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Have fun! Play games! #YOLO Right?

So, I don't tell people about my pastor's license. It basically exist so in several states I don't get arrested for tarot card readings. Recently my husband suggested that I become a greif counselor for the hospital for pagans. .... I'm going to a funeral this weekend to wish someone to the other side. #yolo

Alas poor Yorick... anyone else LIVE for this quote!!! Honestly I lie it so much, whenever sh** happens to me I realize that #YOLO

#Boston #venting #YOLO #RelationshipProblems

#Carpe diem
#number 4 metastatic
Minus alphas and ends?
If you understand any of this join my charity, the gift of the giving tree. Alive. One rainbow to rule all love. Without they Grey's and greedy needy uncreative people who sold their emotions to higher their i.q. out of greed of having to know every question instead of seeing the rainbow for what it is. Love of life. Restore the rain bow.
Support amber Konkler go fund me. Skip the sob story. Now tak... read more

Last year in June 30th I met this girl, she was attractive and had charisma, it was jackpot. We became friends, talked almost everyday, hung out almost everyday. We were inseparable, we were those annoying kids who finished sentences for each other, who were basically not blood twins. We'd do EVERYTHING together, over time, we had a few snaps, and those stung. After a while..I got betrayed by her....More than once.. And it completely destroyed me, because she became my rock. ... read more

I have changed and I am a different person but when I was little I was obsessed with the idea of sex and blowjobs, so at one point when my little sister and I were playing truth or dare i dared her to put my penis in her mouth, and I hate myself so much for it, I just had to get that off my chest. I am a changed person after I tore a ligament on Halloween one year which brought me closer to my family and to God. I have since lost some faith due to my tendency to follow people... read more

If you could save your dying city would you do it? A:Of Course Yes.
However I'm not so sure, I've weighed the pro's and con's of what people do in this city and it annoys me to see the pattern people constantly follow.
It's rare to come across people who actually struggle to help others, but I find the people they help also go nowhere.
Everyday for the people in this town its wait for the Doll, Get Drunk, Work, Spend money on Garbage and the constant repetition of society str... read more

The most forbidden kind of sex also happens to be my best ever. I hope it happens again even at the risk for all the trouble it could bring.
#yolo #forbidden

Why is all people post on about killing themselves? Maybe seek professional help. Having a vent isn't going to help you or fix anything. Don't be so dramatic or seek professional help. #YOLO

Man fukbois really love trolling this site, how banal of them.

I guess if I hated myself as much as they do, I'd too compulsively hit the laugh button and leave comtemptable replies.

I guess life's going exactly how they imagined, lurking on muttr, awaiting an opportunity to hate.

#doyou #keepingit100 #yolo

I'd like to thank Trump for giving me the inspiration to apply for jobs I have absolutely no experience in. #blessed #winning #yolo #sarcasm

why is there a #YOLO tag but not a #SWAG tag???
#swag #swag #swag #swag #swag #swag #swag #swag #swag

When life is good
all is as should
and smile I will
for my happiness fill

#happiness #lifeisgood #smile #YOLO

Is anyone here transgender? And to be more specific, a transgender woman? I am.

#trans #transitioning #transgender #yolo

Well .... I dont know what to say ...
I feel so .... Empty

I miss people ... And wonder if they miss me as well...
I think about them
Care too much
Then without knowing it .. Im already losing them

I suck .. I try to be the best i can be ..

But seems im never enough ..
Nothing is ever enough ..

Questions are everywhere ..
I need time off away from everything ..
Im so lost i dont even know how or where to start picking myself back ...

I used to be so jolly ... So pos... read more

OMG so I was at the Field Museum in Chicago 2day. It was SO funny. So I see this t rex and I'm like to my mom 'look it's rexy'. My sister gets this and totally bursts out laughing. My little cousins wanted to go see this exhibit that me and my sis didn't want to see, so we hung out. So we both go into this Egyptian part of the museum and there's this part where you can lay in a sarcophagus. We meander over that way and this hot guy sits up out of the sarcophagus. We think he ... read more

I filled my friend's p**** with whipped cream when she passed out in the party #yolo

Where do I start? When i started to feel alone? When I finally realized Im going to lose the little bit of family I have left? Should I start on my explanation on why im such a bad person and im so selfish? Or maybe at the part where everything started.. the day I was born. I have never been normal; at first you may look at me and think that im just like everyone else and i want nothing more than that. You see, you can read a whole bunch of these rants/vents and at the end of... read more

#Research #IJustWantAPub #AnotherLongNight #NoSocialLife #UnderpaidQuant #ThereHasToBeALight #LetsGo #YOLO