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Since there's going to be another women's march type thing--Once I figure out what the Hell I'm supposed to do--Think I'm going to get involved.

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I am so sick of white boys telling me the wage gap doesn't exist! I'm a white woman and I really do think my ethnic sisters make even less than I do! Dumb a** white boys come at you with their right wing news articles, I come back at them with personal experience! But PLEASE! By all means! Tell me how easy it is to have a vagina!

#Idiots #Feminism #Author #f*** #Pissed

People who know I have traveled around the world, published a book, worked every job I wanted to and some I didn't, by 21 often ask "When are you going to write your auto-biography?" Um. When I'm 80?


Two old men in the post office this morning: Yep. Having your own PO box is a sure sign of adulthood.
Me: Yeah, this is my second since I have a business box elsewhere.

-I once had my own apartment.
-I own my own car!
-I run not one but two small businesses!

Just because we're neighbors doesn't mean you know everything about me! Just because I'm living with my parents doesn't mean I'm a child! I'm doing it because I'm trying to be financially sound!

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I literally wrote a battle hymn today. All because I promised my child self that if I ever wrote a book with music in it there would be actual music.

#Music #Author #CommentsdisabledbecauseI'mSickofyourbullshit

Sucks. Working on writing a story where the angry natives chase off their intruders but working on anything that has to do with war right now...Sucks. Sick of watching humanity hurt.

#Author #Stuck

I'm an author from Wyoming who writes fantasy. People are constantly asking why I don't write westerns.

#Author #Sigh #There'smoretolifethancows!

Well, hot librarian isn't texting me back so at least there's that.

#HotLibrarian #Author #CasuallyEatsHeartOut

I wish it were just as simple as wanting dick...

#Hotlibrarian #HelpmeImFeeling #Author #Sigh

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! I caught feelings for a motha f***er! And he's a real chill dude but literally the problem is me! It's a true case of "It's not you, it's me!" My ex was SO sh**y... So sh**y deep down I don't wanna love again because I'm afraid to get hurt again! Yet every dude deserves the chance to f*** up in his own special way rather than being compared to the last bozo! And I'm so scared for once I CANNOT flirt. Like, I'm trying. But I feel like I got castrated!... read more

Back and well rested from a week's worth of vacation and not talking about what I do for a living. Anyone want to buy a book so I can pay my credit card bill?

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People often ask "Do authors cry when their character's die? Or do they just laugh and have tea with Satan?" Well, I killed a sweet, little, 17 year old girl in the the novel I'm writing today. It kills me.

#goodnightmysweetlittleblackrose #Author #Isobbed

I'll give you candy if you review my book on Amazon.


My cousin uses his autism to get attention. Why don't you friggin' do something with your life like I did! Oh wait, that won't get you attention.

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My cover art is a-f***ing-dorable. I love it. BUT the problem is since it's so cartoonie five year old's want to read it... It's not for five year olds. My target audience is teenagers. BUT... I was being a bit of an author-zilla when I published the book. Traditionally, but the publishing company let me have a lot of control. That was nice... Maybe next time I need to let go and you know... Trust a cover artist with expirence's judgement...

#author #dammitI'mtooCute

My stories have gotten so dark they make me sick to my stomach.


Really trying to pay attention to cover art. I think my last book keeps falling into the hands of children because the cover looks cartoonie. It's cute AF and I love it but I think the next cover needs to look more daunting so babies won't get nightmares from reading it... I'd feel terrible if I gave folks nightmares... But sometimes I write just to stop having nightmares...

#author #nightmares

I'm trying to write the next novel. I want to publish something new in 2017. But the thing I'm working on is the biographies of the characters from the first book. My villain had such an awful childhood it makes me physically sick! These stories are depressing because I was 17 when I wrote them! But wow! I'm not sure people can handle books like mine... I can barely handle my books...


Just posted a video on my facebook page. Whoo. This is the most awkward one yet.

Someone figured out who I am on Whisper because I was talking about my book. *Sigh* Cover blown wiiiide open. If we're on an anonymous app and we figure eachother out can we agree not to say anything?