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Everything I've done lately seems to be me trying to grab your attention. I'm cutting off all social media for a bit. I'm almost over whatever kind of relationship we had, I can feel it. It feels good actually and I'll have no hard feelings incase you actually try to reach out for me. For now though, I'm done.

I have friends but I still feel lonely

I used to be friends with a person I looked up to, I admired their can do attitude and thought they were so badass. When we first became friends this was several years ago I was still a teenager,I was insecure and sorta used this person as a crutch and was known as their sidekick. Now as an adult I realize that this friend is one of the most insecure people I've met and I stopped needing /craving their friendship a little while ago. I am able to stand alone with new friends. ... read more

I hate when I tell someone something about my past that deeply affects me and later on they throw it in my face

So there's this girl who I really like. (Not a crush I mean I like her as a person.) And I really want to become her friend. I go to ballet with her but I don't know how to ge a conversation started where I ask her if she wants to hang out. Advice please?

I miss my friends.😭
I miss my friend angelina. She was sarcastic and was able to get me out of my emotions (okay also miss mario too because mario was a sarcastic ball of pure sunshine)
And they'd just be like ya okay there edgy artist. And just be like stop yo crying and hurting fool and then id stop because then we would longboard. And penny board.
But no. I had to go and make friends with someone who i now also miss, but
AAAAAAHHHHHHH... read more

Please stop being angry at me I'm sorry that I talk about dogs all the time I know I'm annoying but I thought you liked dogs (and me)

Jesus would text me back faster than you mfs

y'all think you slick talking abt me behind my back... dumba**es dropping you both, you're both terrible friends anyways and both willingly admit it, i'm just too nice to leave. but don't mistake my kindness for ignorance, when i'm done i'm done. can't believe i put an ounce of trust into either of you, and i've given you both too many chances. i'm so hurt. i treat you both so amazingly, and you both treat me like sh*t. you both apologize but never follow through and change. ... read more

Saying you've been busy lately is literally the sh**iest excuse you can give to someone. Everyone gets f***ing busy, it about finding the time to reach out to someone that shows you actually give a sh**.

I'm going to give you some space, but I can't wait too long. If you never get back to me like you say you will, then it's ok cause I'm used to that. If you have no interest in talking to me anymore then let me know that at least. It's definitely fading, I feel that, but although short lived, it was amazing.

i identify as a white person but i must say white people tend to irritate me but i can't really say i hate white people because i don't have poc friends nor have ever lived with them to compare. maybe i just hate people.

friend: are you free this weekend?
me: no i'm very busy and stressed
friend: you should come round mine this weekend
me: why would i want to spend time with someone who doesn't listen to me and is selfish enough to think i have to visit them and not them visit me if their the ones who have free time and suggested it first?

I feel like all my relationships are forced. Whenever I talk to anyone I have nothing to say, and all emotions that I feel are different to my fake expressions. This makes me feel even worse, so I limit interactions to the point of almost complete isolation, meaning I never do anything and have nothing to say. I feel like such a sh**y person, and a waste. I can't think of the last time I did anything that turned out positive for someone else. whenever I try to be a better pe... read more

before the bios started going up: my character is good and i am proud of her and this will be a fun game
after the bios started going up: oh no everybody in this game is way cooler and better at making characters than i am
(but it's still going to be a fun game)

I really hope you get back to me like you said, but it's okay if you lost interest. Don't be afraid to tell me that.


ACTUALLY DONE WITH YOUR sh**. I thought you were decent. I thought you weren't like the others. Too bad i ended up feeling disappointed in the end. f*** IM SO DISAPPOINTED I CANT EVEN. HAIDHEJAUSUJWXHHDBXX sh** I CANT BELIEVE THIS

So i have this best friend. We've known each other for a year, i know it's not that long but we've been pretty good friends and we're inseparable. Then, sh** happened.

She started going through depression, and i understood that. She didn't wanna tell me what's wrong and that's perfectly fine for me, as I know it could be hard for her. But now, I just can't take it anymore.

She acts way too distant sometimes, and she makes me feel like I've done something wrong even though i... read more

I'm looking forward so much to see who enters my life as I transition away from you. Two people gone, two or more people in? This is growing thankful to be rid of people who no longer serve me on my journey in life. On to new and better things and people for myself! So happy so excited. I know love is right around the corner! Thank you!!!