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I'm so sick of the f***ing drama in my family. My grandmother was talking sh** to me for hanging out with her brother. I'm 18 and I don't even live with her and shes trying to control who I hang out with. Everyone in my family talks sh** to me about each other and I'm sick of being in the middle of it all. I need to move far away from my family.

Im not perfect.. But compared to most of my family i think im the closest one to it... So glad i live two states away.. Ever since my grandfather died some true colours have come out.. U bastards.. I hate how u have taken advantage our grandmother.. Ill be happy when shes here.. I dont care how mych she can be irritating but id rather deal with it and know she is happy here... Without here none of us would exist so have some mother f***ing respect!!!!

Every time I go out with my family, it's wonderful. We don't argue (errr... rarely anyways) and in turn, we don't despise each other's very existence. When we get home, it's a whole nother story. My mom always finds SOMETHING to complain about, then my dad starts getting frustrated, then it's my eldest sister, and so forth. It's like a never ending chain of bickering. Can't we all just sit down, SHUT THE f*** UP FOR A FEW HOURS and enjoy some Castle, PLEASE?

I am having the absolute hardest time ever asking my mom about this. It's mostly because I'm afraid she'll flip out on me. Every time I build up the slightest bit of courage to ask her, my heart starts beating really quickly and I think I'm going to have a heart a heart attack or something. Every time feels like a bad time. The wrong time. The longer I wait though, the more likely she is to say no. Why me man. Why me.

Walked out during todays therapy session. My mom really pissed me off. I came back to apologize to my therapist and she cried. That made me feel 10x worse. My mom was crying too but I could care less. She just wants attention and someone to side with. f*** her.

I hate my mom and that is something that will never going to change. She is a stupid high school drop out who is ignorant and can't read. Jobless and depending on the government. Such a sad excuse for a human being.Women like her should be sterilized.

Some weirdo who calls himself Brandon Low (not sure if that's his real name) is proud to call himself a child molester - a pedophile. And he works for Amazon as a software engineer. Hey - maybe that's why Amazon ignores complaints about pedophiles who post movie and book reviews on its site. Disgusting.

ok so i think my mom is cheating on my dad and we have been having a rough day when i called her awful for letting my brother stay home from school, who was not sick, and not me, who was sick. she took my phone and wont accept an apology. but i think she is cheating on my dad. theres this guy who my brother and i hate but she calls him sweet, nice and all this other garbage. but in reality hes a jerk with a huge beer belly. he used to be my dads friends until about 8 years ag... read more

Hell is unoccupied. All the demons are up here.

Arghhh f***ing kids!!! Do they ever f***ing listen!!!! I love them to bits, always will but f*** me dead, they can be sooo ignorant and stubborn !!!! >:(

It's like it's me vs my wife and kids and I can't keep up I knew when I married you that you came from a white trash background but I had no idea how bad you would become, you weren't like this before but you have become the biggest slob of all time I spend almost one quarter million on a house to make you happy and it looks like sh** all the time! I do everything I can but you don't do sh** between you trashing the place daily and letting the kids do the same while I'm at w... read more

My family especially my wife are gonna stress me into the grave and I'm only 32 how much more can I take before I have a heart attack!

So my parents are divorced and my mom made the decision to move back to her home town in Texas where her parents live. My dad stayed in Washington. I had to make a choice and I was under a lot of stress not too mention I'm only 15 at the time. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't have any true friends at the time so i couldn't talk to anyone about it. I decided to stay in Washington with my dad because it's the place I've always known. Ever since then things have just gone ... read more

I feel like a terrible person, but there are times when I want to just leave. He disgusts me to my core. Everything irritates me: his constant throat clearing, humming when he eats, laughing at everything (no matter the gravity of the conversation), wasting money on frivolity when we have two kids and I'm taking care of them all day and working all night, the way he watches sports and ignores the kids... So I can't sleep on the weekend when I'm supposed to be recharging after... read more

I don't understand how you can tell me I'm old enough to make my own decisions, and even allude to the fact that I wouldn't be going to church anymore, and then when I tell you I'd rather not go, you make me go anyways. I haven't really put up a huge fight yet because my brother already does and I just try to keep the peace. But I'm getting sick of it. Especially since the church meets at my school. The one place I hate the most. The place that makes me feel suicidal. The pla... read more

Once whoever it is you know becomes a drug addict that's it. All trust is broken. Seriously I never thought she'd be already so messed up to actually crew me over! Family or not. She made her choice between THOSE people and her family. I won't be as stupid to let her back in my life.

I am not leaving her. I don't want to So I'm staying put and if I get hurt too then well I get hurt. I don't know how to help my blood any other way! But this is my blood. She's got nobody and she needs somebody who won't turn their back on her, unlike the rest of the family. Frankly I'm scared too. I don't know what this new character is really capable of.

9 years ago my dad 'saved my life' after i tried to hang myself. He was the main reason i tried to end it all in the first place..

Somebody needs to teach me a prayer. Please.

Ugh. Kids are pissing me off. They don't even live at home anymore. Hate pms. Makes things worse.