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For years now I've had some sort of eating problems, but ever since July of 2016 I've started having a minor case of anorexia. I know this is a huge problem, but I really can't help it. My parents don't understand, most of my friends don't understand, and my boyfriend has almost no clue. I know that it's not bad, in fact I force myself to eat sometimes so this doesn't have a major effect on me. Turns out that it already had. I want help but I'm afraid and I don't know who to ... read more

Yes, I love my mom but she has to learn to understand. She always wants to get in my business when there is no reason to. For example, if I'm looking at one of my friend's stories on Snapchat or opening a snap she always wants to look over my shoulder to see it. I'm sorry but if I wanted you to see it I would show you it. And then she complains that she wanted to see it. I that I need to stop hiding it from her. She also tends to not understand personal space. I'm a teenager,... read more

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years. ( this august is our 4 year.) throughout our relationship, i've always went thru these "moods" where I feel like I want to be with someone else. not like a relationship, but just... I guess flirting and sexual things too?? hes sooooo good to me and we have never really had any issues about our relationship before. sometimes I just feel bored I guess?? i've talked to him about it before, how I feel like I'm loosing out ... read more

I met a guy on Mobile Strike and we hit it off talking in the game and then we moved the conversation over to LineApp.
We were talking for weeks and started to like each other. So then we started sending pictures of each other and talking about more personal and intimate stuff. And then we started dating. Long distance but still dating.

He's always been truthful and honest about everything. We've spoken on the phone but I didn't have his number. We spoke through the app. Now... read more

Is it wromg for me to want to do sexual things earlier then f***ing midnight going onto 1 am. Like my boyfriend doesn't seem to understand that concept at all that I'm not a f***ing night owl and no matter how late I stay up I will wake up mad and cranky at 5 or 6 in the morning. Why is he so f***ing inconsiderate?
#venting #iwantmyduckingsleep

Lately me and my fiance have been talking about kids and weddings. We were talking openly about it a couple of days ago at a party, a few of my family members were in the other room talking with my older sister who is getting married again in a few weeks. I'm the maid of honor who is helping her plan and I'm starting to notice the changes she's making to her wedding and a lot of it is the stuff that I was talking about having at mine. I'm not talking about flowers or somethin... read more

You know your parents are old when it's sunny out and you live by the beach, but they'd rather eat at their favorite diner rather than take advantage of the weather and try something new. #oldparents #venting

I just got out of a long term relationship but I'm already falling for someone and I don't know what to do. I really like the guy but I'm worried that he sees me as just a friend, even though I keep getting signals that there's something more there. I don't want to move too fast since I just got out of a relationship but my heart flutters every time we are around each other. I look up cute quotes and memes about him, and I can't stop thinking about him. Infatuation is so stro... read more

I'm so tired of facebook. For the first time ever, I wish it didn't f***ing exist. You look up all the other females you can think of, including the b**** a** whore that you cheated on me with. You add them and chat with them all day, but you can barely take the time to talk to me. You have MY conversation muted on your phone. Then I find out you're on this stupid f***ing camgirl site again and I've just about f***ing had it with you and your fake a** loyalty. This is such bu... read more

So I recently graduated from college and today was the ceremony. Having previoisly been homeschooled, I've never had a ceremony before and i was truely excited. When i went to my sis and 2 of my friends graduations in the past year, i was there for them after the ceremony to take pictures and go out to eat. Simple, right?

Well my family didnt seem to give two sh**s about my graduation. I live at home with them. I got up early so i could make it in time to check in. I drove m... read more

(There are some triggering/explicit things in this post please do not read if you are sensitive) I am getting married to the man that raped me. I was 21 and living in the sketchy parts of town because rent near school was too pricey. I was naive that anything could ever happen to me until one night when I was walking home. I walked into my front door and was suddenly pulled outside and held at gunpoint. If I made a sound or moved I was dead. He went in to scout the house but ... read more

I have a boyfriend or well I did. We were together for 3 years. He was my family. We both loved each other. I thought we did. He ended up cheating on me a while back and I just found out a week ago. I'm so heartbroken. He's my first love. We broke up tonight. Our relationship felt like it was a normal relationship. But it wasn't it was a toxic relationship but I thought it was normal because I just put up with it. We were always arguing and I thought that was normal In a rela... read more

I'm boredddd talk to meeeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #venting #bored #fun #HMU #awesome

I really need help currently... My mom and dad always fight. I learned I have a different dad and he died about 3 years ago... Ever since then my life has been upside down. I started home school and my family just did not know what to do. I started having to do all my moms chores, helping with business, and handling my own life... when I could not do my home work my mom would yell at me. She would yell often about my home school. Then today she said because of me she is unhap... read more

I'm so frustrated.
Let me start off by telling you that I grew up in a house of 5 kids, I don't know why but none of us really respected my parents. We all fought over chores constantly. I have no idea why we were like that, but we were.
Anyways, I am married now, I have a daughter, and although my husband is the kindest and hardest working person I know, we struggle to live on our own. We've had to move back to his parents house fir various reasons, we can't afford a place o... read more

I’d like to believe in karma, that it’s a total b**** but when the person who f***ed you over is living happily with the person they left you for after they made you feel so miserable I’m not so sure anymore. You made me feel unwanted, ugly, like I was the problem and I’m still dealing with that. You left for someone you thought could give you more, who had more money, I just wish you didn’t drag me along for as long as you did. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting t... read more

Going into high school my thoughts were "All of my friendships are gonna die." Now that I'm there I've realized they didn't even exist in the first place :/ #venting #friendproblems

I used to play dress up a lot when I was little. And one particular day I wanted to wear my bathing suit around the house because idk I just wanted to. It was a two piece and I loved it so much because I felt like one of the "big girls" because I'd always worn one pieces up until then. So I asked my mom if I could and we had a mini argument (if I can even call it an argument?? I mean I was like 7 lol) but she finally gave in on one condition. And that was "Don't let your brot... read more

Im physically getting f***ing sick about this.
I'll Change names the names in the story for their identity's sake.

When i was a freshman i dated this guy - lets call him Erin - for about a month or two.
It was my second relationship with a guy, third relationship all together, but it was my first "serious" one. My dad didnt particularly like Erin due to his drug use in the past, but keep in mind he had been through rehab, we broke up yadda yadda not to long after that he mov... read more


Okay, I don't mean to trigger anyone or anything, but I need to vent.
I'm sick of this. Every day it's the same; the same people, the same outcome, the same names, the same everything. I'm tired of being humiliated for no reason other than the fact that I find guys attractive. I don't want to go back to school. I'm /scared/ of August 14th, because I know it'll just keep happening. Sometimes I think about everything, and wond... read more