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There's no better breakfast than Syrnik

Y thoY thoY thoY thoY thoY tho Y tho


Cheese and onion crisps ewww

Tfw you cut your lips eating spaghetti

You know how it feels when you get a substitute teacher?
That's how America feels right now!!!

I always tell people I hate marshmallows, then feel really guilty after I realize I ate like half a package of the crap after they leave the room

Pepsi > Coca-Cola

Got my deepfryer out and it's time to make some moonshine tater tots UMMMMM

I want to mix shredded chicken with stuffing,but can't think of a marinade I want. Suggestions?

Every jod I had so far was the kind that allowed me to start the shift with a drink and a snack; you know how people start their day with coffee? I never liked coffee, so I drunk tea or hot chocolate instead. Then I started working at a coffee shop, and summer got too hot for tea and hot chocolate every day got too sweet for me so I tried different Lattes until I found the kind I like.

Now I start my shift with only coffee. Drinking tea at work is only when I come to work wi... read more


How to make homemade movie theater popcorn - 1:pop it as usual. 2:wait about an hour. NOTE:the longer the better.

Its strange at the theater,but when you make it yourself,its so good.

Plantain chips r good

These cooking classes are so f***ing expensive for ONE DAY. You bring your own stuff and it still costs 1,000 something dollars. I'm better off learning on YouTube for free.

I am craving sushi hardcore right now. :(

why do people post stupid photos of babies with food all over their face and think that it is cute? News for you, your baby looked disgusting before, and looks even more disgusting now, blecchhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf

I spent nearly $60 on delivery this week alone... and it's only Tuesday.


I'm not vegan but I've never liked meat, milk or eggs, although I do enjoy cheese and fish.
After watching a number of documentaries, reading a number of books and just based on my own preferences / ideals re: the meat/diary industry effects on the planet and our bodies, on top of the cruelty of mass feeding and slaughtering, I'm trying to mostly eat a healthy plant based diet. Why the f*** does everyone have to treat like I'm stupid. You ignorant twats. Do your own research,... read more