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I have this really good friend, and her dad just died.. I tried to apologize, I tried to comfort her, but she was really mad. She said it was the last straw and she doesn't want me talking to her at ALL when school starts. Just 2 days ago she was going to be the only person at my 16th birthday party.. I wanna feel bad for her, I wanna have some emotion for her father, but all I'm capable of doing is thinking about my sorry a** and how much I wanna get high.. I feel like so a ... read more

wow i f***ing hate myself!!!!!! missed something important because im a f***ing coward who can't speak to other people!!!!!!!
i hate myself so f***ing much!!!! goodbye

I honestly miss some of my old friends, ones who have drifted apart or walked away on their own. Friends who would actually make an effort to say hello to me during the day. I despise those who never take the effort to speak unless I do because no matter what excuse you give, we are all busy and it doesn't hurt to take a moment to reach out to someone. I am usually pretty good about not needing friends because they come and go and relying too much on them is a bad thing but l... read more

Well, I play on a game. The people i play with are a**h*** . Every time i get on and talk to them they either make fun of me or they isolate me. So I don't know what to do. Because, Evert time i try to talk to them they dont take it seriously or they just tell me to shut up. So I haven't talked to them in 3 days and when i come back i know they will just start making fun of me again. So i have no clue how to approach them.

I'm jealous of one of my best mates' happiness, and I hate myself for it.

He married his high-school sweetheart, they sticked together through those 5-years of college (same city, different universities), and now they are living together. They own a flat, they now own a used car, and they are planning to have a baby soon. And I'm... I'm alone, I'm paying rent, I have hardly anything near the end of each month, and I'm stuck in my life. I don't know where to be, I don't reall... read more

when you're the one who's usually clingy but then someone you're not attached to becomes REALLY clingy on you and you're like wishing they would just leave

how come all the friends i don't want to leave me always leave me but the people i would want to leave me always have a firm iron grasp on my proverbil friendship bicep

When I first had my mental breakdown I couldn't talk to anybody I just wanted to be alone. Later I got out of it and told this friend of mine but instead of comforting me lashed out saying I don't get to pick when and when not to be friends with her. Recently I had another mental breakdown and during that period she called me and I didn't pick up because I didn't want to talk to anybody. But she sent me a text that sounded so rude like why am I not picking up her calls that s... read more

I honestly hate myself. I broke up with the only thing in the world that I truly cared about and loved over 8 months ago. We've been okay and we're still friends. I've trying getting back with him, but he said if he were to, I would have to improve on who I am. I've been a mess for a while. My problem now is my only female best friend and him are all over each other all the time when I'm with them. I wasn't certain if they were just being them or what, but I feel bad that I g... read more

i was at a summer camp a few weeks ago and make a deep deep connection with a camp counselor. we cried into each others arms so many times during the camp. we had each others backs. i told her she was the big sister i never had. i felt more comfortable weeping into her arms than any other moment in my life. she is so much stronger than me and i need her to be there so i can cry again because it seems like i can only feel something and cry when she's there. btw theres nothing ... read more

My best friend has been dating this guy for barely a month, but now she loooooves him, and never lets anyone else forget it. It's just constant blah blah blah about how cute he is, how talented he is, how nice he is, blaaaaaah f***in blah.

Ohhh boy oh boy he has a two year degree in car refurbishing! Better point out every somewhat old car you see on the road now to prove your superior knowledge in the subject. Like she acts like she's just gotten married, she's literally go... read more

God is she so awkward. Tried telling her how much I loved the Cat Returns by Studio Ghibli and she kept awkwardly nodding. Now that I think about it, she never said she even likes Ghibli films, she vehemently despises anime but I assumed she didn't feel the same way with Ghibli because she would watch it with me. I guess I was wrong now that I think about it.

Hah what a pointless vent this is: God can't you say anything that isn't negative about the things I happen to enjoy? Eclipses and sunflares don't have to be directly related to be used, what the hell are you trying to accomplish here? I've made characters who cannot logically switch between using a chainsaw and frozen vacuum arrows but you just say that's cool, but when someone else's character happens to use Eclipses and sunflares which are more related than the sh** I make... read more

Me: I think you might like this game, wanna give it a try?
Them: Lol no you already know I'd hate it

Me: I don't think you'd like the game though, you've said before you don't like these kinds of games
Them: Tf you talking about tell me what that game is

Trying to be nice and recommend something? You hate it immediatly. Trying to be nice and warn you it involves things you hate? You think I'm lying and go play it just to rub it in my face like I said you'd like to play the ... read more

What if one day she isn't a part of my life! I don't think I could ever deal with that!!! I need you more than you will ever know

Why wasn't I invited? It would be easier if I wasn't a twin. But why would you invite one twin and not the other? It just hurts. What's so wrong with me that I wouldn't be invited but my twin would?

Ugh there's these two people that are my friends that don't think I "care about their friendship"??
Like honey, if you knew why I always would say,"I do care" but never explain how I care, you would f***ing cry
My anxiety disorder makes it to where I literally care too much.
I've been thinking about this everywhere; the shower, while I'm eating, hell I've only been getting around two hours of sleep per night along with overheating and lightheadedness because I'm thinking abou... read more

You tell me you want to be friends again, patch up our friendship because we've known each other for 8 years? Okay but whenever I text you all I get is "K"? Now maybe you were busy, I understand that so I let that slide, I text you again like two weeks later and all I get are short sentences and one letter words. Umm. Okay. So I just wait for you to text me back and wow they're actually full on sentences but then when I reply back, I get short sentences and one letter words a... read more

I asked my friend to check out this site, I hope he uses it well but I also hope he doesn't know which of these are mine. I'm scared he'll recognize the way I type. He can't know.

He's my best friend but I want him I like him a lot I just hope in the future this turns into some cliche sh** and you end up falling for me lol

I hate it when people make me feel like I'm below them. Like if I have a problem, you have to belittle my problem and overshadow it like it's a competition for who has it worst in life.