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This person who I think is cool and who thinks the same of me is moving accounts on IG. They said if you wanted to follow, since their new account is private, all you need to do is DM them. I really want to keep in touch with them, and they probably think the same since they followed me with this new account, but since we haven't talked in such a long time, i'm scared to DM them. I'm to the point in tears because of my anxiety and I'm scared I'll lose contact with them and th... read more

HELP, I AM IN TROUBLE: A few days ago during school, grade 7 to be exact, our gym class ended and we were playing this sort of baseball with 'orange plastic/silicone bases.' When the class ended, we were ordered by the teacher to pick up the bases. While I was walking near someone I considered to be a friend I was assaulted, sexually. Little did I know while walking, he was being dared by his friend to... slap my butt with the base. He did. He whipped the orange plastic base ... read more

I'm more (mentally) sick by every passing day; I'd run away from the scary people but four years more? I fear I'll die by then..and I just can't allow that..
#vent #scarypeople

I'll have a haircut soon but I fear my troublesome mother will just guilt-trip me and complain I'll look like a dude. Well guess what? I'm a semi-closeted transgender man and I don't give a damn.

Note: She gets angry over very little things, especially a haircut. I've had it short before but they'd be feminine-ish cuts; I'd like to have a tomboy look to at least look a bit masculine.
#vent #scarypeople

I am so f***ing annoyed and mad and depressed.

I recently had a physical examination at the general health center, where they check to see if you're physically healthy. At one point they began to ask me questions like "Do you do drugs?" or "Do you drink alcohol?" After those questions, I thought that was all. But they asked, "Have you been feeling down or depressed in any way in the past two weeks?" I answered no. But that's a lie. I am incredibly unhappy and everything is g... read more

F!@# you! how the f!@# can you call yourself my step dad?! oh wait you dont! when you're around 'buddies' I'm 'her kid'
I have been putting up with your bull!@#$ for years! but I think you forget I'm the reason you're even here! now I regret ever saying that i liked you and wanted you to stay. You can be as mean and emotionally abusive to me as much as you like but not my mother you a$$hole if you ever and I mean EVER get in her face or grab/shove her again I WILL put you in ... read more

Literally anytime I'm upset and tell my friends that I'm depressed and want to kms, I get ignored... But when another friend says "Im sad :(", they get all the attention when in reality they're fine. But I'm constantly over here being ignored and I've started to just pretend to be fine and happy when I'm actually not... Plus everyone has their own issues, they don't need my stupid sh** bothering them....
#lonely #ignored #hidingemotions #kms #vent #depressed

I'm usually a positive person who tries to see the world in a rose-tinted light. Of course, I know that the world isn't sunshine and rainbows. I've become fed up with everyone spewing f***ing bs at me. Trying to constantly say you should think or feel this way. I usually can tune it out, but recently I've felt it weighing me down. #salty at life #vent

Often i really want to talk to someone and vent just when everyone is away or my online friends are offline. Somehow it makes me disappointed and mad at them, even though i know it's not their fault. I thought about joining sites such as 7cups (where you can vent to "listeners"), but the terms of service say that you have to no be suicidal and homicidal and i don't want to lie about this. Sometimes i just wish i had someone who'd listen to me at all times.
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Jesus christ what even are emotions
So I was at a party last saturday, maybe 30 or so people. I knew about half of them but there where plenty of people I am very good friends with so only very mild social anxiety!! (this time at least lol)
Anyway one friend of mine (let's call him M) had an extremely draining day. He spent at the very least 4 hours talking about himself and his goals in life and what he wants to do. Emotionally, he wasn't feeling well. Still he came to the p... read more

TeenTalks: Listen to Me
I've had a lot of people comment on my posts saying that no one listens to them, so here I am. Leave me a comment and tell me anything (please keep it clean) and I'll respond. No advice unless you ask for it. Just no that you have someone who will listen to you. I'm here, so what do you need to vent about?
Much love, Kitty (TeenTalks President/Op)
*Will respond within 20 minutes. I usually wont respond to dirty or rude comments. Talk to you soon!
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Why are there so many ignorant people in this world?

Right now I'll seem like some stupid b**** that shouldn't be complaining about my 'perfect' life, but in my opinion I think the human race is the worst thing that this universe created.

For starters there are so many people out there who joke about suicide, this includes the famous 'kill yourself' and also 'triggered'. Being someone who has depression for quite a few years now I feel like my mental illness isn't taken ser... read more

Doubt anyone will read this but its worth a shot..

About to go on a major rant sesh so prepare yourselves:

Firstly, I'm 16 years old. I'm in year 11 at an all girls school. I have never had a guy interested in me. I haven't been kissed.
No guy has ever wanted to be involved with me. I have liked this guy for a while and have been stuck in the friend zone ever since. And to top that all off I just found out that one of my friends told him that I like him. Now I'm too scared ... read more

Sucks falling for someone straight that leads you on any chance they get but yet i cant help but keep falling for her since shes holding my heart😭😭😭😭i hate loving you day but i hate even more that you dont see me like that only cuz you like dick f*******ck
#lesbian #vent

my mom is cheating on my stepdad with a controlling a**h*** , and from my room I can hear her calling him daddy. she's irresponsible and makes me and my sister do most of the work or dumps us on others to the point were we've been raised by our grandparents mostly. I love my mom, but I just wish she acted like a mother.


Lately it seems like I'm expendable. Sort of like none of this really matters. Sort of like all the atoms that are a part of me would be better off being a part of other things. Sort of like I'm a waste of resources and time. I'm tired of being disposable, and replaceable. I wonder what makes me so easy to throw away. I wonder if I'll ever stop regretting. I wonder if I'll ever be what I set out to be. I wonder if it would change anything


I try not to compare myself to other but WHY IS EVERYONE SO f***ING PRETTY! I hate feeling ugly.... #vent #life #teen #anxiety

I'm not a social person. The exact opposite, actually. Most social interactions make me stutter and bring me so much anxiety to the point where it's had to comprehend thoughts. Which is the main reason I'm alone most of the time. Unless I'm with my best friend, who's been here with me since 4th grade. She gets it. We've been through everything together. But, she has a focusing disorder. She doesn't do her homework, fails tests and gets horrible grades because of it. We're alm... read more

No. It took long time for me to get over my first break up .
It took a lot from me to get faith in myself again.
It took a lot from me to love myself again.
It took so long to start laughing and be merry again.
It took so long to get negativity out of my life, to start believing in love again. It took a lot.
I take the courage to finally fall in love again.
And you do this?
I won't go back to being sad again.
I cannot. That phase was not good.
I've had enough nightless sl... read more

i have no idea why i should be alive anymore?? This sh** pit of a world wouldnt miss me anyways. I'm such a coward though. i hope sam fronts tonight and does it for me. he's the one who can actually do it... but he's been gone for a while, and my pain tolerance has gone way down because of him. f***ing hell.

#suicide #DID #dissociativeidentitydisorder #vent