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I f***ing suck I'm so bad at keeping up with my responsibilities and I feel like such a dumbass when I'm scrambling to fix things at the last minute because I forget about stuff all the time and/or put things off waaaayy too long and people are relying on me but I just keep f***ing up and I hate it. I can't rely on myself. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜– #vent #angryatself

It's funny because some dark skinned people that I know tell me to go hang out with the white people instead because I'm not black enough for them

I go to some white people and they just call me n***erand hit me or pull my afro
School is f***ing great man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
#school #vent #racism

Im physically getting f***ing sick about this.
I'll Change names the names in the story for their identity's sake.

When i was a freshman i dated this guy - lets call him Erin - for about a month or two.
It was my second relationship with a guy, third relationship all together, but it was my first "serious" one. My dad didnt particularly like Erin due to his drug use in the past, but keep in mind he had been through rehab, we broke up yadda yadda not to long after that he mov... read more

I'm about 80LBS over weight and I express to my friends and family all the time that all I want is to lose 20...maybe 30 pouds. I know it would boost my self confidence but it's hard to get on the right track when all those I care about just shove junk in my face or that line /'You're beautiful the way you are.'/
Who gives a sh** if I am beautiful now. My health is on the line and all you people are doing is encutaging bad behaviors. You all know I have no self control over e... read more

Well hello, my name is Avery. I am a 14 year old girl. (actually not sure why i'm using my real name and age.....) (apparently my parents didn't teach me β€œsecurity” well enough) Recently i have gone through a lot with my family and personal things. i wasn't really sure if i waned to write it out in my first blog but i guess i am. Back 6 months ago in January, (its july now) my mom had a stroke. i was a mama's girl before this happened, but even with that....i now wish i w... read more

I received my first in college C I don't have a job. I don't have a car. My face Isnt clear.I don't have money. I'm quite at school, so nobody sits Nexts to me or works with me. I have nothing to talk about to people because I don't do a believer but I'm start to fall off with my religion I don't have friends. I can't remember the last time I spoke to guy that made me happy. I feel like everyone has purpose and before they die they discover it and accomplish it be... read more

I cut myself every night... I cant stop. #selfharm #vent #suicide #suicidal #helpme #venting

I don't understand why my friend has to act like they're perfect in every way and that everyone else is inferior. They think that anything they say or do has no flaws. They give advice when no one f***ing asked for their opinion. They are unnecessarily rude at all times. They act like they are the golden f***ing standard and the only right way to exist is like them. They have no regard for the feelings of me or others. I am nothing but nice to them. If I have any criticism it... read more

I'm struggling mentally at the moment and I'm emotional eating which means I feel rubbish about gaining weight and then I'm on slimming world and I don't want to get back into the cycle of worrying about every little thing I put in my mouth. Also my mum keeps bugging me about getting a job and telling me that I'm only depressed because I'm bored like that's not how depression works for me and it's hard to get a job when your not in the right state of mind and I feel like she'... read more

ok so, me (f20) and my boyfriend (m20) have been dating 2 years, and long story short he's done nothing with his life. We graduated high school the same time and i went straight into college, and he took a year off (before I met him). While in college he kept telling me "oh i want to do this" but never acted on it. Then in my second year he changed his mind of what he wanted to do. I suggested him the specific program at my college but for some stupid reason he took a differe... read more

Hi everybody! I fel like sh!it! I feel nobody loves me and I am in a depression for a long time no matter what I do! I will try to contact a therapist, but I am afraid that it will go bad like the previous time! With my mother I get along pretty hard: once is pretty well, other time is not. Do not get me wrong, she is not abusive, we just have a hard time communicating healthily in the last time. With my classmates... well, I hate them. They do not know and care to handle me ... read more

ggghghg i hate being alive some times #vent

On July 3rd my cousin came to visit from New York and we both, among my other family got very drunk. While they fell asleep my cousin and I just stayed up talking and were a bit touchy but only just hand holding and I'd rub my finger tips along their palm but through out the night I wanted to kiss them and perhaps get even more intimate. I think it might've been do to the fact I haven't had 'relief' in a long time. Gross, I know. Nothing of that sort happened though, I just w... read more

My Girlfriends Best Friend
my gf and i met late last year when she moved from another state. she always talked about her friend back home, and eventually we added that friend into our groupchat, because i wanted to get to know her. she ended up being rude to me and one of my friends (who still hates her for what she did) and i blocked her on the social media platform. eventually, i unblocked her because i can't stay mad for long. we talked a bit and she said some things that ... read more

So, I'm a competitive swimmer, and my mom and I have been looking for good swimming colleges that I would fit in at, and so i was /assuming/ that we were on the same page that I need to focus on my best events, breaststroke and individual medley . Today, I go to this meet, drop a couple seconds in the medley, and add 3 seconds in the 200 free, right afterwards. NBD, i thought, chalk it up to being tired. But my mom. ohh my mom got triggered. went on and on about how she expec... read more

i have a lot so if you are going to read this, be prepared to sit here for a while. i feel like i have anxiety but my friend, who says they are there for me, won't believe me. i literally can't deal with it and idk what to do. im scared to tell anyone else because i don't wanna be treated like that by anyone else. i haven't even told my mom because im too scared. i might also be moving soon which isn't helping my mental state any. school is out, which means i sit at home sad ... read more

dont you just love the feeling where no one cares about you anymore? the feeling when you feel like no one cares about what you have to say, no matter how small it is? the feeling where you want to cut deep in your skin because you feel like no one will care or notice whatsoever? that's what i feel like right now. i feel like screaming at people--anyone, really. my friends, my family, just anyone. just someone who i can scream at to release all the years of pent up pure rage.... read more

I've been having such a bad time and I don't know where to go.
I'm very suicidal and so much has happened in these past few days
Someone who I'm in love with I dating someone terrible who doesn't deserve to be with my love.
I've tried my best to get my love to understand why I don't like this person (He's cheated on someone before in a past relationship, blamed their stress on someone's mental disorder, is just disrespectful in general) but they don't get it and it got to the... read more

13 Reasons Why: The Book & Series

My boyfriend banned me from watching or reading it because it was "handled badly" when in reality people dont like it because its too real.
The short summary I have read of what goes on, is basically what happened to me at school, and to a lot of other people I know...minus the tapes and the death. Peoples words hurt, peoples feelings matter, and most schools dont do anything except ignore the problem and hope it goes away.
People dont like ... read more

Summer hasn't even started yet and I'm already preparing to try to get good at school
#School #Vent #Anxious #GetPerfect