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Wish i lived closer to my grandmother i feel she needs me right now but i cant be there for her and it breaks my heart i really hope we move at the end of the year:(

They smashed my pipes, took my herb, crushed any sense of family I had, but they can't crush me.

My mom has been stressing out lately she told me "sometimes i wish i could go away from everything and everyone" im tired of her being like this so i let her talk to me about everything, just today as i woke up i get a text from my sister saying im a spoiled brat and i ask to much of her and i never do anything for anyone she tried threatening me with stupid stuff like taking away netflix but for my birthday that was just a few days ago my mom promised me to take me... read more

My mother is psycho. It is really difficult being around her and living with her. She is very negative and controlling. It really hurts being associated with her and dealing with her on a day to day basis.

I hope to God my daughter starts her period today. What a frickin b****! Ugh.

What's frustrating is when my son is 20 years old and still cannot figure things out about life even though he has me, older siblings, and step father advising him and then has the nerve to say to tell me that I've never helped him. I know he's still immature but it still hurts. As a mom, I feel helpless. I still tell him I love him but it's tough love...the past two years we have tried to support him but he has no respect or consideration...he only thinks of himself.

stop being the perfect one i honestly hate u i hate it when u come over u think ure so freaking perfect and my parents agree too....u think u have the best clothes and everything JUST STOP and go away...ure my cousin but i hate u a lot....ure always on the laptop and my parents yell at me for not tlaking to wth? u go shopping with my mom when she barely has the time to go with me....,y dad thinks ure all mature and im still a childish girl.....stop stealing everyone ... read more

Things were great til you were born
I wish you never came home
You should have stayed with her
I was in a great mood until you came home
Things were so peaceful when you were gone
Things my mother says when I walk inside

She's brilliant! She's almost at the top of her class
She's so sweet and listens so well
I don't want her to ever leave
She does so much, I never even have to lift a finger
I don't know how I raised such a proper and well behaved child
She's one ... read more

My parents have nice things. My mom buys herself shoes and clothes left and right, she buys 1000 thread count sheets, expensive makeup.... But then I ask for bedding and it's too expensive. I've had my bedding since I was a little kid...I've never even gotten a new mattress.
When I'm a parent, I'm gonna take care of my kids.

I hate how my parents try to set me up with their friends! Dudes like in his 30s.

Ohhhhkay everyone. I've had it with my brother. He thinks I don't know why he spends like 2 hours in the bath. He thinks I don't know why he randomly gets up to go to his room and lock the door. Every time he hands me his Xbox controller, it's gross. At first I thought it was sweat but nah. It's lotion. hmm why would my brother use lotion? oh idk maybe TO f***ING WANK OFF. NO. I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE. PLUS HE'S IN f***ING 8TH GRADE AND HE STILL PEES ON THE SEAT AND STILL DOES... read more

i feel like im a failure to my dad cuz he is not around. i feel like drove him away, but know he just didnt want to be in my life. but knowing that just kinda makes me feel worst. most the time i could care less that he not here, i could be happy cuz i got so much goin for me, but then there are times that i feel like somethings missing. i feel like its all my fault an i dont know why. to make it worst i feel like his side of the family rejected me to. i just dont no whats wr... read more

Hi everyone, a soldier who was deployed in Afghanistan returned home to find that his "Friend" had either given his Beloved dog Oakley away. He is now searching for him, would you go on FB or Twitter look up Finding Oakley, or even soldier's dog sold on web. Thanks Kate

I love my mom, but I don't really like her. It hurts me to say it. I feel like one of those spoiled teenagers but I'm just so confused. I've been crying myself to sleep quite a lot lately and I don't go a day without thinking about it.
I don't really respect my mother. I don't know why, but maybe it's because my grandmother had always taken care of me and I see my mom as a friend more than a mother. Many of my family members agree my mom is immature, even her own mother. I r... read more

not everything thats wrong with me is blamed on my period.... thats the first way to get punched!

You don't even include me when you plan these awful vacations because you know I don't want to go and I hate to travel, but you drag me along telling me I "had fun last time" when I was just trying not to make everyone else as miserable as I was. I hate the f***ing beach, I hate the ocean, I hate states that aren't Texas, but you insist on dragging me along with you. Obviously neither one of you give a flying f*** about how I feel, everything that matters to me is... read more

So, my birthday is coming up and I have been thinking of some things. First off I live with my stepfather and my mother. I haven't heard from or seen my biological father nor do I want to. Ive spoken to my mom about how I feel and she says I should love him no matter what. But my question is how can I love someone who just left me and forgot all about me? How can I love someone that wasn't there for my graduation or my tenth birthday or anything. he hasn't been here to suppor... read more

Today my brother hugged me for the first time in over a year. I love him and miss him and it sucks our parents separate us. And also today at a big family event, my aunts and cousin accidentally saw a glimpse of how broken me and my father are. But I hide it pretty well!

This b**** is driving me crazy. If I didn't have my dog to take care of I'd pack up my sh** and live out of my car for the next month until I saved up enough for an apartment. Seriously. You need to get off your high horse.

Why is everyone having kids cuz that's what u just do?!?!? Then all these whining bitchy mothers moan and groan all day long about it. Noone knows how hard they have it, BS !! Everyone else has it so much easier,BS!! They don't work, they literally have their husband watch the kids on the weekend cuz "they need a day off", b**** go get a job!! Noone could watch their kid cuz everyone else is an idiot. BUT they can't make a decision without asking their 30 closest d... read more