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Need to get something off your chest? Just Vent Anonymously! me not caring about something makes me "unchrist like" but you getting pissed at me and yelling at me just cause I don not care about the news, is fine and dandy. f*** you a**h*** .

Honestly I can not stand my mother. I just feel like she a sorry excuse for a mother but without her laziness and all the things shes showed me not to do, i wouldn't be the the strong 19 year old independent woman i am today. For only being 19 year old i feel like I've accomplished so much and still have so far to go. I worked two jobs one full time making 14 dollars a hour and a second one making eight. I am also in modeling classes that i pay for myself, and work part time ... read more

I need advice.

My dad is a drunk and doesn't give a f*** about me. My grades are S***! Everyone hates me! FTW RIGHT NOW UGH!!

Oh my god. I walked into my daughters room to make sure she had picked up all her dirty clothes before going to school, and there was a dildo lying on a counter. How did my 16 year old daughter get a DILDO?!!! She's too young to be even thinking about that! And masturbating is a bad habit to have...especially for underage girls...especially with a dildo..time for THE TALK.

i f***ing hate how my mom treats me, like wow!! Thanks mom dont i feel f***ing loved!! :) I don't really want to kill myself anymore but this just drives me off :D

My mom's f***in' annoying. A lot of things she says (or does) annoy me. She's one of the things that give me stress and I've told her this before, but all she did was deny it, so there's really no point in having a conversation with her to talk about it because she never listens anyway.

I HATE my in-laws. They didn't even send a card or make a phone call for their only grandchild's first birthday, and now they forgot my husband's birthday. My kid's Christmas present came in April. No, nothing's seriously wrong. They have money. They know how to dial a phone and use a calendar. They are just narcissistic fools who can't see past their own noses. My mother-in-law makes up illnesses that claims to have but doesn't, and my father-in-law just goes along with the ... read more

My mom likes to do this thing where she basically vanishes all weekend by staying with her boyfriend that lives in town. I'm happy for them. He's a good guy. My issue is with the fact that she comes home in this foul-a** mood sometimes, like throwing little hissy fits over the stupidest little things. I.e., I haven't put away my laundry yet. It's stacked up on top of the washing machine. She can't find this one pair of pants she's looking for and she's pissed because "it's ju... read more

My parents treat my sister so much better than my brother and I. My dad was allowed to beat the sh** out of us two but never my sister. They pay for everything for her tuition, rent, all bills and give her $300 a week. Yet my parents act like my brother and I are scum. I've worked so hard for everything and all I ever wanted was to be loved.

so here's a little venting that I'd like to say to my sister...
I wish I didn't but I still resent you for the fact that you took an event that was so important to me and ruined it. It was supposed to be my thing but it ended up all about you, just like everything always is. I know it's not your fault really. It's just that your the gorgeous, out going, intelligent one so everyone likes you better. But when people started to make it all about you I thought you would at least ... read more

So you let me know that you think I'm dumb...How is that going to help me? Or did you just want to put me down because you think that it's funny? I really think that you love putting me down and then acting like you don't know why I act like a crazy person. I don't even know why you think your comments are appropriate to say to someone, because they're not. People shouldn't have to learn how to "take a joke." If it's not funny, it's not funny.

So my mom started doing pot a few months ago. Actually she started again because she used to do it fairly often. She has always been attracted to bad guys. My dad was a dealer, my sisters dad is a dealer, my brothers dad is just a bum but anyway she did pot with all of them. Some times around us. But I was little and don't remember that. She got clean and was doing really well. She started drinking, got a DWI, spent 6 nights in jai, and 2years on probation and AA. Turns out s... read more

My parents were complaining all of last night about how many lesbians they see on TV and in movies nowadays. I'll never be able to tell them I've been head-over-heels in love with another girl for 4 years.
Ah well, it's going to stay unrequited anyway.

I love to be different I wear a tail to school everyday. But sense my mom doesn't like my tail for no reason i sneak it in my bag and put it on at school same goes for my orange beanie. I just don't know why my mom won't let me be me.

I'm not freaking perfect i make mistakes, why can't you just understand that. My brother can do whatever he wants and he doesn't ever get in trouble. but yet i get yelled at for every little thing. And yet still all i do is try and help you. Mom, you make me feel like sh** one day and then like someone you l don't want to lose the next, so which is it you want me as a daughter or not? because i just don't know what to do anymore. Oh, and you dad thanks a lot for the confidenc... read more

my mom is never home she doesnt want a real relationship with me....

Really f***ing nice of you to try using me as a puppet so that you can indirectly get a jab in towards my stupid aunts. I tell you 5 f***ing times that I'm not comfortable with getting into an argument with them and all you can do is act like I'm letting myself be trampled in the dirt.
These pieces of sh** haven't had a conversation with me since I was 15. I don't want to talk to them anymore. I want to pretend that they don't exist. But you just can't f***ing allow that, can... read more

Well, now I feel bad. Thanks again "parents". We both know, once again that we both don't want each other. You should probably take back the "I want you to go to SF state so that you can stay close by forever" statement because I HATE THIS PLACE. and you. I swear, staying here is like toxin, it's making me go crazy and just not myself. I have this horrible personality because of you. I never wanted to be like that, but seriously, living with you is just- it makes people go ma... read more

I am soo sick of my house im leaving the second I get a chance

First sorry abut spelling but I need to say this my family hate me 1st my dad - every time I get called its always for something bad or I did something my mum - saying that I can not leave home because I can not cope all by my self my golden boy brother that can not do no wrong in my mum and dad eyes and then my two brothers that can say anything to me and they know that they will not get told off

Thank you for read this