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I f***ing hate my family. Especially my mom. A while a go my mom was yelling at me because I told my 7 year old sister that she should go to bed( it was 8:55). My moms mad that my sister obeyed me and thinks that I am trying to replace her( be my sisters mom). All she f***ing cares about is control and power. She dosnt care about me. I hate her.

Quit treating me like my opinions and emotions aren't valid. you're not as perfect as you think you are and I wish you could just acknowledge that

I really just don't see why people think family is such a big deal. I mean a family can be quite helpful, but no one asked to be here, and I think the ones who brought others here or agreed to parent someone should be obligated to help those they brought here/parented as long as the parents want them too.

I had a dream where my mom hated me because I never say thank you. ( I do though) She even tried to slit my throat.

my sister is so lazy...she never picks up after herself and whines when it gets too messy. she's always expecting someone to clean up for her, and i'm getting sick of it. leaves her clothes and trash (and, uh, toiletries) just about everywhere

I should have been better

Nice to know everything I love is stupid

Don't you love it that I'm pathetic?

People hate my presents anyway


My brother is so disrespectful and mean to me and yells at me and my sister just says can't we all get along.

Why has the kitchen become a conference room? Go to the living room to talk, I'm trying to make some damn food.

How do I find the will to live when my mom says she wouldn't care if I overdosed, and if I'm going to kill myself don't tell her first just do it????

my own family members tries to ruin my life and I'm sick of it.
I'm always helping them out. but as soon as I help them they wanna get mad and forget what I did to help them out.
I recently bought my own home, its small but I love it.. I'm having my first baby in November. and I didn't really talk to them much bc of the past BUT I really want them apart of my sons life at for him to know who they are.
after maybe a week of talking to them, I started getting asked for money wh... read more

harpo who is dis woman

I'm sick and tired of being treated like a teenager. My mom saw a hickey on my neck and lost it. She knew I was staying with my boyfriend. She said that this means my bf may take advantage of me. My bf is the kind to stop doing something when I ask him to. He's a sweetie. I'm 25 years old and I'm a virgin. Trust me, if I wanted to have sex, I would.

I love the fact that I can be by myself and be perfectly fine when I'm alone I'm happy not stressed I find it funny that everything I said to all of you you ignored it and called me crazy but it was true I just brung it to light even though I wasn't suppose to but I'm ok now I'm ok with being alone

It's kinda long, but it's really important. I need input on this. Please, read this and give me input.

To put it short, I used to live with my blind grandfather. My sister, mom, and stepdad all lived in the next city. One day, I moved in with them. I met my stepfather. His name is David. He has a son, or my step brother. His name is Desmond. Skip forward to a few months later. Me and David had an argument. It was resolved. Desmond went back and forth between his mom and Davi... read more

I just feel like I need to get away to somewhere from my family I've had to spend an entire day helping to set up stuff for my cousins party and my mom thanks me by screaming at me I wasn't even allowed to stay there they just kicked me out and sent me to my cousins house but since they were gonna show me no appreciation I decided I'd put the crappy speaker in a closet so they couldn't use it which they won't even use it's a bunch of old Indian women and my video camera which... read more

My mom thinks I'm a racist because I don't date black girls. She works with a lot of black women at a super market in our town's black area and she's constantly trying to set me up with her co-workers daughters and nieces. I heard her tell one of my aunts during a phone conversation (she didn't know I was home) that I'm prejudice. Funny thing is, I don't remember reading anywhere that as a white guy I must be attracted to all girls. I've dated Mexican and Indian (both Asian a... read more