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Some of you may question as to whether i’m okay or not. The answer is no and I don’t think I will ever be. I think for the first time in my life I experienced true happiness and love. But then like always it shattered. It’s been three weeks, of crying, of feeling broken, of feeling alone, and of not wanting to move on. I made the mistake of falling in love and getting involved with a girl who’s parents didn’t quite accept us as a couple. I should have known from the... read more

So I've struggled with this one special person on and off for years, right? There are circumstances that stop me from dating them. When we both had a mutual attraction, I said over and over exactly why it would never work, because our core beliefs were in direct conflict. But we kept on being friends. They were my best friend, and I talked to them on skype every night, ignoring my school work and early mornings to just get those hours in to keep them company while they worked... read more

So my brother is getting married. Were are only 3 sibling because the fourth is lost in the bipolar world. I'm the only female sibling. So the future sister in law did not feel the need to include me in the wedding party. Instead, she chose our sister in law whom she has know for the past five minutes, mind you, my niece, and her friend. She didn't stop and think that maybe she should include her future husbands only sister. What pisses me off the most is that my brother didn... read more

This guy has been showing signs that he likes me (playful teasing, finding silly excuses to talk, offering me a ride home even though our houses are in opposite directions, constant staring, etc.) We have several classes together and every time we're in the same room, he goes out of his way to interact with me because I'm the quiet type. I've always found him attractive before I ever talked to him, so naturally, I instantly liked him, but I'm having doubts about whether he ac... read more

these people having been bullying me about my weight, sexuality, and race and I told the school and that just made it worse they are now attacking me on social media I can't tell the school because its break here. My parents just yell at me if I react in a sad manner, I know I can turn off my phone but the thought of these people posting stuff about me constantly without me know just... depresses me? I can't defend myself or they won't get in trouble because if I do people sa... read more

I've been friends with this person for more than seven years. I thought we were really good friends, best friends to be exact until one day she stopped talking to me out of the blue. I till this day don't know why she did this, I think it might have something to do with me not going to college for a year. She basically lied to me saying she understood my problem and then ends up not talking to me. But she has time to talk and hangout with her other friend, she even got an apa... read more

Why are there so many ignorant people in this world?

Right now I'll seem like some stupid b**** that shouldn't be complaining about my 'perfect' life, but in my opinion I think the human race is the worst thing that this universe created.

For starters there are so many people out there who joke about suicide, this includes the famous 'kill yourself' and also 'triggered'. Being someone who has depression for quite a few years now I feel like my mental illness isn't taken ser... read more

How will you let yourself be in a state of positiveness in times of hate and sorrow? I always ask myself repeatedly of the things i'm going through right now. Do i really deserve this kind of treatment? Why do things so right go wrong? I grudge so much that i killed these people multiple times in my mind.

#letgo #calmyourtits #venting

How will you let yourself be in a state of positiveness in times of hate and sorrow? I always ask myself repeatedly of the things i'm going through right now. Do i really deserve this kind of treatment? Why do things so right go wrong? I grudge so much that i killed these people multiple times in my mind.

#letgo #calmyourtits #venting

So I have liked this guy for two years now. I know I should get over him as he (and no other guy ever) doesn't like me back. Well my best friend knows this, and it kills me to talk about him, so I haven't for a few months. She then decided that she is going to tell me that she likes him, as if one week ago and I have to play along like I don't cause I don't want to feel bad. So I'm on the other end of snapchat crying my eyes out because every guy she has liked, likes her back... read more

Truth? I'll vent out on here then! No one knows me. Inside? I'm so f***ing broken. Idk care where my life takes me. Why am I so hard on myself because that how I was raised the littlest mistake severely punishable. my childhood taken away before my eyes no one will understand. Weight? I carry alot. Should I cry? No that is punishable too. no one understands the machine they created me into. I can't free myself from it. the self condemnation so severe it that hurts. The hell i... read more

Girls, you're so damn lucky, aside from periods and birth(if that's even a con). All you have to do is look good and the guy is supposed to take over. He's supposed to ask you out, initiate conversation, initiate everything like kissing and all things like that. U just let it happen. This doesn't seem to be a problem for most guys as they seem to be so aggressive and extroverted. But here I am, I'm 17 and I've never dated a girl. In fact, I've basically never even talked to a... read more

I feel like I've reached my limit with Boyfriend's attitude. One second he is sweet and then we fight and he wants to break up. Or he walks out to cool down. Hes constantly bitching about how he is selfish and no one respects him.. Hes insecure. I relly can't help him and he is bringing my mood down. When Im down, he tells me that life is meaningless and horrid and that is the way it is going to be. Im just so sick of it all. Ive been crying so much lately and crying on the p... read more

My fiancé and I aren't talking to each other. Hes been gone all day and hasn't called even once. He was going to work (12hr shifts, 6 days a week) yesterday and I didn't want him to leave, but I understood he had to heat back. I often go to his mechanic shop with him, so I offered to tag along. At first he said yes, but then changed his mind. Why did it bother me so much? I have abandonment issues and he knows it. I didnt have a loving mom and my dad was never there. The ink... read more

So I have this one friend that does some things impulsively. To begin with, I don't necessarily have a "best friend". I have a group of very close friends, but sometimes I feel they put that much effort into their friendship with me as they do with others. But that's besides the point. So this one friend just doesn't know when to stop and does things without thinking sometimes. It's not often and she's a really great friend overall but sometimes her actions put me over the ed... read more

I got home with a good mood even though tired from work and i bought them a food because i got my salary. After an hour going to bed while stuffing my phone, my father called me to face him that if i wanted to go back to school to pursue my college. Ofcourse i would! Who woudnt? But the way he ask me those words its like slap in the face because of the tone he used. Its like those hidden tone "oh can you finish it? You can do it without a failure? You should finish it not lik... read more

I literally f***ing hate my job and all the sh** a** customers there. I told this one guy I don't have a pizza stand for this huge a** pizza he ordered so it needed to lay flat in the table, of course the b**** 3 minutes later gets and gets the pizza stand even though I told him that the ones we had are too small. So logically I had to take back the stand because 1. The pizza will fall off the stand since it's too small and 2. That's just the rules of the restaurant.f***ing c... read more

Im an introvert. Easily hurt & i hate to admit that with everything that i have but its the truth. I put on this tough facade for the world only because i attract the wolves for some reason. i dont have it all together.I can't help the fact that im DEAD inside. Im still physically here but IM gone. I wish my body would've went with my soul but here i am. Im just tired of being tired. #venting #lost #misunderstood #done

This is the dumbest thing to whine about but I'm kinda stewing about it so whatever. Me and my friends are gearing up for a D&D campaign that I've been looking forward to for months, that I built a complex, setting appropriate character for, that I want to play to match the tone of the setting (underdogs in the wilderness), but no, all my friends are like "I'm a gnoll with a jet pack " or "im a bionicle", and my GM just GOES with it, he lets them do all this f***ing stupid se... read more

One hundred percent of my insecurities and negative thoughts are because of my body. How unfortunate this stupid sack of flesh my brain pilots around could cause me to become such a disaster. I long for the day when you can build yourself however you please

#venting #loathing #tired