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My mom looks down at me for having a collection of rocks in a bag. I've had them for a while, but I've meant to get rid of them.

At least they're in a bag and not scattered throughout my room.

I feel numb I don't want to go home like I hate being there like seriously

Now I deadass got to come back home to you guys kill me now

i honestly hate my brother sfm. uuug wish i had a sister hes such a brat.

My Dad has got dementia from liver problem ammonia in his blood and it makes me so sad. such a smart man but now says the most silly things. how this happen. sorry you are not going to be OK Daddy


Why do you keep saying someone will rape me and if they do you won't be there for me and that I would'nt be able to push through it and I'll get on everyone nerves with depression so you'll send me away so. You won't have to deal with me

I got a real anger issue all I do is just cuss and throw sh** around and just go off but you make me mad as f*** like leave me alone

I f***ing hate y'all stupid a**es. Leave me the f*** alone all you do is piss me off and try to control me I can't stand you.

I am convinced I will die in childbirth. So, I don't want to go through childbirth. I may kill myself if I ever become pregnant. I wish my husband didn't want kids. I wish doctors cared about the mother, but they don't or else they'd offer painless birthing options. I don't want to die.

When a black woman asked to rent an apartment in a Brooklyn complex managed by Donald Trump’s real estate company, she said she was told that nothing was available. A short time later, a white woman who made the same request was invited to choose between two available apartments.

The two would-be renters on that July 1972 day were actually undercover “testers” for a ­government-sanctioned investigation to determine whether Trump Management Inc. discriminated against m... read more

My cousin just gives me this vibe like he doesn't want me in the house. Like I'm here for your mom (because she's the best) and your sister. Nobody got time for you. Gosh, he's so annoying. I'm not gonna keep a grudge or whatever.

I'm willing to deal with his problems. I honestly don't care that much about his drinking. If he doesn't curb it for me while I'm there, then that's his fault, and if I deem it uninhabitable, then you win. But there's a chance that won't happen. Is there a chance that I'll hate it there? Yes. But there's also a chance that I'll be so much happier, that it will be better for me, just like literally everyone is saying. Maybe you should listen to them. In my eyes the only viable... read more

I'm stuck between a rock in a hard place right now. I'm pulling the weight for more than one family member in a house that would only be called "lived in" by a hoarder. I'm at my wit's end and feeling extremely hopeless. My parents are threatening each other with divorce which is something they should have done before things got this bad. I'm technically an adult so there won't be a custody battle, but I'm going to catch heat for who I decide to live with. I was just forced t... read more

Gotta love when someone asks you if they act different when they're drinking, you answer honestly, and 15 minutes later they decide to yell at for attacking them

You have any and everything to say when it's a topic you want to talk about. Soon as it's something I want to talk about,you have ADD all of a sudden. Stop talking to me.

My mom and my stepdad (David) goit into a fight. David either ran away or the police took him because he was getting violent with my mom. Today, a month later he shows up. Alone. I'm a 14 year old and he's probably over 40. He came to my room, said hi, then left and went to the back room and started playing a game. It's been an hour, I'm on my Xbox and my phone is dead. The homephone is in the kitchen which is right next to the back room. I'm scared and idk what to do.

I do everything my parents want, hell i do whatever anybody wants and no one gives two sh**s about how i feel or what the f*** i want to do. I'm sick of all that sh**, i want things that give me a personality and independence but i always find myself fighting tooth and nail to get the things i should have the g**d*** freedom to do

I feel like I'm nothing I feel like I have no one that is there for me my mom says I'm worthless and a b**** almost every day my brother sides with her and he beats me every once in a while but it's not like oh broker and sister fighting he chokes me a a fearfully chases after me to push me I can't live with my dad or see my dad bc my mom won't let me she won't even let me when I'm supposed 2 which is whenever bc it's joint custody I don't know if I should even see my my dad ... read more

Gotta love it when people think hey can help but don't listen to the whole problem. If moving out was an option i would but of course it isn't duh!!!father in law can't LIVE on his own, to old.