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Trying my best to cope up in university. It's so sad to find out that I am not that competitive inside classroom settings. I know I am good at something but I really dunno if when will I be good enough to achieve my dreams. Maybe it's just too far to be reached. Feeling hopeless rn.
#college #hopeless #sad #venting #schoolproblems

I'm a married woman age 25-34 and I've been married for ten years now... just realized that came off a little 12 step-ish. (No offense to those trying to better themselves...) My marriage has definitely had it's ups but lately it's been kinda down in the dumps. Long story short, I simply am torn between keeping my family whole or tearing it apart. This has been festering in my mind since the beginning of this year and I try to ignore it and focus more energy into my marriage,... read more

Im head over heels in love with my straight friend. Im pretty sure she found out i liked her about 4 months ago because she kept mentioning for like two days straight that she was pretty straight and i got the message that i have no chance with her but damn its so hard to fall out of love when im already in so deep. Shes just so beautiful and kind and funny and spontaneous. Shes so amazing that im left speechless to describe what she does to my heart whenever i see her #lgbt#... read more

I don't know care what people will say but I f***ing hate it when I'm having a total meltdown and someone calls me a f***ing child! First of, you have no clue what is going on in my mind and you have no idea what I have been through. Second, who are you to judge Miss Perfect? Who are you to tell me if I can cry or yell? So do us all a f***ing favor and SHUT THE f*** UP!!!!! Every time I fall apart instead of someone picking me up, they spit on me and tell me that I'm being a ... read more

Not really sure to go about this one so I'll start at the beginning.

I started really getting to know this one guy (as a friend) and I felt like we were really getting into a great friendship. He let me talk about whatever was on my mind and he never judged. We could talk crap about anyone and neither of us would say a word. He even had me promise that we would be friends through thick and thin (and to this day i have that saved). But one day he started to take giant steps b... read more

this is a really weird thing to complain about. but people can't tell if i'm a dude or a chick (i'm a dude) and i don't know how to feel about it. i like how i look. i can say i'm pretty attractive. but... uh. it leads to a lot of awkward situations. like today. some guy came into work to fix some electric problem. and i was told to supervise him. guy is around my age. we talk and stuff. an hour later it's obvious he's trying to flirt with me. and i had to break it to him tha... read more

I can't even sleep at night. I keep getting these eerie anonymous messages on a social networking site. It began with them saying that in 2017, everything would change. then they started saying that i'm the only one worth "saving," and just all these weird, vague, pseudo-philosophical messages. Eventually they started asking how they can contact me via letter. recently, I got another one asking me if i'm "following their advice" because there's "only a few weeks left." I have... read more

I love that you can disable responses on here. #venting #nomeanpeopleallowed

I'm wondering if my belief that everyone secretly wants everyone around them to be happy is a naive and false view of the world. Cause it seems to me everyone is only in it for themselves and wants to sh** on everyone else to get to the top instead of just being polite. I try to help people out as much as I can and it always turns into me being a f***ing doormat. I try to be everyones rock but nobody gives a sh** about rocks unless theres diamonds inside. And you have to dest... read more

Stop blaming me for things going wrong. I can't fix broken equipment. It's not my fault it stopped working and no, I don't know why it happened. Your just pointing fingers and trying to put me down. You think I don't care when I won't respond to your lecturing. Stupid being mean. #venting

I just don't feel happy. I'm supposed to be but why am I crying in the shower with no purpose? Why have I felt like this for months. Why do I feel suicidal without any reason? This is a stupid post. #venting

Me and my friend are both in college and we have the same major in the health field. I recently got a job at local doctors office, when my friend found out from our parents conversing, she also applied. At first, I thought it would be fun to work together. But now she makes it seem like I am not good enough for the field or for the job. Also spring break is in a week, and us and other friends made plans months prior, and all of a sudden now that she is working she cannot do a... read more

so... i'm some kind of sociopath. i don't feel things the way i'm supposed to. and i just learned that regret is an actual emotion?? and that's wild to me. i've never felt regret. or guilt. i just thought regret was when you do something and afterwards just think 'well huh. probably shouldn't have done that'. no emotions attached.
and my best friend recently got into this show where the main guy is...well. a lot like me in some ways. and i know i shouldn't relate to him. but.... read more

That feeling of being stuck is maddening. The feeling of hating the way I am right down to my core is maddening. The feeling of wanting to make a change in my life and make things better so I can stop sulking and hating myself is maddening. The feeling of knowing I'm expendable and the feeling of knowing I'm unworthy of the air I breath are both maddening. The fear of never being independent, and the fear of being thrown away again are maddening. Will I make it? Will I sculpt... read more

Being a housewife is the most mind numbing job. Hell, it's not even a job. Getting up everyday to look forward to absolutely nothing is depressing. I have become this low self-esteem, hesitant, shy, stupid person who has no motivation in life. I hate myself for giving in to these f***ing misogynist practices masked in the name of culture.

#regrets #venting

So today I tried to confess to my crush in I guess a subtle way. We were walking after school and there we saw a bench that said "advertise here" and I said to her, "I would advertise my love for you" yet she just said a small "aww" and continued with the regular conversation we were having. After that it got me thinking, what if she actually doesn't even like me as a friend? Like later on that day we were talking about how she and my other friend don't like one of my friends... read more

I'm homesick for arms that wanted to hold me. But, we both knew better. I want him so bad but I can't. Because being "just friends" has a higher survival rate and I don't know what I would do without him. So that was me showing my love. Now I'm torn between him and another and I hate myself. Always putting myself in situations that only end up hurting everyone. But is it even love? I really don't think either of us really know what love is. Maybe that's why we're drawn to eac... read more

#venting #tired
I'm so tired all the time. I'm tired of being tired. Tired of having an ex who thinks he understands our children better than me, even though I see them far more. Basically because he wants to move on and be with a new person, our children must be fine now. That way he can just move on like he wants, even though the new family hes trying to make is NOT good for his own children. The new person has a violent autistic child and another one whos bi-polar and... read more

I wish my friend would shut the hell up about how she hates waking up early, doing the graveyard shift at her job, or how she is bothered by her annoying co workers. I guess she doesn't notice that I am an unemployed college student and would LOVE to have a job. I hate how she complains about it daily! If she doesnt like it, she should quit! But of course she won't! I'm tired of her endless bitching! #venting #annoyingfriend

I'm so done with school. I have never been one to say how I hate school and such but I really cannot deal with it anymore. I'm sick and tired of dealing with the lack of maturity in everywhere I look at while walking the halls. I'm tired of having to speak to people who I have to dumb myself down for. I'm tired of teachers thinking I'm f***ing retarded when I'm not, and that just maybe, I actually have a life and other sh** going on, besides f***ing AP Language and Compositio... read more