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i dont know where to start. he doesnt even try. listen, if im your best friend, why don tyou talk to me? you dont respond to my texts or calls or even talk to me when we see each other. why do you feel the constant need to avoid me. am i annoying you? do you not want to be friends? because if you do, then just tell me. its that simple. he makes me SO incredibly pissed off and he f***ing screws with my emotions every second of the day. i dont know why i bother thinking about h... read more

I just discovered this site, I was fighting the urge to use FB as my public diary, or use it to post one of those passive aggressive posts that ppl love to do and normally drive me nuts. I am so confused and so furious with my in-laws, they are the most frustrating people on the planet. All I have ever done is try to help whenever and wherever I can and somehow became public enemy #1. I just want to call them all out and blow them all up for their meanness, for using me, for ... read more

heyo. ive struggled with feelings of low-self esteem for my entire life, years of feeling emotionally distant from people for some reason (even though i really want to make lots of friends and be close to them), and self-loathing/social anxiety due to my stupid low-self esteem.
due to my inability to be emotionally close to people (or "click" with them, i guess), the very small amount of people i DO "click" with, i kind of develop feelings for. its bad, yeah, since th... read more

So I'm in a predicament. I was talking to this guy like I usually would, messing around and then he says "I have a girlfriend" so I congradulated him and limited what I said about certain things so I could respect their relationship. I started talking to him like I would talk to any other friend. Then I saw he screenshotted our conversation. A while ago we had promised that we wouldnt screenshot anything. The his girlfriend added me on snapchat, so I accepted because I didnt ... read more

I'm mad right now, I was seething before. My brother while I was away "cleaned my room" as he and my mom put it. By clean they mean put everything on the floor(including my sisters side and put it on my bed. Like wtf? When there is a bag with a sewing machine in it, it's meant to be on the floor. Where else would I put? A chair I put my cherished dolls(yes I'm a teenager and have a doll xb), feet part on the bed. My sisters SHOES and her pencil shavings that she put on a plat... read more

I'm upset. I honestly feel like my life is going no where. I had a job, I lost the job coz I kept falling ill - pregnancy related complications. I've been applying for jobs. Nothing promising. I have a baby on the way. How will I feed her, cloth her, care for her? Everyday I wake up I feel useless. I have a bachelor's degree but no work. Business ideas and no capital. I just want to die some days honestly. Anything is better than the thought of bringing a child into this. I a... read more

So I went to summer camp one year and I met this boy. I really liked him and he liked me back but we went to different middle schools (this was the summer right before 8th grade year). So we never became "bc and gf" since we wouldn't see each other by the time it was back to school. But because we lived in the same school district I knew we'd see each other again in high school the following school year. Through out my 8th grade year I'd see him out places and he'd smile at m... read more

Ok so I'm 15 and I still play with barbies and stuff. I don't do it all the time but I do it pretty often. Now most people would think I'm too old for that and I mean I guess I should've stopped by now but I haven't. And my older siblings (27 & 24) often tease me about it but I don't get why they care. It's not affecting anybody. My family should be happy that I still play with barbies rather than do the f*** sh** other girls my age do in this time and age. But anyways, my si... read more

I am almost 17 years old and I have been homeschooled since kindergarten — that was a huge mistake. My (unemployed) mom never had enough money to do so, so the education was always lacking somewhat. My parents divorced which ultimately made the situation over a hundred times worse. My mom claimed that she felt homeschooling me and my siblings was what she was supposed to do. It kills me to say it, but that "gut feeling" of hers screwed us over. Fast foreword years later, no... read more

He told me he loved someone else he told me her name as well. I don't get it she is one of the most meanest and Slobbiest girls in the grade. I don't have a problem with her but she's mean to many of my friends. I just don't get it. I told you the Truth and that I liked you. You told me you only liked her. I brushed it off as a joke and told you I liked someone else and it worked. A couple monthes have pasted and we've become very close. You message me every morning and night... read more

Everyone is calling each other fat at my school and when I chime in to try to make others feel better. They tell me to shut up and that I'm a stick and that I shouldn't complain cause I have the perfect body. I don't even complain. I work out quite often though. Anyway I dont eat much for lunch because our lunch is earlier then normal schools and I find if I eat earlier in the morning I feel more sick and I tell people that, usually I just eat like snacks and stuff . This new... read more

My Girlfriends Best Friend
my gf and i met late last year when she moved from another state. she always talked about her friend back home, and eventually we added that friend into our groupchat, because i wanted to get to know her. she ended up being rude to me and one of my friends (who still hates her for what she did) and i blocked her on the social media platform. eventually, i unblocked her because i can't stay mad for long. we talked a bit and she said some things that ... read more

It's my fault for even hooking up casually with a friend and not expecting some type of emotional attachment.
I'm sitting here like the dumb a** now because after 4 months of this casual fling you go back to your ex. I totally figured you would after the first month, but you didn't get back together so I assumed it was actually over.
Now I know I don't want anything from you relationship wise because you have no future or goals in life, but why the hell am I so mad at you? Is... read more

I know this might sounds horrible but I want, for once, to stop being the breadwinner of my family. I want for once have the time for myself, without being worried about the money, the debt. I want to spend my money on things that I really love. I want to take care of myself. I wish my husband would have the initiatives to take control of this household, not slacking his a** off. Truth is, I'm tired. I need a break. A break that I can't afford. #marriage #venting #tired

#venting I haven't been really happy for about a year now. I moved to a big city because my mom got a job. My parents are happy now but I'm not. My dad is an annoying piece of sh** who's inconsiderate, does nothing productive all day, easily angered, and just all-in-all a pain in the a** that acts like a toddler and is hard to deal with. But my mom loves him for some reason so I have to deal with living with him until I can move out (which is in 8 years or so if I can get a g... read more

I have this "friend," I guess you could call her. She's my roommate in college and we've been friends since middle school but living in the same room as her has made me realize how f***ing idiotic she is. That may sound harsh, but I have had it up to her with her bs. First of all, I have to be extremely careful with what I bring into the room, set on the floor, set on the table, etc., because she thinks everything is dirty. I understand some people may struggle with germophob... read more

At the start, this may sound selfish but I hate it when my friends get boyfriends. This isn't because I'm jealous that I don't have a boyfriend, but I just feel like I'm losing my friend. Even though we still "hang out" sometimes, it doesn't feel like she's truly there because she's either texting him or constantly bringing him into our conversation every 5 seconds. I deal with anxiety and loneliness and I just hate seeing her snapchats of her hanging out with her boyfriend a... read more

my thoughts are all over the place rn and i'm not sure if this is going to help with anything but yeah, i don't like what my life has turned into and i keep having all of these depressing thoughts and i just can't seem to escape them this time, i feel worthless and unloved and alone.
i'm honestly so sick and tired of myself and i'm ashamed of how little i've been doing these past few years. i remember when i was younger i thought i'd get my sh** together by now, get over my c... read more

Hey I really like.this guy but he's starting to ignore/ghost me.... I sent him like over 10 texrs already in total.but he never replies. I should give up on texting him, but I just think it's so fun to contaxr him because he's a nice guy. The only he likes this other girl.from out of his area and all.of.his female friends are acring very flirty around.him (except.for friend of mine, she's engaged) i hope.he will give up or eventually be rejected.I know th... read more

I thought she was gonna be my best friend forever that's what she told me in third grade at least. Okay so here's the situation I asked her to go to an amusement park a week before the actual day and then she replied right away agreeing to go and so I was happy I haven't seen her in weeks. So then i tel her when I'll be there to pick her up the day before and she then tells me oh sorry I'm really sick it feels like a hammer is pounding on my head I can't go sorry to cancel la... read more