I have a friend I really like, but stuff happened and we didn't talk for a while. We have just got back on track, and we are talking quite a bit now. It seems like they only like me as a friend. I told them I liked them before the Incident, but I still like them, and i don’t know if they know it. They have someone else they love, and it hurts me so bad to know that they won’t return my love. I want to tell them, but I don’t want to pressurize them into loving me more. It would be nice for them to know how I feel, and I would adore it if they loved me back, but… I don’t know. Their lover is a person I don't really get along with, but I think we're mutual. I think I'm jealous of him, and I would love to be in his position.

#Venting #MyLove #Unrequited