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Can we stop talking about the pineapple of pizza debate, please? There are people who put ketchup on their macaroni. That is a real, actual thing, that human beings do. So put down your weapons in the pineapple pie debate, lower your words of hatred and turn towards the true threat.

And organize.

Got subway for dinner and for the first time in my life, they gave me 3 napkins instead of 2. Must be my lucky day.

Oh how I love when the coffee hits the soul

surprise motherf***a
some fries motherf***a

Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees in order to make booze for frontiersmen, as the type of apple he planted was almost inedible.

My neighbor's are Hispanic and they made this weird a** soup called Manudo. It was amazingly good. I wish I was born Hispanic.

Tomorrow I want to eat two footlong Subway sandwiches and eat an entire roll of raw cookie dough for lunch. My family doesn't love me. No one loves me like I need someone to. Food makes me feel good. It isn't about being hungry. I'm just sad. I don't ever cry anymore. I eat food when something tragic happens. Or when I feel like no one loves me which is how I feel now. My family uses me up and never supports me.

Steak dinner c** over and eat me for dessert 💋

I started eating prunes because I heard it's good for cleansing out your insides and I've been sitting a lot and now I'm on my period and I always sh** alot on my period and now my a** hole hurts and I'm scared that I will have to sh** tomorrow....this must be what anal feels like

Sick to the back teeth of certain people taking the piss whenever the local store sells off cheap food. See, the store needs to get rid of the stuff as it's near or on the sell-by-date, so about 30 mins before closing they start ticketing it and putting it on shelves.

Most people are sensible and buy small amounts but there's this group of predominantly Muslim families who descend upon said store only to cause decent people anger and upset and by their actions. So what do th... read more

When you're out of forks and spoons so you eat with a knife and you're just like "hope I don't die, eating this corn"

The doctor diagnosed me with trollsydrome. I can't stop trolling people and i makes me squirt whenever i troll people omgsjdhfjks ughhhhh... Ffs i just came again

So I want to pour or squeeze something on a food or drink or whatever, say, juice or oil or cherry tomatoes or lemons. It can't splash on the desirable target; food or drink, it will splash on my face. My FACE. You know how it burns to get lemon drops in your eyes?! And I'm f***ing wearing glasses, but the drops get PAST the glass right into my eye. What the f***!

I had a nice food delivery driver I had to tip him good to come up that rickety elevator if he gets stuck in there I know I will catch hell I am on thin ice around here as it is I wonder what an appropriate tip is? I always get a 6 pack once a month drink in moderation it seems to make an impression on the drivers

My parents are so cold hearted. They ordered fish and chips and then we had to have cold beans on toast because we "weren't helping".

Horchata is Mexican rice milk crack I want some

I want a taco 🌮 now thanks a lot #HANGRY

I love avacados and guacamole, more for me!!!!!!!

Guacamole is f***ing gross and anyone who eats it is nasty.

My Lucky Charms turned the milk green. It caught me off guard and now I feel like i'm going to throw up. Who thought that was a good idea...