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Hey everyone I need advice please.... So I’m friends with my boyfriends cousin ( female) so I hang out with her a lot go to parties and just have fun and since I been hanging out with her I noticed how she reactes with her other friends like she will be all friendly to there friends and then say some sh** after they leave like talk sh** or have a bad remark. I’ve noticed she does that to her friends and I just stay quiet when she does. But now since my boyfriends mom foun... read more

You don't put any effort into your messages anymore. At least I think about what I'm going to say. It's better than what you do with your one word replies.

We talked about having sex so much we never got to though I wanted you to be my first but I'm glad I didn't you're selfish and an a**h*** don't know a good thing when you see it "best friend"

One of my best friends that I grew up with recently came out to me as gay and I just have so many feelings. I completely support them, and to be honest it caught me off guard but it wasn't really surprising. Selfishly, I'm a little hurt they didn't tell me sooner, but I know that's stupid because they had to work through their own feelings before they could share them. I also feel just really...honored? I guess? This person is usually pretty tight lipped when it comes to thei... read more

Goodnight sweet dreams I love you
Since I can't tell you I'll say it here

When my phone buzzes I hope it's you but it never is I love you take care of yourself goodnight if you need me I'm still here. I wish you the best in whatever you do I love you & I miss you but I'll keep my distance whatever makes you happy ❤️️😔 I love you

Anyone out there to talk to?

I can't even communicate haha

I'm single but would love to be in a relationship. I have a friend who's very social..has friends and has been with her boyfriend for more than 15 yrs. She's attractive. Anytime there's a man she's friends with who is unattached she'll tell me about him but say that I shouldn't get involved with them because of whatever reason she tells me. The last guy I had met a couple of years ago and thought he was good. Now he's single and asked her to let him know about her single frie... read more

I'm so f***ing tired of all of my friends getting high when they promise me that we can get drunk together. They end up getting so high that they don't want to drink and then I'm left alone. I want to talk to them about my day but they're too focused on how and where to get weed. I'm so irritated by it. Then they "complain" that they are too high and I think to myself, "DID YOU NOT f***ING EXPECT THAT?" Then they go to bed because they're tired, and once again, I'm left alone... read more

My friend was totally trusting of her husband then she was devastated to find out he was interested in one of his coworkers who is 20 years his junior. (She said nothing happened and he just texted her but he did lie about being with her at a after Hour thing) She confronted him about it and he stopped. But now she said she has a hard time trusting him because he lied to her previously with ease. He's not very attractive but works out a lot. I don't think anyone would really ... read more

sometimes I really wish I knew what she actually thought of me

idk how to tell my mom that i hate my "best friend"

I'm really frustrated. I shouldn't be. It's not any of my business. But dude I really care about you a lot. I really like talking to you. I get excited whenever I see your name pop up on the screen. I want to get to know you, but the time it's taking to do that is just wearing me down. It's probably selfish of me to want you to open up to me, but it also seems like you want to, based on the things you've said why not just go for it? You can see me trying can't you... read more

i have this really big problem that idk what to do about, but my friend invited me to go watch the eclipse with her but i REALLY don't want to spend the whole weekend with her, but i already told my mom and people at school that i'm going and now idk what to do cause i'm a super awkward person and what if i'm there on monday and one of them calls me out for it??? i'm thinking maybe i should just go but idk, i feel so frustrated and confused and conflicted and it all just kind... read more

b**** says I make drama and she posts all these sh** :D

I want to talk to you but since you've been back with your girlfriend you just open my messages but never reply. If you don't want to talk to me anymore then don't, because I don't want to waste my time on someone who doesn't welcome me anymore.

I miss her, we were never truly friends. She was just my neighbor. She used to come over and count my pets and try to teach me to ride my bike. We were never friends though. I don't have any right to be upset over her death but sh**. I have her bird house in my front yard and I remember clearly the first time we met. We'd walk home from the bus together since we had to. Our houses are right next to each other, but I'll always just be her neighbor. I don't know why her death a... read more

We bonded over music cause we had the same taste.And now i hate listening to music cause it f***ing reminds me of you.And sometimes i would listen to a new song and be like 'Oh daaamn she would have loved this song' But i know i can't send it to you cause we ain't talking no more.I miss you buddy :(
Your Calvin Harris misses you

rly my dog is the only friend I got.