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I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year.
I love him but I feel like I have to deal with things people dont have to deal with for another five years in a relationship

To ex girlfriends, baby mama drama, cheating, demeaning fights.
I am now four months pregnant and I am just tired of feeling like I dont have anyone there for me unless its conveniant for them


Um, I've been angry ever since my friend dying a few weeks ago. Now, I don't feel anything, it's like I'm detached from myself. Its been like this for a while. When he died, I wanted to cry but nothing came out and my heart and mind was just hollow. I still do not feel anything. What's going on with me? And everyday I've been waking up exhausted for no reason so the whole day I'm just TIRED like I haven't slept for days when I sleep every single day. Where are my feelings and... read more

[this is gonna be depressing and sh** so] #venting #selfharm #familyproblems

I just want to f***ing breathe. Im unable to leave this f***ing house where everything I say and do is like walking on glass that they shattered. Its so hard to happy. It's so f***ing hard. People always say to love your family but i cant. i have no love for my f***ing mother. shes a piece of sh** to everyone and is more focused on making herself look perfect than she is on her childs health. if I s... read more

My Love Triangle

I'm falling for my boyfriend's brother. I think he feels me too. No wah to be sure. I'll never make that move, I'm not sure he will either but, when I'm around him, my heart skips a beat. I'm alone with him and his son . I wish his son wasn't here, just so i can speak my mind. He's in the shower and he's so fine. I have more fun with him just watching movies on the couch and talking than i do running around with my dude. I just wish i met his brother first. ... read more

I am scared to be left alone with my thoughts. They always wonder to the worst parts of my brain, and I can't stop crying. I feel useless and pathetic every time. I constantly wear headphones just to block out all the noise, and even then it still gets through.
I hate hearing people complain about me wearing my headphones. I never tell them why because I know they wouldn't take it seriously.


I have an agreement with my significant other. I make the money and she finishes up school and tends to the apartment. We also have a daughter and try to spend an equal amount of time with her. I am paying for her school out of pocket. It's been about 25k or so per year. I make 80k a year sometimes more. I bust my a** so she won't have to worry financially. However, she's constantly complaining about tending to the apartment. She'll ignore our daughter or get upset with her w... read more

So I don't know how to start, it's my first time venting but I'll just start here.
I'm 20 & my boyfriend is 19. We have known each other since june 2013 & our relationship officially began in Nov 2013. I lost my virginity to him at age 17 & he has been the only person I've been with since. When our relationship first started of course we weren't having sex, just fingering really. Then after I lost it, we began to have sex more. Not like everyday but maybe once a week . Well a... read more

I don't think I love my older brother anymore. I mean he's been unnecessarily mean to me for as long as I can remember. And not just your average older brother type of mean...just plain ol' mean. He's done things to me physically (like hitting me) that I'm sure probably count as abuse...mild abuse maybe but abuse nonetheless. I still loved him through it all but I think I've finally reached my limit. We got into an argument with him. It was really stupid honestly and I should... read more

I just wish I could have one good birthday...just one. I've never once had a birthday that I've actually enjoyed. Last year, I practically cried the entire time...I hate my birthday, I hate my birthday parties...I just hate everything about the occasion. Why? Because I'm always ditched on my birthday. I mean, of course, my family is always there but I can't say the same for my "friends." They always ditch me on my birthday and don't even have the common decency to atleast wis... read more

I do your homework and help you with everything. I pay rent, I work hard, even if I don't have two jobs like you do. I don't need you to help me, I could do it all on my own. So don't blame me for your problems when I'm f***ing helping you. The other day you dragged me across the floor and acted like nothing happened. Why is it that you blame me every single day, we fight because you want to fight, because you feel like I'm doing everything wrong. f*** you. You're a piece of ... read more

I wish I knew someone that wouldn't spam me with
"Don't give up!!"
"Be happy!"
"Im so sorry.."
"Oh noo!!!! please be happy!! *sends 99999 online quotes*"
Everytime I say something depressing
I want someone who's in the same stage of life/ been through it
Someone who wont say "CUTTING IS BAD OMG" when I just mention self harm, and maybe someone that'll actually talk about it with me, and relate. Share stories. And maybe we'll get through it together?
Someone who knows how ... read more

It honestly triggers me so much when white people say the N word whether they're saying it with an -a ending or -er. Then it triggers me even more when they try to justify why they should be able to say it. The main reason being, "Well black people say it so why can't I?" I mean think of it this way, adults curse but does that mean that kids should be able to curse too? Or "It's in all of the songs nowadays." Ok...but who's the artist rapping that song? Oh yeah, a black perso... read more

I guess I'll just f***ing sit here and listen to your bulls*** because I'm a pathetic f***.

I really can't stand sitting next to one of my coworkers sometimes. That man smells so bad, at first I thought it was his natural body odor only to finally figure out this wasn't his body odor but his cologne... The person isn't bad he has his moments however his odor is most foul.

The best part of my day is when I get full-time employees at my job who have over 30+ years experience in this field asking me for help to solve a simple dilemma of who can cover what when someone... read more

I'm 25 and my older cousin who is 28 fell out. She kept squeezing me face hard when she came to my house and I didn't like it. She asked me if it annoyed me and I told her yeah but she didn't apologise and just left. I felt disrespected and phoned her to tell it was bothering me and asked her to stop doing it. She talked to me with an attitude and said "Fine! I won't show you any affection." I was expecting a simple apology but didn't get it. We never talked since then. Now m... read more

I have to walk on eggshells around my parents (especially my dad) and I hate it. One wrong word or action can make them start screaming at and sometimes even threaten/beat me and my brothers. My dad relentlessly teases my brothers and blames them for everything. Both my parents are hypercritical of everything about me from the way I eat to the expressions I make. I've been professionally diagnosed with anxiety & I've shown clear signs of depression, yet they still call me "dr... read more

She f***ing left me over nothing. I messed up once and she just gave up on me. She promised she wouldn't leave me and she did. She f***ing promised. She made me feel like I actually had a purpose and a friend, but now I see that it was all just a lie. She only believed I was friends with her for her girlfriend. I want nothing to do with that b****. I wanted her. My best friend. I don't give two sh**s about her girlfriend. She promised me. But of course I put my trust into som... read more

i hate my dad so much- no matter what goes wrong in this house even if it's not my fault i get in trouble for it, i thought things would be better with a job but since im so busy all the time i can't pick up after myself often so he complains about that, always asks me how much money i have in my account, accuses me of spending it poorly when he's spending his own worse then me (f*** I'M EVEN HELPIN HIM PAY OFF HIS DEBTS). i'm getting so sick and tired of him. #venting #fathe... read more

Hubby away for work, barely talks to me or our kids, I get his job is very physical, he's tired, but pay attention to the f***ing bank accout. Okay you tired, but you can still go out for pizza and food and give your brother money.... oh hell no! Don't be leaving me and our kids with nothing! So after all the overdraft fees I chose to opt out so now his card will get declined if there's not enough money in the account. You know what this fool does.... he gets mad at me! Wtf y... read more

I think im asexual. I dont enjoy sex but enjoy emotional connection,and sometimes it makes me feel like ill never be fully and truely loved #venting #asexual #dontknowwhattodo #lgbt+