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Theres a girl in my class who looks like a f***ing s*** in my class. I can see her butt cheeks cuz her shorts are not even shorts. I am also 90% sure she is cheating on her bf. but not my problem. Anyways... I go to Purchase college and everyone is pretty much a pot head or a crowd of free expression so no one would actually care about this.


I was dating my ex for 3 years and he cheated on me for 3 months during my bday, christmas, new years, and vday. We talked about marriage, kids, and our future together... how could ppl be so cruel.

#cheater #venting


It's something I have to deal with everyday, thinking about the 'could'ves' that should have happened by now. I've made it to adulthood (20) despite being depressed for literally half of this lifetime. Through cowardice and procrastination, I've continued living a life I didn't want and it has become only harder to leave as the amount of obligations and responsibilities has grown with my stay.

It's not as if I was born in a complicated environment or had major issue... read more

I just came back from school. Found out I'm not graduating this year, maybe early October next yr (not year as in 2018 in 2017,not even I could finish in the summer) even earlier. during the meeting my Mother said she was disappointed in me so when I went back to the class and started bawling. I told my teacher that it's okay it's motivation for me to do better because it wasn't true. Now that I came home I feel stupid for crying and beyond embarrassed I don't want to go to s... read more

You can visit my blog for another alternative of venting. I just made a website through wixsite. Check it out and vent it out at girliegirlluver. wixsite. com/waytovent. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks!


Before you read this, I wouldn't take it personal. I am just a person who is looking for a place to vent....

I don't want to reveal this person's name but for now I'll say Chelsea. I know some great Chelsea's out there, but the one I am describing is the complete opposite but with a sarcastic twist. I wanted to post this on Urban Dictionary, but it was way too personal. I'm sure there are individuals out there who can relate or have met an "x" individual of whom I will soon ... read more

I hate my job so much!! I work at a call centre and the customers are so dumb! Even some of the people who work there are the biggest douche bags. Jessica, this kiss a** employee needs to s@ck a d#ck and just shut up. I don't know how people could be so stuck up over their job at a call centre. We are all losers for being here! Wake up to yourself Jessica! #jobhunting #venting

Idk I'm just really sad because there's this girl who I'm crazy over (i'm a junior in high school) and we used to have this really great connection but now we don't have classes together and I feel like we're drifting apart... and for some reason it's super hard for me to talk to her because spending time with her/talking to her makes me so happy and I want to get to know her more and potentially ask her to prom but it's just so damn hard #venting

It's crazy how you can be with someone for so many years and never try to be intimat but she still says she wants to be with me . Wtf??????Im just so F****g Done # venting #Venting

School is in a few days and so are exams. I'm lonely as f*ck,depressed and full of anxiety.i don't know what to do....


School is in a few days and so are exams. I'm lonely as f*ck,depressed and full of anxiety.i don't know what to do....


School is in a few days and so are exams. I'm lonely as f*ck,depressed and full of anxiety.i don't know what to do....


Have spent the past 4 years struggling, financially, in my relationship and with my depression. Was truly hoping this year would be different but this is where I am on the 4th day of check (December's not January, haven't figured out how to pay this month's) just bounced because even though it was paid by our cut off date of the 22, they didn't attempt to cash it until yesterday. It's 6 days until payday with $4 I dug up around the house and gas tank is on "E", s... read more

I'm starting to wonder; when did my love become inconvenient for you?

When did it become less sweet, and more annoying that I send you heartfelt things while you sleep?
When did wanting to know what you're up to become smothering?
When did the attention I gave become not good enough, unless you specifically asked for it?
When did wanting to call just to hear your voice stop being a good enough reason?
How come any time you've been out with friends you're cold and distant aft... read more

I've been happily dating this guy for a while, and it's been going on perfectly. He's everything I can ask for in a kind, caring man. But, I've been beginning to realize that I'm not actually into guys..That I am attracted to girls more (me being a girl as well). I love this man with all my heart. He is my soulmate, or soul companion. But, I have been developing a large crush on this girl, one of my friends. And I feel that I..Well...May be more happier with her than him? Wha... read more

I literally cannot stop screwing up. Relationships, friendships, hobbies, impressing people, you name it. But people forgive me anyway. I'm glad, but I just... feel like I deserve to be shunned. I try to be a nice person whenever I can. But as soon as everything turns out fine, it messes up again. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with everybody. One wrong thing can destroy entire relationships, and that just makes it harder. I cringe so hard at my previous experiences and... read more

I just lost a really important pen and I've been looking for it for a really long time but have had no luck. It just fell on the ground and then poof. Any ideas? I'm on the verge of screaming because I have an art deadline. I need help. :/ #f***this #venting

Being with friends or family in a joyous party makes me happy.Like,I can feel their love and care for me.But after coming home I feel depressed.Why is that? Sometimes being in the party is making me sad.I know they love me and i love them too...Then why does happy crowds make me sad? Jeeeezz I'm a mess #venting

I'm 16 and have never been involved with anyone before. Never been kissed, never been in a relationship. I feel so f***ing single. My friends have had experience before, then theres me.. My friends are all stunning as well. Blonde hair, blue-green eyes, straight hair, big boobs. I'm what you would call the exact opposite. Dark brown hair, dark eyes, curly and frizzy af hair that legit can't be tamed, and no boobs at all. I feel as though I'm not pretty at all. I find so many ... read more

I'm a nice person. I give people third-chances, and forgive and forget pretty easily. I put people first- and that's the problem. When somebody trips me and themselves, I ask if they're okay, then offer to bring them to the nurse or something. But when that happens, I can't bring myself to ask if someone can help me. I'm too afraid to ask, too shy. But if I have a gash on my face and someone else has a bruise on their cheek, I'll still probably rush over to them, clench my te... read more