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My best friend has been hanging out with so many other people, it makes me so jealous. We are internet friends, so I haven't met her in real life, but I feel forgotten by her this past week. I've had to start all the conversations with her and she seems disinterested. I am a boring person. I haven't talked to her all day, but I feel like she just doesn't like me anymore. It sucks. I call her my best friend, but she's posting all this stuff saying how her favourite people are ... read more

I just want to vent. my best friend passed away in 2014, she passed away 2weeks before my 21st birthday (a month before her 21st birthday). When she first passed away I was so depressed and I was constantly getting drunk and missing work because I was so depressed and didn't wanna do anything but try and get rid of the pain. I got out of that for a year or two. Now I'm back to constantly drinking because I miss her so much. Sometimes it really scares me. But sometimes I just ... read more

I just discovered this site, I was fighting the urge to use FB as my public diary, or use it to post one of those passive aggressive posts that ppl love to do and normally drive me nuts. I am so confused and so furious with my in-laws, they are the most frustrating people on the planet. All I have ever done is try to help whenever and wherever I can and somehow became public enemy #1. I just want to call them all out and blow them all up for their meanness, for using me, for ... read more

Sad that she's starting to ignore more and more despite the efforts that are put in.
Asked her if anything is wrong she says I'm a nice guy and don't wanna lose you.
But always seeing her online and only replying hours later says I forgot makes me sad and being used.
Should I just remove her from my life although I do genuinely hope things can change.
But it seems to be getting worse.

The world would be better off without you?
No. Oh my God. No. You are so wrong. You are so f***ing wrong. You have no idea how much you light up my life. You have no idea how f***ing obsessed with you I am. You have no idea how often I think about you. You have no idea how excited I get when you text me. Do you even know the effect you have on people? You make strangers laugh and smile. I can't do that. I'm so boring and socially withdrawn but you bring me out of my shell and... read more

Everyday at a certain point in the day, my heart sinks and I realise I'm not fulfilling any goals, I'm not working towards a greater good, I'm not helping people around me, I'm not playing fun games with my kids, I'm not learning new skills, I'm not daydreaming with interior magazines anymore, I'm not considering cheating on my man, I'm not buying clothes that make me feel good, I'm not throwing hysterical fits or fighting the powers that be, I'm not turning into a person wit... read more

im so sad and alone. everyday is just more negativity that im forced to face. i have noone to talk to it about, thats why im here. i have such a hateful family, and absolutly no good relationship with them. they dont know how to express love. we argue over nothing. we stress over nothing. no supporting each other ever. theres always criticism. the thing is i try so hard, i love them and their a huge part of my motivation. but they never see my effort, or perhaps, they never a... read more

ugh so i've been working up to breaking up with my boyfriend, i just don't know how to go about it tbh
and my coworker asked me if i wanted to go see a movie with him but i'd feel bad going while being a relationship
i'm not happy in my relationship, but i don't know how to go about breaking up with him. i know he'd be devastated but it's not like i'd have to see him ever again. ugh idk,, idk what to do
i want to go to this movie, and break up with my bf
but ughhhhh
i hate my... read more

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and have been 100% faithful. I usually get STD tested every 3 months or so just to be completely safe, I've done it for years. So about 2 weeks ago my boyfriend developed a "crater-like" sore on his penis and I made him get tested. Well he found out he has type 1 herpes, which apparently means it was passed on to him through oral sex.. I was last tested for herpes in January of this year and came up negative for both ty... read more

It's been four years-ish, since I started self harming, and nine months since I stopped. My scars are still very present, as I have not bought any scar cream. I also have horrible stretch marks on the inside of my thighs, outside of my thighs, my hips, and my calves, which really upsets me, because I've always had big thighs and now they're getting bigger. And I'm also getting stretch marks on my boobs, which again sucks, because they're too big for me.

#selfharm #stretchmar... read more

I liked being sad. It's better than feeling nah. It's better than feeling... nothing

#depression #sad #tired

So I just drove 1hr 40mins last night to hookup with a guy I met off tinder like a year ago and had to get a hotel room and condoms. Mind you he said he was going to give me some money and yet he never did. Of course. The thing is like I really shouldn't have gone to him cause he has a girlfriend now but I really like(d) him so I feel like I just really wanted to take that opportunity to finally be with him even if it wasn't in the best circumstances? Idk. Throughout the time... read more

I want to know the feeling of being taken care of, that someone is afraid of losing you and will do anything to make you happy #sad #frustrated

Hi i'm a 14 year old girl, i'm turning 15 in June. I haven't been feeling well lately. I'm really sad and I've decided it's because i'm bored with my look and I don't feel like I have anyone to talk to. I decided to talk with my dad this morning and ask if I can dye my hair if it's okay with the people I work for. I'm guessing it will be ok since there are already people who have crazy hair that work there. He has said it was fine a long time ago, but now when I ask he blows ... read more

It's pretty cool how your entire day can be going fine and then a few convo's can leave you anxious enough to ruin the next few hours #SAD #Ytho

Trying my best to cope up in university. It's so sad to find out that I am not that competitive inside classroom settings. I know I am good at something but I really dunno if when will I be good enough to achieve my dreams. Maybe it's just too far to be reached. Feeling hopeless rn.
#college #hopeless #sad #venting #schoolproblems

I recently joined muttr because I need someone/some people to vent to about what I am dealing with in my life with out being criticized for everything. My life is not bad but the people in it are. I get called a s***, whore, and hoe all the time. Rumors like, I lost my virginity, I suck dick, I send nudes to numerous amounts of people. I do take in account that I have sent nudes to 3 people in my lifetime and this does also affect me because people found out about this and I ... read more

I feel so different from everyone. I feel like i'm stuck/mixed with everyone i don't belong with. No one understands me & everybody cares about the things that don't interest me in the slightest. I have "friends", quite a bit actually, but even when i'm surrounded by them or my family.. I still feel alienated and indifferent. I thought i was anti social but i can talk to the people that majority of the people i talk to, don't. I'm more interested in tv show characters life's ... read more

He told me he wants to stay friends.. he says he loves me but it's the 2 hour distance. After months of opening up, sharing laughs, getting undressed, the comfort, and trust... he says he can't fully love me without meeting me (which isn't NOT understandable, I feel it too..) but will never take the chance or GIVE me the chance to make that happen. I genuinely believed he would be the one to make me feel I was worth the effort. Aside from his rude remarks and immaturity at ti... read more

(Before i begin im a 16 yr old guy) Ok so i might ramble so just bear with me ok?! Right so i just feel so angry and sad and happy and frustrated all the time. I dont even know what to do. I have the feeling that all my "friends" are laughing at me behind my back. So my friends were planning to go on an overnight trip somewhere and they asked me but i dont even want to go even though theyre my friends and i love them! Also these friends are always mocking me about my hair say... read more