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ICE CREAM TRUCK MUSIC BLASTING ITS WAY INTO MY BRAIN/ can't block it out or resist siren song of lactose helllllllp! must run outside and pay too much for freezer burnt popcicle ....HI HO THE DAIRY OH THE FARMER IN THE DELL!


I'll drink your frappachino if you're too spoiled and bougie to enjoy it

Soda tastes better out of a glass bottle.

I hate eating meat so much, but I really don't have a choice. I need meat in my diet or I'll get sick, but when I eat meat, I feel like I can taste that animal's fear and trauma. I obviously can't become a vegan or a vegetarian, but I don't eat most of the meat on my plate anyway.
There are some meats that are okay for me, but I'm super picky... And for the past two months, I can't stand looking at meat without having the mindset that it's a corpse and not just some inanimate... read more

I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good.

A simple recipe for fitness!

-- Enjoy the fresh air. Go on a walk more often. Give your self a work break from your computer, phone, or tablet.
-- Start eating healthier foods that detox your body, build it up, and more. Chill on the Omega-6 oils.
-- Most importantly, STOP BURNING YOUR FOOD!!! Improperly cooked food can be toxic. Slow roast on low heat, smoke, pressure cook, or protect your food with a glaze.
[There are plenty of oils with a low burn point called a "Smoke Po... read more

When you give it your all but the food is still sh**

I don't like screaming where everyone and their mother can hear me, especially home and I have issue ordering food. Having to scream out my order on the phone where my entire family can hear me because there's a lot of noise on the other side is NOT fun.
(even if the pizza I for THEM because I have no idea where they stand with Asian food, and there's no food in the house and I really want Sushi...which I ordered..for myself)

These ASMR eating videos online are gross.

i just want to taste all the best foods in the world.. but i'm so broke... (a girl can dream, you know)

Has anyone ever had the urge to throw a ball of mozzarella at someone's head? Could you imagine the way it would feel upon impact? Cold and wet, kind of squishy, but heavy. Could you imagine being knocked out by a ball of mozzarella? Would you tell anyone?

You normies are so g**d*** easy to troll. :> And yeah I'm back, just got off of my vacation funded by daddy Trump

I'm the queen of making once gross things taste good.

I just ate 6 big cherry candy canes: I don't feel so good :(

Well I love

P eople
E ating
T asty
A nimals

Wow I just had the most wonderful steak from a cow furry! Delicious

I bet you haven't lost a single pound. You weigh more then most men. 210 lbs you tip the scales at but now it may be 225. Lol I bet the workers at Arbys know you by name.

I'm sure these clams were delicious, but the more I kept staring at it the more I couldn't eat it. I know it was out of its shell so all I needed to do was pick one up and pop it into my mouth, but...
The more I looked at it, the more it looked like a female genitalia, seriously.

God I hate when I'm eating something & I can't hear what I'm watching because I'm chewing to loud!