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I am so hungry and can't think of a damn thing to make.

I need cookies & coffee.

Animal crackers are a cookie wtf?!

– LOW COST It is a proven fact that human waste contains

many undigested nutrients.

The same is true of all “animals;”

that’s why dogs nibble in litter

boxes; they can smell the

undigested bits of cat food.

You, alone, can provide your toilet slave with

about 25% of their nutritional requirement,

directly from your a**. Since a toilet slave

is immobile and doesn’t exert any energy, that

is sufficient nourishment.

I don't mind eating myself to death. Food has been there for me when I was alone. Till death do us part.

next time you go to the store think about what vegetables you would fuk

i deserve to die and rot in hell. My teacher gave me a cupcake, because i missed the homeroom party, and what do i do? i throw it in the bin coz im too fat to eat

Late night trips to the fridge are the best
You eat like there's no waking up in the morning

Chipotle chipmunk...try it.

I don't get what's so great about tomatoes...

Hot tea made with hot milk and sweetened with condensed milk? Heaven.

ugh this frozen pizza is deformed and I surely hope it doesn't fall through the wire rack in my oven

Farms are basically concentration camps for animals.

Pizza is better than pasta lol

Animals kill other animals and eat them.

So are we all just going to ignore how f***ing PURPLE red onions are?

I haven't eaten more than two raw potatoes in the last four days because of money problems and I feel like I'm about to faint

I got my wisdom teeth out and I can finally eat normal fooooodddd yayyy

I just wanna damn Pepsi

Give me a damn CINNAMON ROLL