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I hate overthinking the reasons why some people have chosen to leave my life. I feel like the only way to fix this is to learn from the mistakes that pushed them away so I can become a better person and fix my insecurities, become more attractive, unpack my own damn baggage and become somebody who is actually fun to talk to and be around.

#overthinking #life #insecurities #change

I'm sorry annalise for anytime you think i hurt you several years ago. I'm a different person now, that's not me anymore. Heck i forgive myself for being so flawed all those years man i was messed up. It's different now, times, people, everything, has changed at least somewhat and i want to believe in clean slates and fresh starts especially as the new school year begins. We often say to ourselves that we'll make amends but most people stay the same and never do their resolut... read more

I am in a really fragile state right now. I don’t have anyone I can talk to. So here we go.

Over 5 years I have been through 12 miscarriages trying for our first child. Went to hospital to find out why but they said “it’s just bad luck” as every test was normal.

But my issue is literally every female friend and family member is now either pregnant, just had a baby, or now has 3 or 5 children. They just complain all the time about their pregnancy symptoms and I just ... read more

I nearly got into a car accident. I was driving and I'm with someone. Now this someone is very traumatized with what happened. What should I do? :( #venting #yolo #life

I received my first in college C I don't have a job. I don't have a car. My face Isnt clear.I don't have money. I'm quite at school, so nobody sits Nexts to me or works with me. I have nothing to talk about to people because I don't do a believer but I'm start to fall off with my religion I don't have friends. I can't remember the last time I spoke to guy that made me happy. I feel like everyone has purpose and before they die they discover it and accomplish it be... read more

#husband #Artist #Hobbiest #life #career #parent

I am an artist. I have a degree but I'm not interested in selling most of my art yet because I want to focus on being a mom but I DO want to create art.
My husband recently lost his job but now has a new one.
He has a few hobbies such as game streaming on youtube, tabletop games, painting, simple stuff. He jumps from hobby to hobby.
I have been doing a biweekly podcast, 0 views.
I was doing artwork and was seriously getting in... read more

Sorry for the long read. So I grew up with an abusive father and only two years ago did the abuse stop when my mother told me to call the police at around five in the morning because my father had a knife to his throat and would kill himself if we didn't comply. The police come, take him to the psych ward and hold him for 2 days before releasing him with only a hardly enforced restraining order to protect us. We had moved to Pennsylvania from Louisiana for his work three year... read more

If #LIFE gets you down go tell life to f*** himself and and you keep moving on


So absolutely fed up with everything at the moment, every time I think I'm on the up I get smacked down again, for example I made a bet on who the new Dr who woyld be be with a possible outcome of £1360 if I won, I needed that money so badly I have so many bills to catch up on, my partner also made a few ideas on what we could do with the money (I know you should never make plans with money you dont have but sometimes you can't help yourself), when we lost I was so gutted, I... read more

What's the point in everything? What's the point to listen to people who just don't pay attention to me, who forget me once they do not need me anymore, what's the point of trying to be friends with people who will never accept me, what's the point of trying to find love if every person that I want to love reject me, what's the point of working hard subjects for at the end getting a job that I hate, what's the the point of putting efforts for a life that I hate? People are ta... read more

He told me he loved someone else he told me her name as well. I don't get it she is one of the most meanest and Slobbiest girls in the grade. I don't have a problem with her but she's mean to many of my friends. I just don't get it. I told you the Truth and that I liked you. You told me you only liked her. I brushed it off as a joke and told you I liked someone else and it worked. A couple monthes have pasted and we've become very close. You message me every morning and night... read more

Everyone is calling each other fat at my school and when I chime in to try to make others feel better. They tell me to shut up and that I'm a stick and that I shouldn't complain cause I have the perfect body. I don't even complain. I work out quite often though. Anyway I dont eat much for lunch because our lunch is earlier then normal schools and I find if I eat earlier in the morning I feel more sick and I tell people that, usually I just eat like snacks and stuff . This new... read more

Work was awful today.
I work as an inbound operative a customer service based role in a big company. It's starts like this, I've been on this department now for over a year and never have I had such an awful day, to cut the corner and really paint the story we are suppose to be a team of ten people, around 8 to cover lunches and breaks sometimes holidays/sick days etc.. today we had 4 people 9-8pm, one of those 4 people was my team leader who doesn't work the phones but helps... read more

I want to date someone I really do. I get asked out often. I've had over 12 guys ask me out this semester and I said no to them all. I always have a crush and I really do want to date him but he's told me his crush so he's obviously not intrested. I really want to date someone though but I feel like every guy who asks me out doesn't know me. I don't put on a mask but obviously you would act different with someone ur super close with then a random boy at school. I get these fe... read more

I am 23. Kinky as f***. Polyamorous. And delightfully and encouraged to be kind of a s***. I am in a lovely relationship with my partner of over a year, and have just started a relationship as well. I have gone through some abuse in the past, both on the receiving and giving end of things. I have been talked down to in previous relationships because of my casual views on sex (I don't see why friends can't sleep together if the two people are on the same page. Sex is fun. It's... read more

The world would be better off without you?
No. Oh my God. No. You are so wrong. You are so f***ing wrong. You have no idea how much you light up my life. You have no idea how f***ing obsessed with you I am. You have no idea how often I think about you. You have no idea how excited I get when you text me. Do you even know the effect you have on people? You make strangers laugh and smile. I can't do that. I'm so boring and socially withdrawn but you bring me out of my shell and... read more

Everyday at a certain point in the day, my heart sinks and I realise I'm not fulfilling any goals, I'm not working towards a greater good, I'm not helping people around me, I'm not playing fun games with my kids, I'm not learning new skills, I'm not daydreaming with interior magazines anymore, I'm not considering cheating on my man, I'm not buying clothes that make me feel good, I'm not throwing hysterical fits or fighting the powers that be, I'm not turning into a person wit... read more

Today I got home from school and figured out my parents were selling my pet....they always just spend money on beer and other sh** they kept on telling me to sell my pet and they even offered me a laptop if I agreed I said no that I loved my pet. Now my parents are saying I'm not getting anything out of it. I found out by accident and they went on how I don't take care of it and it effects their health before you say anything about how your little and it's hard to take care o... read more

He was a barista at the Starbucks off-campus--had two-and-a-half years on me, had some Victorian steampunk look to him, looks like an old school wrestler from the 1900s, chest hair popping out, with an auburn Heart of Darkness-esque moustache, dark brown gelled and undercut hair with subtle wavy curls and a matching goatee with droplets of coffee and cream caught in it. He's one of those guys that looks like a chubby geek at first, but is actually not.
When I first moved here... read more