room. I am mad and need to curse honesly what is this bulshiz. messing up my bed and shiz. am i overeacting maybe. ok actually yes. i should probably calm the fudge down. -_-

my piece of sh** older sister is an alcoholic and goes into recovery and then inevitably relapses. the last time was right before we were leaving on vacation as a family and she got drunk and attacked us, broke our property and almost got tased by a police officer. after that, she went to jail for like a night and then moved out until she ended up calling the family again begging for help. she made us figure out a rehab facility and went there and supposedly was better, even ... read more

I absolutely hate you. You are dead to me.

OMG, I hate my father sometimes. I don't know why I ever looked up to him at one point of time. Today, he is nothing, all because of his unprofessional attitude and he blames everyone but himself. He has no job and he takes out his anger on me and my mother by complaining that we don't support him. How can we support him when I'm a student and she's not trained to work? At times, he thinks we are to blame, at other times, he complains about our country and about companies and... read more

Kids are great they said you'll love it they said well it took 5 years but I caved to the pressure from family and my wife and guess what I was right I should have never agreed to have kids. I hated kids since I was 13 and and swore I would never have any but now I'm stuck in a life I never wanted.

I love my stepdaughter. She stays at our place every weekend. Problem I have is that I've started feeling that there's no time for my relationship with her dad ever. We don't go out together or have any alone time other than bed time. I'm feeling neglected. Is it wrong for me to want a weekend once a month without her?

If my brother is acting like a total brat right now, I'm not going to put up with his attitude that he's giving me currently.
It doesn't matter if he was being nice to me twenty minutes ago. He's being rude now and I'm going to defend myself
and fight back.
I'm not "mean" if I tell him to back off because he's being a jerk. It doesn't make me a rude person because I treat him
however he treats me in the moment. If he's nice, I'm nice. If he's being an arrogant jerk who thinks... read more