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theres a girl thats jealous of me because she likes my boyfriend. my boyfriend and i have been on and off for a year, basically being off then we aren't at school together (summer breaks, when we graduate, etc.). we're both allowed to do whatever we want- and we do just that. we don't get particularly jealous when we sleep with other people, as long as a relationship isn't formed. i wasn't at school last term (fall term) and he ended up sleeping with a girl during that time. ... read more

Some days I wonder how I ended up in this life. I never pictured being a mom, let alone to four kids and being home with them 24/7. I never pictured that the man I married would end up being a selfish jerk just like my dad. I guess it's true when they say girls marry guys like their dads and mostly that makes me sad for my daughters. My step dad died today and while he wasn't in my life until I was an adult I need some space to grieve not to feel like I ought to have sex with... read more

UGH ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I have tried MULTIPLE times this week to do something nice for my mother since she took me out for my birthday and she has done NOTHING but make it horrible! She's complained about every little thing I've tried to do for her and I am so FRUSTRATED because she's either completely oblivious to the fact I've been doing these things for her, or she just doesn't care. I have done SO MUCH this week and worked SO HARD and she just DOES NOT CARE. She keeps compl... read more

I'm at the end if my rope. My entire life is falling apart. I try and try but I get nothing I live with my finance at his moms house and my grandfather has joint custody of my son I see him almost everydau BC he can't stay here due to roaches and other issues with my finances mother. Were trying to get a place but we owe money to loan places to pay off a power bill for our trailer we ended up having to let go BC of all the bills. I'm on disability and my fiance has a felony s... read more

I feel that my Spanish teacher is unfair to me.

First, some background. It's Spanish 2, the second level of high school Spanish. I have HFA (even though I'm a girl), so I have an education plan to have as much time as I would like on tests.

So one day, I had to finish a math test (I have math before Spanish). I came to her class late, but she was pissed even though I had a pass. That day in class, there was an activity where we had to translate sentences with a new grammar ... read more

When ur mom has those friends that get jealous because their daughter didn't get into the school but u did. She keeps on saying how bad it is and spouting crap! Nonsense! If she wants to f***ING BRAG ABOUT HER SCHOOL OR TALK sh** ABOUT MINE, SHE NEEDS TO SHUT THE f*** UP. WHATEVER EXCUSE SHE HAS, HER DAUGHTER DIDN'T GET IN AND I DID. SO BEAT THAT! I GET MOST THINGS FOR FREE! KISS MY DAMN a**! They just get greedy when they have benefits in her school too. I'M SO PISSED OFF FU... read more

It snowed today. I figured I would be a good person and do my neighbor's driveway with my snow blower, since doing mine only took about 5 minutes. As soon as they saw me coming up their driveway to help them they decided to only come out to move their car. They then decided to go back inside. And when I finished.... They came out, quickly salted everything I did down, waved, and then smiled that "hahaha you idiot," smile.

I'm so mad. I was trying to do a good deed. It was yo... read more

I'm a useless, talentless gigantic piece of sh** that probably will never amount to anything in life and I f***ing hate it so much. I'll most likely just become a burden on my parents because I am absolutely incompetent when it comes to befriending people. How the hell am I supposed to survive in real life if I can't even bloody make friends in SCHOOL? f***.


I was always pretty out there, would say what I thought, didn't sugarcoat anything. No bulls***. But I was also a good person. I feel like I have sold out to myself. I used to worry about my hair, it was a nice bright shade of pink. Each day it was styled. Every outfit and accessory was perfectly planned out. My make up was on point daily. I always made sure I looked good for my husband and also for me, all while raising 3 kids. But now, as soon as i had out 4th child thing's... read more

Working in a hotel sucks because when you really like a customer, and you wanna get to know them better, chances are you'll never see them again. It just sucks when people take interest in me and I literally have no ability to continue the conversation. :( #venting #work

I should probably just end it all. I'm unhappy in every aspect of my life. My family, they don't care about me and they're always judging me. My relationship, all he talks about is inappropriate things, nothing else, and I don't get in those moods anymore, and I want to end it because of that but I really do love him. My friends, they're all better than me at everything and they all think I'm dumb. I'm diagnosed as depressed and all the medicine I have tried hasn't worked, I'... read more

My workplace has many traditions. By far my favorite is when my coworkers abandon me at the desk to deal with a rush on my own.
#Mondays #SuperShittyOfYou #venting

My roommate is terrible. She b****es at me for the smallest things. Like every day I get chewed out for very little things.

She has the biggest ego. She always talks about how perfect she is. If anything doesn't go exactly her way she blames everyone else.She has no personal accountability at all.

I try to just ignore her, but sometimes she does get under my skin. Living here is so very stressful. I can't wait for this lease to end so I can be free.

#friends #venting # fir... read more

I know I'll get hate on this, but I hate my grandmother. But I have my reasons. First things first, she's my father's mother and had been living with us since I was 4 months old. She has an awful attitude and an awful smell. She has horrible hygiene. She wears the same clothes that she pees and poops in for a week or two. She doesn't think she has any smell and tells us to just bear it, when she clearly smells like urine and feces. Her attitude is also bad. She has called me ... read more

I've spent 25 years of my life being held back and treated like im incapable of anything. I've been polite and courteous and even supportive to any friend or relationship I've ever had, just to get f***ing tossed aside and treated like dirt. I'm so sick of self righteous sh**heads thinking they're better than everyone else and smearing your face through all the sh** their ego craps out. In tired of sitting here suicidal as f*** when I know deep down I really rather live and f... read more

I'm a writer. Well, I'm trying to be. I live in apartment with my wife and child, so of course that means no space of my own. Every time I read tips for writers they always talk about having your own sacred space to write with no distractions but I have no such space. I work a day job and soon to be a second shift job because we need the money so my time to write is very limited. I recently took a few days off of work, a thing I rarely do so my vacation days available to me a... read more

I made a box of mac n cheese, apparently I was supposed to offer my sister some. If it is a well known fact in my house that I can eat a whole box of that sh** on my own, why would you want me to share with her? It makes no sense I will not share with you when you are a b**** to me. #venting #annoying #dontbeabitch #moralofthestory

Hey, It's almost 12:20am here in England and I just need to do some late night venting... I have these conflicting feelings... I've been single for a long time, like a very long time. I've been single since I came out the womb... (Yes I'm exaggerating but it's true as). And I kinda want to find someone but the struggle is I'm not ready for a relationship yet... It's really annoying me because I don't know what to do... I see other people in relationship, I act interested and ... read more

I wish I didn't love you so much........I wish I didn't care so much.......I'm stressed out and hurt and I can't take it anymore... #venting #brokenheart

I've had alot of points in time where i wanted to kill myself, even tried a few times when i was 12-15. I've tried to suffocate myself with a pillow, bleed out, starve myself and even burn my hands or make myself deaf so i can't hear insults anymore.

It all started after my parents broke up when i was 11- because of this my mum got engaged with a new man, one who i would find to be verbally abusive especially recently.

I can't do anything right in his eyes. I was bullie... read more