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Jesus christ what even are emotions
So I was at a party last saturday, maybe 30 or so people. I knew about half of them but there where plenty of people I am very good friends with so only very mild social anxiety!! (this time at least lol)
Anyway one friend of mine (let's call him M) had an extremely draining day. He spent at the very least 4 hours talking about himself and his goals in life and what he wants to do. Emotionally, he wasn't feeling well. Still he came to the p... read more

TeenTalks: Listen to Me
I've had a lot of people comment on my posts saying that no one listens to them, so here I am. Leave me a comment and tell me anything (please keep it clean) and I'll respond. No advice unless you ask for it. Just no that you have someone who will listen to you. I'm here, so what do you need to vent about?
Much love, Kitty (TeenTalks President/Op)
*Will respond within 20 minutes. I usually wont respond to dirty or rude comments. Talk to you soon!
#Teen... read more

Why are there so many ignorant people in this world?

Right now I'll seem like some stupid b**** that shouldn't be complaining about my 'perfect' life, but in my opinion I think the human race is the worst thing that this universe created.

For starters there are so many people out there who joke about suicide, this includes the famous 'kill yourself' and also 'triggered'. Being someone who has depression for quite a few years now I feel like my mental illness isn't taken ser... read more

Doubt anyone will read this but its worth a shot..

About to go on a major rant sesh so prepare yourselves:

Firstly, I'm 16 years old. I'm in year 11 at an all girls school. I have never had a guy interested in me. I haven't been kissed.
No guy has ever wanted to be involved with me. I have liked this guy for a while and have been stuck in the friend zone ever since. And to top that all off I just found out that one of my friends told him that I like him. Now I'm too scared ... read more

Sucks falling for someone straight that leads you on any chance they get but yet i cant help but keep falling for her since shes holding my heart😭😭😭😭i hate loving you day but i hate even more that you dont see me like that only cuz you like dick f*******ck
#lesbian #vent

my mom is cheating on my stepdad with a controlling a**h*** , and from my room I can hear her calling him daddy. she's irresponsible and makes me and my sister do most of the work or dumps us on others to the point were we've been raised by our grandparents mostly. I love my mom, but I just wish she acted like a mother.


Lately it seems like I'm expendable. Sort of like none of this really matters. Sort of like all the atoms that are a part of me would be better off being a part of other things. Sort of like I'm a waste of resources and time. I'm tired of being disposable, and replaceable. I wonder what makes me so easy to throw away. I wonder if I'll ever stop regretting. I wonder if I'll ever be what I set out to be. I wonder if it would change anything


I try not to compare myself to other but WHY IS EVERYONE SO f***ING PRETTY! I hate feeling ugly.... #vent #life #teen #anxiety

I'm not a social person. The exact opposite, actually. Most social interactions make me stutter and bring me so much anxiety to the point where it's had to comprehend thoughts. Which is the main reason I'm alone most of the time. Unless I'm with my best friend, who's been here with me since 4th grade. She gets it. We've been through everything together. But, she has a focusing disorder. She doesn't do her homework, fails tests and gets horrible grades because of it. We're alm... read more

No. It took long time for me to get over my first break up .
It took a lot from me to get faith in myself again.
It took a lot from me to love myself again.
It took so long to start laughing and be merry again.
It took so long to get negativity out of my life, to start believing in love again. It took a lot.
I take the courage to finally fall in love again.
And you do this?
I won't go back to being sad again.
I cannot. That phase was not good.
I've had enough nightless sl... read more

i have no idea why i should be alive anymore?? This sh** pit of a world wouldnt miss me anyways. I'm such a coward though. i hope sam fronts tonight and does it for me. he's the one who can actually do it... but he's been gone for a while, and my pain tolerance has gone way down because of him. f***ing hell.

#suicide #DID #dissociativeidentitydisorder #vent

How could someone f*** up so bad in life? How can you not know what right and wrong in your life? How can you not know how it others will feel and be hurt by your wreckless decision? You had a girlfriend who you had been going out for so long who loved you so much and f*** it yet she still does live you! BUT you f***ed it up because you started loving a woman who is related to you as a COUSIN!!! How f***ed up could you be to put your family in the worse situation ever?! I am ... read more

I'm so tired of always waiting for people to make me happy because I ALWAYS end up becoming disappointed. Like who cares that almost every birthday of mine was messed up? Obviously none of my family or friends, I don't even think they remembered. Oh, and I HATE it when someone says that they didn't tell you something to keep you "safe". No, I don't want that, I want honesty. Just for at least once. Can anyone ever be honest? Look where everything to me to; a website to vent b... read more

So, I mean wtf? My husband can't last even 30 seconds in bed, and it hurts my feelings when he tells me that his last 2 girlfriends, or as he calls them "s***" He could last all night with them. It's been like that our whole relationship, i think the LONGEST he's lasted was about 1 1/2 almost 2 minutes. I keep myself in shape, I keep myself clean, I've never even thought about cheating. We've been married 4 years and been together for 6. And once he gets off once, he's done,... read more

WILL YOU SHUT THE f*** UP ABOUT THIS SHOW?? I get it, you really like it, but can we please talk and rp about something else?? Cause it's starting to get on my nerves!! #vent #friend

He told me he wants to stay friends.. he says he loves me but it's the 2 hour distance. After months of opening up, sharing laughs, getting undressed, the comfort, and trust... he says he can't fully love me without meeting me (which isn't NOT understandable, I feel it too..) but will never take the chance or GIVE me the chance to make that happen. I genuinely believed he would be the one to make me feel I was worth the effort. Aside from his rude remarks and immaturity at ti... read more

I don't know what to do anymore I would do anything for my girlfriend and she can't even just comfort me when I'm sad and I need her the most she makes me feel like it's my fault then ignores me. She is literally in the next room and won't even come to bed with me I don't know if I can do this anymore I feel like I deserve someone who at least cares enough about me to see I'm sad and be there for me why are basic emotions so hard for her I just love her so much I don't want t... read more

I don't usually do this but I wanted to vent/ask for advice if any are willing.

4 years ago I started school. Met this guy named Kevin. He dated my friend Brian for a few months and they were always on and off but during that time Kevin told me he liked me. My friendship with Brian went down the drain because of Kevin and I. Years passed and Kevin and I grew closer.
This is where things get complicated. Kevin has a best friend name Julie who is lesbian, doesn't like guys at ... read more

At this point I really don't want to go home anymore. Hell, I don't even want to live. I'm sensitive as hell, even to the point where I cry when people judge my eating habits. I'm a dissapointment and honestly I dont know how people can look up to me (sixth grade band students practically worship me.) I was a mistake, and I should've died in the womb or been aborted or something. The world has no place for fat maggots like me, even if I'm "successful." #vent

Before you read this, I wouldn't take it personal. I am just a person who is looking for a place to vent....

I don't want to reveal this person's name but for now I'll say Chelsea. I know some great Chelsea's out there, but the one I am describing is the complete opposite but with a sarcastic twist. I wanted to post this on Urban Dictionary, but it was way too personal. I'm sure there are individuals out there who can relate or have met an "x" individual of whom I will soon ... read more