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My friends are going to think I'm weird and call me a furry when they see my fursona, but to heck with them. They can't draw and I can, so there.

I've been thinking about you a lot. I miss you and wish you were here. We may not have spoken as much as we used to and for that I'm sorry. Maybe if I kept in touch I could have saved you. Im sorry i didn't come to your memorial, I didn't know you were gone. I feel guilty that I treated you as if you were always going to be here. I'm sorry for the times I talked about you when we were 6, I was just upset. I'm sorry I didn't fight with you when you needed me too. Sorry I let l... read more

I just got a lot off my chest to my best friend and I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do.
I ended up telling her how my ex had cheated on me, how he watched porn when he told me he didn't, and how he had pictures of her on his phone that were on his phone long before we started dating but he never deleted them

I miss you, but I am afraid you don't want to see me anymore after everything that has happened. I'm sorry for being a bad friend. I'll miss you a lot, J...

Hurry up and respond you f***ing b****, please just a joke lmaoo.

Goddamnit why you got me twisted girl? You know I love ya, you the only reason I'm staying up tonight. I'm not in love with you, just my heart goes out to you.

I just want real friends.

This person who I think is cool and who thinks the same of me is moving accounts on IG. They said if you wanted to follow, since their new account is private, all you need to do is DM them. I really want to keep in touch with them, and they probably think the same since they followed me with this new account, but since we haven't talked in such a long time, i'm scared to DM them. I'm to the point in tears because of my anxiety and I'm scared I'll lose contact with them and th... read more

I want to tell you so badly; i wanna tell you how much i care about you with out being so so embarrassed of myself, i wanna tell you how i feel, and how you feel. i want you to be open with me just like i almost am with you. i want us to be great friends. i wish i could hug you everyday but you're thousands of miles away :(

Just when I thought there was a little life

Do you remember me?
Have you forgotten me since I left?
I wonder if you have had even just one thought about me since I left...

So I come as trans and you still call me a girl and say she/her/hers? And Don't call me by my actual name? And don't correct yourself? Its like you're not trying. It was a big deal to come out and you not helping me out. And your stupid a** keeps saying sh** that makes you sound transphobic. I do t correct anyone myself because I think I will sound too needy but IM NOT A f***ING GIRL AND Y'ALL KEEP CALLING ME ONE. it just makes me more sad and dysphoric.

I hate you. I hope I never see you again. Thanks for irritating me to the point that I hate you even though we're supposed to be best friends. But that's fine. You don't even consider me your best friend so I don't care anymore. Even after you broke my heart and annoyed the sh** out of me I came back hoping to fix this. But if you want to be a hateful a** b**** then piss off.

tired of people the same age as me treating me like a child tbh. i have several childlike mannerisms, and i approach things i enjoy with what i guess is a childlike level of enthusiasm, but these are just aspects of who i am as a person with autism. i'm more than capable of handling things with maturity, and i usually do, but because i jump around and flap my hands and stuff when i'm happy i'm always treated like a child. sick of people dumbing things down for me when i know ... read more

HOLY f***ING sh**!!!!!! why are people so fake? they're calling me out for not being friends with this girl when THEY don't even like her! they talk sh** about her behind her back all the time but they're nice to her face. it's so fake and ugly. at least i'm being honest by not being friends with her. they're just being two-faced and it's really gross. like they need to get a life and stop gossiping about everything. it's honestly so draining to listen to them talk sh**... read more

I'm gonna lose all my friends and I feel like the universe is just preparing me to kill myself because I won't have anything left to lose or to live for

It hurts that you probably don't even think to reach out to me.

blahblahblah be my friend

mmmmmmm theres a reason no one pays attention to ya bland a** art, patricia
do some research and actually stick to a story you wanna tell if ya want attention that much

Ok so it's taken me some time but I've realised I'm pissed off. I am the type of perso who will ALWAYS be there for somebody else and I made a group of like 3 other 4 closest friends who became my "girls" at the beginning of sixth form. I love them all so much but it's obvious we are each growing apart and they don't even seem to give a f***. It was kind of a creeping feeling when one of them decided to tell me and my BFF about their boyfriend like 3 months into their relatio... read more