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I honestly wish I would kill that f***ing b**** that ruined me , if not me.. then karma please hurry the f*** up ! #abuse #pain #anger

I’m honestly really upset and I have no words to use to really express how upset about it, but I’m going to try my best. I need to write this down because I have no idea what else to do and really need a shoulder and a ear from anyone going through the same thing.

I am a bisexual female, I turned 18 in February and I’ve just recently got a girlfriend who I adore more than anything in the world. We had been interested in one another for a long while and had met in schoo... read more

OK SO I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO UPSET RIGHT NOW because I'm a kind hearted person and when it comes to the ones i love I would bend over backwards for them...BUT...there is a MOTHER F***ING bastard that I call a boyfriend that I try to be there for and encourage and sacrifice for but he seriously treats me like S**T and Im sick of it...I F***ING took a car loan out for him and he continues to treat me like garbage!! And now I can't even get my own car before the end of the summer li... read more

You want to know why I hate SJWs? Let me tell you a story.

I discovered the SJW way of thinking when I began to drift away from my abusive parents, parents who would punish me for daring to disagree with their opinions, no matter how trivial. I started looking up all the information I could, and one way or another, I stumbled across Tumblr.

For a while, it seemed to be the best thing that had happened to me. I'd spend hours scrolling through the #abuse tags, reading everyth... read more

When people think that their animals do cute things when they're abused... Yeaaaaah, your horse shouldn't be lying on his side in the mud to reach the grass over on the other side of the fence.

#sh**yHuman #Abuse #HorsesNeedLotsOfLand #NotAPet

All of my problems revolve around money.

I grew up super poor, and was temporarily homeless as a small child following my parent's divorce until my grandmother stepped in.

We couldn't afford to change school districts, so I was stuck in one of the top three sh**iest schools in upstate NY where I was abused, bullied and harassed by my teachers, leading to my development of an anxiety disorder which became so severe I started suffering from auditory hallucinations (usually j... read more

I kind of feel like killing myself... again. According to the online screenings I took, I have severe depression. I haven't told anyone. I don't trust anyone enough to tell them. I don't want to hurt them by telling them. I was abused as a child. I couldn't leave my room without being choked, punched, or kicked by my brother. There were a few occasions where I almost passed out. Almost. He's fine, now, so I can't even be angry at him. As a result of this abuse, I became ridic... read more

It sometimes works out that when you hurt someone, you won't ever get the chance to apologize. Sometimes the damage is too deep. If you have been blocked, and you have been cut off from someone and you find a way around it just to talk to them, your apology is moot. You've taken away their safety from you. Which in a lot of cases, is the only reason that they're still okay.

It doesn't matter that you're trying to fix yourself. You've already damaged someone and no amount of ... read more

My ex-boyfriend, who is six years older than me, and is an abusive, toxic f***er who liked to call me a SLUT because I am polyamorous (even though he is too?) just messaged my mother today apologizing for how he treated me and how he's trying to better himself, and then tried to call me.

Looks like someone misses me ;)

Too bad I'm worth far more than some manchild who likes to gaslight me and fight with me and tell me how immature and stupid I am.

My current f***buddy, who... read more

Truth? I'll vent out on here then! No one knows me. Inside? I'm so f***ing broken. Idk care where my life takes me. Why am I so hard on myself because that how I was raised the littlest mistake severely punishable. my childhood taken away before my eyes no one will understand. Weight? I carry alot. Should I cry? No that is punishable too. no one understands the machine they created me into. I can't free myself from it. the self condemnation so severe it that hurts. The hell i... read more

I'm pretty new to kink communities, but not the culture itself. Just prefacing that. oh, and I'm polyamorous.

So, since I moved from Washington to LA, I had been in a pretty abusive relationship with a guy that I met on fetlife (for about six months), and I'm out of it now.

One of the things he got on me about was that he didn't believe I wanted a real relationship with him, and just wanted to use kink as an adult playground activity, and that I wanted nothing but casual pl... read more

A few years ago after my mother died and my father left my family for good, I was adopted by both of my grandparents. I now live with them as well as with my uncle and eight year old cousin. So far it's been pretty rough living with them. Almost every day both my grandma and my uncle scream at my younger cousin and I. They call us names (stupid, sissy, brat, etc.) and basically blame all of the family's problems on us. They've also hit the both of us on several occasions with... read more

2 years ago, we had to move in with my mom's abusive alcoholic boyfriend because he knocked her up, she lost her job and decided to keep the baby. Many instances of verbal abuse, punching holes in walls and throwing things we called the cops twice when he got more physical than usual. It still isn't better, the last two instances have been more physical than ever and he isn't even drunk during those times anymore. One of the two was 3 nights ago where they were fighting so ba... read more

Honestly I have so many fantasies of being raped, molested, groped. By strangers, family, friends, anyone. I love the idea of being abused and used against my will. Kik: jk69917

#abuse #kink #kik

#abuse #parentalabuse #domestic

UGHHH!!! THATS HOW I FEEL! Even though my mom hasn't hit me in like 4 months, she threatens to "slap the mouth off of me" all the time. I was late to dinner today bc my friend was having a panic attack and i was helping her and so i told my dad and he told me to leave bc he doesnt deserve an attitude but all i said was "shes having a panic attack sorry" with literally no attitude. and then i got yelled at for leaving a TWO pieces of sushi on m... read more

This is my first job after college. I've only been working for 4 months, yet it feels I've been working for at LEAST a year. I am so overworked - even my friends tell me I look like I need rest. They treat me like a robot rather than a human being. I'm fed up. This is #abuse #notworththemoney

I'm so sick of being quiet. Even if it's just me anon on here I don't care.
I'm so done with my freind . I tell her she's pretty and give her attention and sh** and she's a nice person but she never pays attention to me and I know she hates me and doesn't care. She never responds unless is about her. She hates me.

She acts so cute and innocent and I'm okay with that, but she always edits her face and it hurts. She never says anything nice to me, like maybe once a month or so... read more

My close friend has been trying to kill themselves for years, it all started around 5 years ago (we live in different cities)
I talked to them on the phone and persuaded them to not carry on with their suicide. From that point onward, everyone is calling me expecting to stop them from doing it again, at every mention they say of the act. This person is very emotionally manipulative and abusive towards me. I still love them a lot, but I know I am being played. I do not want th... read more

Can't wait for Christmas when my dad goes to the dollar store and shoves random childrens toys into a Christmas bag! Yeah, my sisters and I totally don't realize that our gifts are almost totally identical! The highlights over the years have been packets of beef ramen noodles, plastic baggies of exactly 12 mini dark chocolate milky ways, and my personal favorite, a bracelet and pamphlet from planned parenthood! Thanks for the confidence in my future dad! A bag of 7 dollars wo... read more

im done im so f***ing done with being mentally abused by my mums boyfriend,and im also done with my mum saying "oh he has depression so its fine"and lets him get away with it.she also tells me its my fault that he does what he does to me because im just supposed to sit there and jsut handle being treated horribly and not say anything back.LIKE IM f***ING SORRY I JUST CANT DO THAT WHEN SOMEONE MAKES ME MAD OR SAD HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST SIT THERE ?HOW?and im tired ofhaving t... read more