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Omg πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I was watching a "funny" video with my family from my instagram and all of a sudden, it starts making f***ing moaning noises. Like, why tf did it have to trick me like that? I was shakin like booty meat trying to turn that sh** off... I am so embarrassed 😩😩

Dear parents,
I love you and I always will, but there are many nights where I pretend to sleep. The many nights I pretend not to hear many things I shouldn't. The many nights I hear complaints. Saturday was my formal. I felt pretty and excited, more than ever. My day was fantastic. Until I heard you say you wanted a different dress on me. Okay, that... hurt. I thought it fit me pretty well. But then I noticed everything wrong with it, with me. My confidence disappeared. I spe... read more

Let's face it, we've both changed and are in a rocky place. I can stay if I can trust you. You need me to take care of you so you're playing nice with me but you'd rather be with someone else so i can't trust you. we're both stuck for the good of the kids and that's where we'll probably stay.

Im so awkward around babies and small children. I don't know if it's because of my social anxiety or left over feelings from an abortion I had a few years back. Being around babies elicits so many conflicting feelings in me. I want to hold them and love them and play with them yet at the same time I want to cry and run away from them as fast as I can. I hate the fact that when a bratty toddler invades your personal space or punches you in the head you can't firmly demand they... read more

The only problem about owning up to your mum about your problems is it makes it awkward to send her cute cat videos at 4 in the morning

Every time I try to look past your transgressions, you go and be a dick and say or do things that makes me wonder why I ever bother.

I've been a bad bad boy auntie spank me

I want my aunt to spank me

you're not complaining that i put you lower, you're complaining because you can't get higher than me, so screw yourself. being excellent is not evil


i feel like my mom f***ing hates me but i know she doesn't, but i feel unloved. wtf brain

My mom thinks I'm trying to steal her boyfriend, it's been happening ever since I was in 5th grade. I still remember the first time she pushed me into my room, called me a whore and locked me in. I cried the whole night. Now I'm 17 and she still does the same things...

I'm so done with this. Pressure from my family is f***ing building up and damn it is getting to me. I'm getting f***ing pressure from my mom too, and she keeps comparing me to my brother. My brother's a golden child, he knows my parents favor him over me. For example, whenever it's time to eat dinner, she says in a cooing, sweet voice "C'mere (brother's name)!" And then turns to address me, and literally YELLS "GET OVER HERE, NOW." He always gets away with everything, I'm not... read more

I hate you, your heavy breathing, your loud obnoxious smacking, your groans, your hateful, snobby tone of voice, I just hate it all. I wish you would stay away from me.
It would probably be different if you treated me better, but you don't.

Mom's complaining that she found my hair in her coke.
b**** I got one of your curly hair out of my water the other day. At least I shower daily. Get over it, we inhale each others' dead skin with every breath.

Stupid b**** just told ME that I'm overwhelming myself.
This coming from the idiot that got too ambitious and quit and is convinced she'll get back into it while I'M actually going through with it. She was just trying to discourage me because she wants me to be a failure like her.

Doesn't feel good when your family tells you that you're​ not worthy and to get out of the house. Wow...

It's sad when I do everything for my own family, yet they can't even help do you expect me to learn if you don't even want to teach me

I'm here spouting off to my family about gentics because I find it alll so interesting and I'm pretty sure none of them care as much as I do lol at least they listen

My sister just told me that she wanted to kill herself because her clothes didn't dry....umm what?