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My grandfather had bad breathing problems, leg problems, and had to constantly had to go to the doctors. I didn't know he had cancer until to 28th of June. On that day my father was called to help him out of the car. When we got there he was on the ground, he hit his head in the grass. My grandmother was crying as well. We got him a chair and helped him up... After about 5 minutes or so we had to call the ambulance. He was barely talking and moving. After that, the ambulance ... read more

I don't understand why my friend has to act like they're perfect in every way and that everyone else is inferior. They think that anything they say or do has no flaws. They give advice when no one f***ing asked for their opinion. They are unnecessarily rude at all times. They act like they are the golden f***ing standard and the only right way to exist is like them. They have no regard for the feelings of me or others. I am nothing but nice to them. If I have any criticism it... read more

My ex and I have been having sex on and off since we broke up two years ago. He even got a new girlfriend and cheated on her with me. We spoke recently about hooking up again-and he admitted to me that he wants to c** inside me so that he can be on lock. Meaning if I were to have his baby he would settle down with me and be us again. I am posting this because I can't believe I am still considering having sex with him knowing how psychotic and real this could get. I do not wan... read more

I smoke and I still don't understand people that just throw their cigarette butts everywhere. Throw it in the trash can you lazy a**h*** . No trash can nearby? Hold it until you find one. It's a tiny thing, won't occupy too much of your hands. Just stop making all the streets and parks ugly with your trash.


i'm just feeling really alone/lonely right now. it's crazy..a year ago i didn't think things would be the way they are now. [this is a really long read / vent]

this time last year i was talking to this one guy all day everyday and it was amazing. i really formed a deep connection with him. i met him for the first time in person in august and since then we've spent a lot of time together.

he really broke my heart in december when he made another girl his girlfriend. (literal... read more

i have a story about a sh**y town(now a village) called bellaire. in this village no good deed goes unpunished, i was walking into krogers when i noticed an old krone next to her car packing it with her groceries and her shopping cart was far enough to the left to block the parking spot right next to her. there was a person waiting for said parking spot, i thought id do the Cristian thing and despite the old bag telling me how rude i was moved her cart 2 inches to the right ... read more

I'm not really sure what to do anymore. I've been in a relationship for 6 years now and I'm beginning to think it has been a waste. Essentially, I feel like we are not partners, but roommates at this point, and she is a roommate i am growing to resent. To give a bit of background and show that i didnt come to this state easily-- over the course of our relationship, i have been crazy about her for the most part. she is the kindest person ive ever met, and physically i desire h... read more

Sorry that I was born white, sorry that you feel so damn oppressed yet your family makes more than mind would make in a lifetime! Hey, what can I do to make you feel better about being a minority. Every time you say something like "you people did this" or "I'm glad Obama was president, y'all were in the White House long enough" it makes me feel like you're the racist one and I'm not allowed to respond - which I'm NOT. I'll thank you for not reminding me every f***ing day abou... read more

Why is everything such a mess? I do not understand that if it is so difficult to have someone understand you and not teach you or lecture you about your problems. I am just pissed off about dealing with my family and project team mates. Yet my SO have to lecture about it during our date.
f*** THIS sh**


In a long term relationship and absolutely f***ing love my significant other to death, but god, do I miss meaningless fun flirting sometimes. Just back and forth banter. All verbal, nothing physical at all. It used to give me such a confidence boost and I *know* it would again. My SO doesn't flirt with me. We haven't flirted in years. And I need the boost, I really f***ing do. But I don't want to hurt my SO. So instead, I'm venting here while my SO sleeps and I resist chattin... read more

My brother is such a f***ing idiot, he wants me to give him money I worked for with my sister, because he's our brother.
What's worse is I owe him money, so the money I worked for is going to him regardless.
But he doesn't care so he complained to our mom, who never lets me speak,
and she says "you have to share the money!111 u guta be a good kids!11 itz unfair to be rude to him!!1111!!1"

I hate my family.

#venting #RelationshipProblems #Family #Ihatemyfamily

I made the mistake of taking a shower when my mom told me to clean up around the house. I'm on my period and I have a habit of cleaning myself everytime, so she yelled at me for being lazy. And when I tried to be helpful by offering to cook dinner, she got mad. She gets mad when I don't cook. I feel like I never get anything right and I'm stuck in this situation because I chose to stay off campus instead of staying in a dorm for my freshman year ( due to money amd the fact th... read more

How are you coping with your naughty af toddlers?? My son is 4 years old, 5 soon. He can't stay put. I turn on the the TV and leave one instruction - just one - WATCH YOUR CARTOONS.
I go to my room. Less than an hour later, my battery is low coz he's been playing candy crush on it and he's broken a glass coz - let me quote him "it's a ball"!
I mean what the entire f*** you guys? This boy is ungovernable! I'm 7 months pregnant and I'm seriously worried that I'm going to give b... read more

I try so hard to make friends and get people to like me but it never works out in my favor. I mean people aren't necessarily mean to me, I just feel excluded out of everything...I AM excluded out of everything. I feel like I'm invisible. But I just don't get it? Like I'm always nice to people. I'm loyal, trustworthy, honest...honestly anything you could possibly look for in a friend. I'll stick up for people if they're ever in a situation where they can't do it for themselves... read more

Me and my (now friend) ex girlfriend broke up because of how clingy she was/is and ever once in a while she'll text me saying "I know we are not dating but do you still think I'm pretty" and it annoys me because i know she still likes me but I don't want to be with her and this clingy friend thing she's doing is really ticking me off but she's one of the only friends I have #Friends #venting #RelationshipProblems #clingy

Why does a 25 year old man feel the need to text other women behind my back? And he's not smart enough to realize I have all of his passwords. Oops.
#venting #firsttime #cheaters #alotmoretothestory #commentbackw/opinions

My brother is literally crazy, yells and throws stuff all the time.
Years ago he started with beating up my mum. I was out, my mom called me and said "come home". I see my mom crying and with huge bruises.
He did it again, and again and again.
He stopped. For a while. Then he started it all over again. He even threw water at my mom, recently. And threw water all over the room, smashed his videogame and said "pick it up, you did this!" to my mom. (Of course, she didn't pick it... read more

Hello everybody! I just wanna gonna go over and do it, this time for real. Recently, I have attempted to commit suicide by overdose but it did not worked. I am one of the smartest highschoolers in my class, I love literature, but to no avail. I have no friends, no love life, my first love hates me (and I do not know what to think of her), I am in a long depression, I will try to contact a therapist, but I am skeptic. Last time it had gone badly... I prayed to God, but it seem... read more

Several years ago went to "friend" bday party. I know she was never interested in me as a friend but I don't like confrontation so I went through the motions of being in the same group of friends as her for them, not her. Well at this party I went to put my bag and others purses in her room and her older sister was passing by, and she gave me the stink eye. Her sister later made a scene saying why are there people going into your room unattended and they don't even help out w... read more

I'm reposting this because it was 1am the first time and I don't think enough people read it all the way through.

Lifes are like vases. Some are delicate. Some are plain and utilitarian. Some are painted with beautiful murals.
However as time runs on inevitably some are damaged. Most will get a chip here and a scuff there, but some will be outright broken.
When your life is broken there is nothing left but to pick up the pieces. You may see some that have been re-assembled w... read more