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I'm 5'0"/152 cm tall and I only weigh 86 lbs/39 kg but my arms and thighs have excess fat. I hate this so much because I feel very insecure in sleeveless clothes and bright-colored pants. I'm not looking to lose more weight, I know I'm already underweight (my metabolism is just fast I guess), but I just want to have a fit and tight body. I just want all the unsightly flab to go away so I can wear the clothes I want without being insecure. My BMI doesn't even reach 17, g**d***... read more

I'm sick of this reality we are required to live through.

okay so for starters. my dad passed away when i was only 10 and my mother has always been abusive so i went to live with my aunt and her fiance had molested me and she didn't believe me at first until my cousin told her. then as time went on my aunt turned out to be just as bad as my mother. she was controlling and basically made me her slave. then she told i had to either o into the military or she was going to kick me out. i was only 16. so i went into the military at 17 bu... read more

I just took a huge a** dump which blocked the toilet. My a** hurts so fricken much. Is this normal?
#poo #life #toilet #help 💩💩💩

Whats the purpose of life? Whats the point in waking up everymorning just to be beaten down again?
#life #whatislife #givingup

I think the biggest problem with kids and mental illness is the fact that we cannot accept our disease. It's like well, why in thw world would I want to accept something that makes me feel horrible everyday. right? well when you accpet it you can understand it better and you can heal properly. You can't tell yourself '' IM CRAZY''' you aren't. Think of it like this, say I have blue eyes. I can put contact lenses in to change the color, but underneath it's still the same color... read more

Friend: Is she okay she's been in bed all day.
Best friend:Do you even know her?
Friend: OMG is she depressed?
Best friend: No, she's just lazy.

#Life #Me #RealFriends

Indians and Big Indian Consulting Companies Faking Passports, H1B Visa Copies, Resume to get a Software Developer Job in U.S
#Trending #Tech News, #tech, #life, #google, #Facebook, #hiring, #sex, #politics, #advice, #family, #I f***ing Hate myself #U.S.A #trump

I honestly just can't get anything done anymore. I have no motivation and I don't know how to get myself to do things anymore. I don't feel the want to even try in school anymore, or to be social. My life is not bad and I'm a happy individual, but I just can't shake this feeling off. LIke i can literally have all the time in the world to do something, but i won't do it until the last minute or not do it at all. I also have a interview coming up and it'll be my very first one ... read more

I feel like most the associates I work with hate me because I am really good at my job. But seriously, all I do is talk to my customers as if they were my friends. #retail #life

I'm harboring a crush on a guy who looks almost exactly like Berlin-era David Bowie (a.k.a. the hottest human being ever), complete with the hairstyle and the tall-thin dude going on. They even have the same smile except this guy has straight teeth. Now I can't stop thinking about this dude because he looks so much like Bowie and he's friendly to me? Oh f*** what do I do #life #venting

In another life, with more understanding family, different friends, and a society that didn't train me from childhood to think a certain way. I could have a relationship with another man. #In another life #Love #Life #AlternativeLife #Earth2 #Curiosity #WhatCouldHaveBeen #Gay #Straight #Bisexual #NoMoreLabels #Fantasies

In another life, with more understanding family, different friends, and a society that didn't train me from childhood to think a certain way. I could have a relationship with another man. #In another life #Love #Life #AlternativeLife #Earth2 #Curiosity #WhatCouldHaveBeen #Gay #Straight #Bisexual #NoMoreLabels #Fantasies

Idk what's happening to me. I feel like I've lost myself, but sometimes I also do have myself and can be myself. It's like, at times, I have to remember and force my mind to think of what 'me' or 'I' would do in this situation. It's spring break right now, and is it possible it's just because I've been home alone the whole spring break and I'm not surrounded by people? Sometimes I forget who I am, and sometimes I know who I am. When I wake up, I have the feeling of my heart d... read more

hey dad.
it's been almost two years since you left. as my birthday comes close. every damn thing reminds me of you.
the last year, i thought there is no escape to this misery created by your void. Then, I came to Mumbai and I have been fine for a long time. I have had a gala time studying here and to be truthful to myself. it has been a good escape from the place that reminded me of you every second of everyday.
life i thought had been fair butover the past few days. i have b... read more

Doubt anyone will read this but its worth a shot..

About to go on a major rant sesh so prepare yourselves:

Firstly, I'm 16 years old. I'm in year 11 at an all girls school. I have never had a guy interested in me. I haven't been kissed.
No guy has ever wanted to be involved with me. I have liked this guy for a while and have been stuck in the friend zone ever since. And to top that all off I just found out that one of my friends told him that I like him. Now I'm too scared ... read more

I try not to compare myself to other but WHY IS EVERYONE SO f***ING PRETTY! I hate feeling ugly.... #vent #life #teen #anxiety

The guy I like just found out that I like him.. I've been in the friend zone for ages and now I'm too scared to talk to him. What do I do? #love #life #teen

All my friends lives are working out perfectly.. the guy they like happens to like them back etc. I can't even get a f***ing reply from the guy I like. Why is it always me? #love #life #teen

#punkrock #alternative #music #life