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Ps. I only sleep with my book under my pillow when I have nightmares with my eyes wide open.


Write that damn book for you. You're going to sleep with it under your pillow every night anyway.

...Don't think I don't know you do that!

#author #AdviceToSelf

That awkward moment when you're too depressed and insecure to shove your book in random stranger's faces.


Another day. No new job. No new book.

#author #Prayers

I've been writing in the same world for the past five-six years. Especially since I published book 1. But this book I'm working on now... I am so burnt out. I've been working on the same thing since September! I'll take a week, come back, hate it again, take another week, and UGH. This is going so SLOW. I wanna know how the book ends! I want to get to the ACTION! But not the action we're in... The other action. AGAIN, I want to quit. Write some smutt shorts or something. Some... read more

Someone read my book and tell me it's amazing please... *SOB* Actually, tell amazon it's amazing. I'd appreciate that. It'll get back to me.

#Author #NeedReviews #AndConfidence

That awkward moment when you publish a book and less than six months later you realize how many mistakes you made world building...

#author #IReferencedALLOfEuropeanCulture

Just by her emails I can hear my 82yro mentor slipping away. It's sad when you have to watch their heads go...


Them: Where's your next book?

Me: I submitted it to the publishers... I swear... Now I'm fine tuning and editing while I wai--


#Author #ImSorry #PleaseDontHurtMe

My poor mentor is showing her age... (82) she's getting so forgetful...

#Prayers #author

Dear #ownvoices authors,

GET TO WORK! NOW! You've got a pretty damn important job. WRITE.

#author #WhiteAuthorCaughtInTheDoubleBlind #ownvoices

I, unlike Trump who just likes to preach, hired an American to work for me [editing my MS] even though I could have paid a Filipino half as much. That got me quality work I can't afford... Yay.

#Author #EditorPositionNowOpen

My editor (This is our first time working together): Yeah, judging on how fast I got the first chapter done it's gunna take 80 more hours to complete the book. Here's what I've done so far.

Think I might faint. I really want to be a professional author with good grammar and no hick talk. I STILL use "Ya'll" when I'm texting my friends. Instead of "you two" it's ya'll. 3-5+ it's "All ya'll!" Anyway, I'm paying this guy $10/hr. THAT MAKES MY BOOK AN $800 investment. The last o... read more

Is twitter just a giant troll sausage party... Because I see a lot of dicks just causally scrolling...

#PUNS! #TwitterWar #Author

I asked the county classifieds if there were any D&D groups this newbie could join...And all of them had boys who bullied me in school and thought they could do it over facebook...

#DandD #Author #FantasyAuthor #Bullies #NOPE

I got drunk again last night... I'm worried this is a serious problem... Then again I've ALWAYS worried about being an alcoholic.

#Author #Alcohol #DrankWhiskyUntilIThrewUpInMyMouth

Sometimes I wish I could go back to writing for fun and not for "work"...

#Author #Writer #ImSoLuckyThough

I went to go visit my book at the library... I couldn't find it but I found one I read and loved as a child.

#Author #Read

I got drunk and read my book to my cat.


Authors: Are sensitivity readers worth it?

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