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So, sometime's the question pops up, "Are you a virgin?" (btw I'm like 14). I tell the people "That's a really uncomfortable question for me to answer." they're like "It's a yes or no question." but really it's not... I'm a rape victim and so it's not as simple as yes or no. if I say yes I'm living and if I say no they look at you like some... some s***/whore... #Vcard #rape #awkward #venting

Omg why do women have to have periods and men dont! #venting

I'm tired of everything !!! Tired of waking up next to someone who acts as if he doesn't want to wake up next to me in our home. Tired of taking care of a household of 5 when it's really supposed to be me and my daughter. I'm tired of his lazy a** sister laying on my couch all day everyday. Tired of his momma laying coffee grounds all over my sink and countertops every morning. I'm tired of being the only one who cooks, cleans , buys household items and food but yet I'm the o... read more

Everyday at a certain point in the day, my heart sinks and I realise I'm not fulfilling any goals, I'm not working towards a greater good, I'm not helping people around me, I'm not playing fun games with my kids, I'm not learning new skills, I'm not daydreaming with interior magazines anymore, I'm not considering cheating on my man, I'm not buying clothes that make me feel good, I'm not throwing hysterical fits or fighting the powers that be, I'm not turning into a person wit... read more

My granma and my aunt live in the same house since my aunt has MS(as well as a hearing problem) and can't do a lot of things on her own so my grandma, who has physical problems of her own, takes care of my aunt. I try to help around the house as much as i can but that sh** is taking a toll on me. My aunt is always calling on my 2 sisters and i to do things for her. and i mean always I mean like.... Ok so you know how some people set alarms like 6:30 6:31 6:32 6:33... Yea that... read more

I think my dad might be emotionally abusing me.

#venting #relationshipproblems #youcantalktome #manipulation #idontknowwhattodo

I don't want to be around him. No matter what I do it isn't good enough. I can't disagree with him without him spouting long conversations as to why he is right and he won't even listen to my side of things (whether it be about politics or personal stuff). He will always critisize me after a sporting event--and even though I've told him multiple ti... read more

dont you just love the feeling where no one cares about you anymore? the feeling when you feel like no one cares about what you have to say, no matter how small it is? the feeling where you want to cut deep in your skin because you feel like no one will care or notice whatsoever? that's what i feel like right now. i feel like screaming at people--anyone, really. my friends, my family, just anyone. just someone who i can scream at to release all the years of pent up pure rage.... read more

#venting So the SO and I are long distance, together for more than a year. We role play a lot online via tumblr and text. We've both gotten into a new fandom which they have now gained a lot of popularity in. There's no time difference between us btw. Since their blog got popular they'll spend most of the time they have drawing replies to the asks they receive or chatting it up with the other popular blogs and I'm happy for them, yes. But I also feel left out and like I'm not... read more

Yes, I cheated on the person I was dating a year ago before I met you. Yes, I did feel terrible and I wasn't proud of it. You found out after looking through an old phone of mine after you decided to charge it up and made the choice to scroll through the messages. You called me to tell me I was a horrible person even though I was already aware of that. You called me a s*** and that from now on you were going to call me your "little s***." I asked you to not call me that, that... read more

Today I got home from school and figured out my parents were selling my pet....they always just spend money on beer and other sh** they kept on telling me to sell my pet and they even offered me a laptop if I agreed I said no that I loved my pet. Now my parents are saying I'm not getting anything out of it. I found out by accident and they went on how I don't take care of it and it effects their health before you say anything about how your little and it's hard to take care o... read more

Before I begin let me tell you about myself. I am 31. I suffer from ADD, PTSD (from middle/high school bullying, not a veteran), Bipolar II, Social Anxiety Disorder, and I have, what my fiance and I call, "Rage Attacks"- when I've had bad days (which has been more frequent lately) I isolate myself in my basement or car, yell and flail. I currently work as a martial arts instructor where I teach self-defense to kids and adults. As other instructors and I teach we also emphasiz... read more

I'm very f***ing tired right now, and I can't stand everything happening. In my first period class, I have a huge project that I've barely started, in my second I'm unprepared because the teacher doesn't make us listen and its hard to hear in class, in third, I have two huge projects worth 50% of my final mark and are due two days from each other. In my last period class I have a film project where my group does nothing and the one of the two actors disappeared on me, this fu... read more

I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year.
I love him but I feel like I have to deal with things people dont have to deal with for another five years in a relationship

To ex girlfriends, baby mama drama, cheating, demeaning fights.
I am now four months pregnant and I am just tired of feeling like I dont have anyone there for me unless its conveniant for them


Um, I've been angry ever since my friend dying a few weeks ago. Now, I don't feel anything, it's like I'm detached from myself. Its been like this for a while. When he died, I wanted to cry but nothing came out and my heart and mind was just hollow. I still do not feel anything. What's going on with me? And everyday I've been waking up exhausted for no reason so the whole day I'm just TIRED like I haven't slept for days when I sleep every single day. Where are my feelings and... read more

[this is gonna be depressing and sh** so] #venting #selfharm #familyproblems

I just want to f***ing breathe. Im unable to leave this f***ing house where everything I say and do is like walking on glass that they shattered. Its so hard to happy. It's so f***ing hard. People always say to love your family but i cant. i have no love for my f***ing mother. shes a piece of sh** to everyone and is more focused on making herself look perfect than she is on her childs health. if I s... read more

My Love Triangle

I'm falling for my boyfriend's brother. I think he feels me too. No wah to be sure. I'll never make that move, I'm not sure he will either but, when I'm around him, my heart skips a beat. I'm alone with him and his son . I wish his son wasn't here, just so i can speak my mind. He's in the shower and he's so fine. I have more fun with him just watching movies on the couch and talking than i do running around with my dude. I just wish i met his brother first. ... read more

I am scared to be left alone with my thoughts. They always wonder to the worst parts of my brain, and I can't stop crying. I feel useless and pathetic every time. I constantly wear headphones just to block out all the noise, and even then it still gets through.
I hate hearing people complain about me wearing my headphones. I never tell them why because I know they wouldn't take it seriously.


I have an agreement with my significant other. I make the money and she finishes up school and tends to the apartment. We also have a daughter and try to spend an equal amount of time with her. I am paying for her school out of pocket. It's been about 25k or so per year. I make 80k a year sometimes more. I bust my a** so she won't have to worry financially. However, she's constantly complaining about tending to the apartment. She'll ignore our daughter or get upset with her w... read more

So I don't know how to start, it's my first time venting but I'll just start here.
I'm 20 & my boyfriend is 19. We have known each other since june 2013 & our relationship officially began in Nov 2013. I lost my virginity to him at age 17 & he has been the only person I've been with since. When our relationship first started of course we weren't having sex, just fingering really. Then after I lost it, we began to have sex more. Not like everyday but maybe once a week . Well a... read more

I don't think I love my older brother anymore. I mean he's been unnecessarily mean to me for as long as I can remember. And not just your average older brother type of mean...just plain ol' mean. He's done things to me physically (like hitting me) that I'm sure probably count as abuse...mild abuse maybe but abuse nonetheless. I still loved him through it all but I think I've finally reached my limit. We got into an argument with him. It was really stupid honestly and I should... read more