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    When I was in high school I experienced the same thing. My friends would always ditch me at dances and it always tore me up. I had always wanted that group of friends who would dance together like normal. Because of that dances always stressed me out and my ex crush who rubbed his relationship in my face was there I didn't go to my prom ever. I am glad I made that choice actually. It was the best thing for me to do at the time and am still convinced that I would have felt uncomfortable of I did go. It is up to you what you want to do though

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    Hey.. Chin up. I know what its like.. Its sucks I know... I posted something recently as well cause I'm down.
    Prom.. Yeah its fun, its a memory to hold on to.. But if you can't go.. It's a door of other opportunities. Discover new things to go do while everyone else is doing there own thing.. If you can't go to prom.. Do something that day that makes you happy.. Anything you find that you do in life that puts a smile on your face. Whether its with friends or not. Lifes short and you can't waste a minute sulking about an event that yes may come one more time but is only temporary, you can find something to do .. That you can get up and do the next day or the next.. And may even find more friends that's interested as well in that thing. There's a world full of opportunity and adventure.. If one door closes.. Another one opens.. Go through it and explore new possibilities and there's plenty of people out there you just gotta find the right ones willing to go through life with you. Hope this helped a little.