I'm sorry man I wish I could take it all back but I guess that's what gives our souls cracks and now ive hit the pavement with a loud smack and I know it wasn't right but I've really tried to fight for it. So I can't ignore it if you did the same to me your friends would still be all for it. I'm starting to think that's just how I am but all the preachers tell me it's part of gods plan. Well f*** gods plan it's completely bulls*** I can't go on without no where to fit. I agree with you I'm f***ed up I really truly am but I really start to wonder if anyone understands I wish you see the scars I hide just the other day I tried to commit suicide don't you feel sorry cuz I don't want the attention and if you think I'm lying thats not the damn intention yeah I know I've made tons a mistakes I know that people bend and break but someone help me up for gods sake cuz I'm just a f***ing kid I can't do it own cuz unlike you I travel alone