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I just threw up my mac n cheese and ice cream, not that anyone cares but I do. Now I won't gain any weight. Tomorrow I'm back to raw veggies and a couple small pieces of fruit. I kind of wonder if it would be best to not eat at all because sometimes I get pretty hungry and I think it's probably the food I eat causing the hunger. If I didn't eat at all, maybe I wouldn't get so hungry.

Baked potatooooooooos

I am so so so hangry one human is never enough!

moonshine battered onion rings

This is how it feels to be hungry šŸ˜­

Ummm slow roasted chicken nuggs

I just stuck a bunch of cherries up my butt now I'm sh**ing cherry!!!!!!

that does it. if i still feel this way tomorrow i'm getting some f***ing chicken nuggets

somebody give me a valid reason why i should eat some meat at least every week cause i'm dying rn

i hate fast food so muh but i'm craving it so hard rn man. i want those damn nuggets

i'm not a vegetarian, i just don't eat meat. you may be like "yo wtf that's the same thing" but like if i gotta eat meat i'll eat it. no problem. but i just usually don't do it. idk why i wanted to share that but here you go anyway

i don't eat meat i should NOT be craving chicken nuggets rn

y'all i just got a sudden craving for chicken nuggets


My dog won't eat because he is scared of his bowl and my other dog wants to eat her bowl

binge eating

so far:
a medium pepperoni pizza
a blueberry bundt cake

I like pasta salad.

For years now I've had some sort of eating problems, but ever since July of 2016 I've started having a minor case of anorexia. I know this is a huge problem, but I really can't help it. My parents don't understand, most of my friends don't understand, and my boyfriend has almost no clue. I know that it's not bad, in fact I force myself to eat sometimes so this doesn't have a major effect on me. Turns out that it already had. I want help but I'm afraid and I don't know who to ... read more

i'm sitting alone in my brothers house watching youtube videos.
my boyfriend is at a college party, hanging out with friends he'd rather spend time with.
we have no food, and he promised me he'd buy me pizza.
he just called me and told me itd have to wait til tomorrow.
i havent eaten today and its 11 pm.

I looooooooove grilled chicken. šŸ˜šŸ˜„