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I'm in love with this girl who may actually love me back. It started months ago when I found her on and she made these really cute videos. I'd comment on it, calling her gorgeous and beautiful. Anyway, I started to notice something when as soon as I would comment, she would post again in less than a minute or two. I'd comment again and she'd post another one. And I felt like her captions were directed towards me. Here's the problem: she isn't allowed to open her DM... read more

I'm completly in love with you and have been for a long time. My heart is hurting so much.. I would do all it takes just to be with you. How I wish it would have worked out between us. Never felt anything less only love when it comes to you. I miss you terribly. #iloveyou #imissyou #love #friendship

any tips for how to get over a breakup when you know it's your fault?

#love #breakup

Just comment anything😂 #comment #fun #havefun #love #find #out #my #social #media

When I was born, I wasn't made to be like other children, yes my Mom is the best, she raised me with all of her love and tried to protect me against the fear of this world. But the bad man who was called "my father" even if he wasn't, he tried to destroy everything, tried to be the boogeyman under my bed, wanted to burn my confidence. At first, I was the shy boy, I got bullied for that, I believe that all of this was true. Then I started watching horror movies, I saw monsters... read more

I have, rather unfortunately, caught feelings for a close friend and confidant. Because we're rather close, however, she's confided in me that she likes someone else(a mutual friend on ours). I cannot shake feelings easily, so I'm stuck crushing on her while I watch her crush on someone else.
Even worse, she knows I have a crush...she just doesn't know it's on her. Whenever she questions me about it I paste on a smile and do my best to deflect them. I'm living out the plot of... read more

there's a boy.
i met him through Instagram, and he found me through one of his friends. we commented and liked on a lot of each others posts, and i finally asked him for his number, and we talked more privately. once we got to know each other, we both said we liked each other.
He is so funny, and never fails to get a smile out of me. He is very intelligent, and tends to use big fancy words i have to google or ask someone what he means. He has interesting interests, like birds... read more

So I wish there was an alternate universe where we could have had a chance to be together. The fact that makes this impossible union seem worse is that we were so unbelievably compatible in all aspects. The words running through my head at 500 miles/hour are constantly screaming - If only. IF ONLY.
#love #fantasy

I am in a really fragile state right now. I don’t have anyone I can talk to. So here we go.

Over 5 years I have been through 12 miscarriages trying for our first child. Went to hospital to find out why but they said “it’s just bad luck” as every test was normal.

But my issue is literally every female friend and family member is now either pregnant, just had a baby, or now has 3 or 5 children. They just complain all the time about their pregnancy symptoms and I just ... read more

Let me start of with I love my husband more than anything and can't imagine my life without him. But for the last 6 months I've been thinking of a future without him in it. For some reason I keep making accuses for the way he acts and treats me. It's like I'm just a convenience for him. He acts like I'm the world then all of sudden I'm nothing and just a crazy person. I literally do everything for him and I'm the only one that works. While he is out running the streets and ha... read more

So the barista dude I'm currently 'seeing' opened his wallet and randomly handed me a note. It said "My heart is broken". I looked at him like WTF but then he said that was from his mother and it's the last thing she ever said/wrote to him, and that was in October. Damn...I thought. Apparently they want him to be a Jehovah's Witness dude, talking to people about Jesus or something like that--they planned out his whole life, but he rebelled. He stopped going to university, he ... read more

Omg why am I such a puppy dog for this barista dude? He is always keeping me on edge. We were supposed to go out last night, but he said he was high on weed and just chillin at his friend's house. So I was already waiting for 3 I was like good night. This is the 4th time he has stood me up like this. I was sure to never talk to him again.
But this morning he got me head über heels again. First he apologized to say he didn't want to drive under the influence. So th... read more

It's so hurtful that he leaves like that for a mistake you did! Because everyone makes mistake, and that's where forgiveness play its role! If you don't forgive then excuse me what is it all about? ! End things that easily? I'm just full of things that I don't know how to express! !!!! 😦😥😧

#love #hurtful #pain

We were both very drunk at the bar last night and he was playing around with my phone, on my dating app messing with people, which I thought was hilarious at the time. Woke up the next morning cringing a little and had to explain to my friend all the weird messages, but it was all good, fun games. He drove me home drunk, which was pretty scary but I was so out of it, I thought it was exciting. I didn't really know if he ever got back to his house. He didn't talk to me all day... read more

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Yeah, I learned a lot today. One, is that #relatives although family and having the same blood coursing through your veins can make you feel #leftout and excluded. I have always felt this way with them ever since I can remember (well i remember so well way back since I was 5). I always felt the #outsider then coming from the big city and then migrating to the province. I do not speak their language and they don't converse in Engl... read more

He told me he loved someone else he told me her name as well. I don't get it she is one of the most meanest and Slobbiest girls in the grade. I don't have a problem with her but she's mean to many of my friends. I just don't get it. I told you the Truth and that I liked you. You told me you only liked her. I brushed it off as a joke and told you I liked someone else and it worked. A couple monthes have pasted and we've become very close. You message me every morning and night... read more

My boyfriend is hanging out with his ex for the fourth day in a row. Me and his ex are best friends. I trust him but I dont trust her. I dont want to seem insecure or controlling but I feel like she's sneaky. I dont want confrontation. I dont even want to say these thoughts ourlt loud. I dont want to make it seem like I'm blowing things out of proportion. I dont know what to do. I dont trust her. #love #relationship #help

I want to date someone I really do. I get asked out often. I've had over 12 guys ask me out this semester and I said no to them all. I always have a crush and I really do want to date him but he's told me his crush so he's obviously not intrested. I really want to date someone though but I feel like every guy who asks me out doesn't know me. I don't put on a mask but obviously you would act different with someone ur super close with then a random boy at school. I get these fe... read more

What is wrong with me? I just let a guy strangle me into submission, pin me down and have his way with me. I felt like such a little b****, but I felt like it was entire purpose in life. I felt normal for once. Why am I so submissive? A week before that, I let another guy get me super drunk and rape me. I knew it was going to happen to because he was very aggressive. Then I had like Stockholm syndrome or something and started caressing his chest and face and he said he didn't... read more

I am 23. Kinky as f***. Polyamorous. And delightfully and encouraged to be kind of a s***. I am in a lovely relationship with my partner of over a year, and have just started a relationship as well. I have gone through some abuse in the past, both on the receiving and giving end of things. I have been talked down to in previous relationships because of my casual views on sex (I don't see why friends can't sleep together if the two people are on the same page. Sex is fun. It's... read more