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tired of being alone and single, and my foray into hookups and flings has just left me feeling worthless beyond sex and unable to trust that anyone WOULD actually have feelings for me. I'm 22 and Ive never had a boyfriend or have someone ask me out and i am just so lonely
#love #relationships

I am so sad right now this might sound cheesy but I have never dated a guy before I usually reject them all I don't really know why anyway I like this guy from school the other day I asked him for his gaming account name so we could play games and chat....I messaged him at 7:00 when he was told me he went away then he was online again and it was on and off it's now 9:53 and I messaged him again just casual conversation but he still hasn't responded, I guess he doe... read more

I don't want you to move away, I wish I would've said what I wanted to you instead of living with this regret. There are a lot of girls out there but you were the one who made me happiest, I hope you felt at least a little happy too...
#Love #sadness #regret #missedoppurtunities

There's this guy who's been hanging around me lately, he's made it clear that he likes me and he essentially treats me like I was his girlfriend. The problem is, I really like him, yet I still can't help but wonder why he would even take a second look at me. He's easily an 8/10, tall, intelligent, genuinely down-to-earth, very affectionate and friendly, that kind of person. I'm aware that people often find me physically attractive, but I personally don't like how I look and I... read more

What is this feeling? Is it an obsession? Or an addiction? Maybe its love? The moment I laid eyes on her, time stopped for an instant. It has been a whole year since I have seen her. She has moved on in life but I haven't, I bite my tongue to stop any unnecessary words from coming out. She seems so mature now, The sweet innocent girl I have known before has blossomed into a woman. Her hair, her clothes and makeup were all new to me, but they still had a sense of familiarity. ... read more

I really need advice/ help.. this might be long but I will really appreciate anyone who reads it...
So I'm a gay male, in college, I'm not obvious, but i'm not "Straight Acting" either if that makes sense. There was a guy who I'm not sure is gay who completely led me on in High School and I'm pretty sure he is gay, but I was in a horrible place then so I didn't reciprocate at all. I was friendly and we kept the "friend" status, but I'm sure he put himself out there a little a... read more

So, I met this guy. As per many people when say after they met someone, he's absolutely amazing. I love everything about him, he's perfect and he makes me so happy. Even when I'm not with him, just thinking about him gives me these butterflies in my stomach that I never had with anyone else. I honestly think I am starting to fall in love with him; maybe I actually am in love with him. But, a few days ago he wouldn't talk to me when I approached him. He then went on to text me... read more

And again you break me some more.... Why do I feel this sh** for you when you don't deserve a f***ing thing #complicated #love #work #marriage #mindgames #motherf***er

So I just drove 1hr 40mins last night to hookup with a guy I met off tinder like a year ago and had to get a hotel room and condoms. Mind you he said he was going to give me some money and yet he never did. Of course. The thing is like I really shouldn't have gone to him cause he has a girlfriend now but I really like(d) him so I feel like I just really wanted to take that opportunity to finally be with him even if it wasn't in the best circumstances? Idk. Throughout the time... read more

I'm lost. I have an ex boyfriend who chanced my life...for the worst. He was amazing and everything a girl could ask for. Then we started bickering back and fourth a lot. Then it turned into an everyday thing to argue. One day i was supposed to go over to his house, so we could talk everything out, because after all we were in love and we wanted things to go back to happily ever after. But the night I was supposed to head over, I got all ready, grabbed my carefully constructe... read more

I'm a bisexual girl but my parents would kick me out and my whole family would disown me if they ever found out but I just want to be myself #love

I just need to ramble right now about a friend I've got mixed feelings for. (Warning: cheesiness ahead. We're talking a mountain of cheese, all sorts of varieties. Cheddar and swiss, all that stuff. Turn back now while you still have the chance). She is, perhaps, the cutest person I have ever met. (Picture a perpetually hissy kitten who lives off of terrible old movies. That's her). At first, I found her kind of annoying, but she's sort of grown on me in the past few years. (... read more

I've been talking to this guy and we've been on two dates, he's super sweet and just everything I've ever wanted. The only thing is I've always been very shy and awkward and he is usually the one carrying the conversations. It's even worse around him because he makes me nervous.But anyways I invited him to my house for a get together my parents were throwing and my best friend was there too. I wanted them to meet for the first time. So the three of us were hanging out togethe... read more

It's funny how you hear all of these stereotypes and sayings growing up but they didn't mean anything to you, you thought, these things aren't really real and they don't happen that often, until you realize you did the exact same thing or felt the effect of one. idk I just think its crazy #Love #BrokenHearts

tfw your boyfriend is slammed with homework and projects and you have literally nothing, he has barely spoken to you in the last week, and cancels every lunch date/weekend date that you suggest,,, recently hes been super stressed out about school and whatnot, and in the time that ive been able to speak with him, he jokes a lot about suicide and wanting to die (which he normally does but recently its been a little darker and more serious sounding). he used to tell me how much ... read more

I feel like I've reached my limit with Boyfriend's attitude. One second he is sweet and then we fight and he wants to break up. Or he walks out to cool down. Hes constantly bitching about how he is selfish and no one respects him.. Hes insecure. I relly can't help him and he is bringing my mood down. When Im down, he tells me that life is meaningless and horrid and that is the way it is going to be. Im just so sick of it all. Ive been crying so much lately and crying on the p... read more

Was I wrong to show empathy, sympathy and sensitivity?? Was I wrong in forgiving?? Was I????

No, sorry <3 I forgive you, I forgive me, I forgive pity phones, I forgive this. It was fun whilst it lasted <3

I hope you can all follow in my footsteps and realize we're all above arguing!! :) Hopefully one day!! <3

#Forgiveness #peace #LOVE <3 XOXO

#POS #filth and #scum are TRENDING alongside #love, #masturbation and "author"

.... Lol.


I 💩💩💩honestly 💩💩💩 forgive 💩💩💩you💩💩💩petal💩💩💩

You're a good person deep down (possibly), you're just angry for reasons you need to explore. Don't let your shortcomings turn you into a 💩 person. #wisdom #peace #love #forgiveness

i am lesbian. i didn't really come out to my mom she just kind of "caught" me, that was 3 years ago. ever since then i've always tried to be honest with her about the girls i date. i've been dating this really amazing girl and i want her to meet my family. my mom had said she'd think about it but never really did. when i had approached her about it she gave every excuse as to why she doesn't like her (she's never met her) excuses like "her comments on your instagram posts are... read more