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Ok, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything you need me to do. Don't tell me to clean my room at 8:00 at night, then get mad when I don't have the time to both study and get a good night's sleep. And stop telling me to stop blaming other people when you blame everything on me. My grades drop and you freak, my grades improve and you just nod your head.

wtf mom! i f***ing need to work on my essay and you wont even let me use the computer D:< dude, all you do is watch tv while using the computer. i f***ing need it so just let me type my f***ing essay.
right now, what i feel for you is hate D:<
why? cause you fuking lecturing me and getting mad at me for wanting to do my f***ing essay.

EW EW EW TMI!!! I did NOT need to know that!!!!!!

I hate, hate, HATE my family. My brother is an a**h*** , my father is a fatf***, and my mother is a total b****! NOW, 8'm banned from doing ANYTHING tonight JUST for being pissed at that sh** called kumon! Well, you know what? f*** YOU, family! I wish i was an orphan! May you die in a hole. Cockfags.

My brother. He thinks he's SO cool because he hits me. What a prick. He's just another one of those lowlife faggots that need to get out more. I try to sit down on the sofa, then he kicks me off! What the f***!? f*** you! I try to tell my fat-a** of a father, but he just sits around like the slob he is. f*** you! If i could do ANYTHING right now, i would devour that cockfag's soul and then slowly torture him, because that's what he deserves! I hope my f** of a brother dies... read more

The minute I feel like everything is finally falling into place, it all comes crashing down. We met, fell in love, moved into together, we were so happy. We still are happy, but I feel like the things I want, my future, keeps getting pushed further and further back. I found out I was pregnant in December. Not ideal, but we'll be fine. Most everyone gave us support, but the people I needed it from most could only criticize. I FINALLY got into a nursing program, and I found out... read more

Some people just should not be able to have children. Why in the world would you set your child up to fail in life because you failed. Wouldn't you want them to break the mold and not follow in your foot steps. Why are you ok with your kids doing drugs, having sex, and constantly getting suspeneded from school? You are a sorry excuse of a person and a mother!

My mother is such a f***ing hypocrite. I know that deep down we can all be hypocritical, but she makes a living out of being one. She is upset that she found out her soon-to-be ex husband has joined a few dating sites and started looking around. My mother is a hypocrite because she has a facebook account, where she has been chatting with guys, stalking their profiles, telling me how 'hot' the guys are, etc. She's doing the same thing her husband is doing, the only damn differ... read more

I'll just start with venting today's crap and then going from there since this is all new to me and I can't seem to be able to get everything down at once. Babysteps I guess you'd call it.

Anyways lets see, I'm frustrated and overly pissed off to the point of tears. I get stuck with baby sitting duty at work even though thats not what I get paid for and end up looking/ feeling incompitent which I hate because I take great pride and dedication with my job and it dis... read more

Disclaimer: I do apologize for my french. So I do these things about once every 6 months, all them as a result of my mother. I'm the 3rd child and the other two have left the house (college this fall). Since they've been gone, i've gotten all the bulls*** and nagging for the three of us. If something is not literally perfect, she f***ing explodes like a maniac. Example: today I was told to use the blower to get the leaves off of the deck, so I did. Out of the multitudes of th... read more

im sorry that im so f***ing selfish for taking a 15-minute shower. from now on i promise i will take shorter showers, and clean my room and not be such a f***ing burden. i will be a model resident in your house, but guess what, bastard? thats all im gonna be. i dont f***ing want to be your daughter. ill be your tenant, because i have to be. dont expect a relationship from me, though. and i swear to god, the day i turn 18 i am LEAVING. and im not coming back.

I'm willing to stay in my room all day with no food if it means I don't have to see my douchebag of a father. Seriously can't wait to go back to school.

You screwed up your entire life. And now you're paying for it. Stop crying to me. It's pretty sad that I have a better life than you; considering I'm your daughter. I never look forward to seeing you. It always ends up in tears or a fight. Ugh.

My friends mean a lot to me. More to me than my parents who argue every single day and put me in the middle and blame me for the grades and test scores I get. But it's their fault for my grades and test scores. And now I'm debating whether to move out or not.

My parents hate each other. They argue every single day. (It gets in the way of studying and doing homework A LOT) Every weekend my dad gets drunk and starts an argument with my mom. And some how I get caught in the middle. Due to them arguing more recently I couldn't focus on studying for finals. I failed my Geometry 3-4 class because of their constant arguing. And now I have to get rid of my grades whenever it gets mailed home for the rest of the school year, so they won't ... read more

i love my daddy,cant understand my dad and i dont like listening to my father.i love you papa.dont get mad when you read this always be my pere.i love you dada

i love my mommy, cant stand my mom, and dont you dare call her my mother!!
mi madre loves me!!thats right mama!!its ok ma dont get mad you always be my mer!!
love you mome:P

Sometimes I hate my family. Teasing/picking on me 24 fuggin 7. Good God. I just wanna punch them. Every once in a while, that's fine. But making fun of every fuggin think I do? God! wtf. "We only do it 'cause we love you." *NOT* feelin' the love. F you.

life's a butt and i HATE it!!

There goes my brother in law again telling the newspaper that he's a victim of the economy, when really the family business was lost to his excess greed. Victim? No way!