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What gives the ignorant savage the right to insult and harass, and defame our characters? Do we tell the ignorant hilllbilly to drop dead? no. So why is he trying to make us drop dead for with his want of our demise? ignorant warmongering tree killing a**

Who says people who smoke cannabis has no rights promised in the constitution and bill of rights? Jeff sessions - Who says our constitution has the right to be voted away by any group of bigots? jeff sessions does. What wou... read more

Posting here to send a rant into the void... Terrible cough kept me awake all night, woke my baby constantly, my 5 year old was up from 6am. Crashed my car on the school run (pretty minor incident). Terrible headache and need to take my dog for a walk in the torrential rain. Family coming to stay tomorrow so have loads of chores to do, then due to spend the weekend at my in-laws house 😕 Oh, and still need to lose a stone in baby weight. Enough already! #venting

coast to coast am is speaking of shock treatment ruing peoples lives. my grandma had it, and it broke her arm from the extreme violent muscle contractions, and i feel that kind of thing is equated with barbarism

Hi, I don't know what's wrong with me, I keep having these thoughts that aren't really mine. Like I can be thinking about how I have to do schoolwork then all of a sudden there's a thought totally unrelated to my previous thoughts. For example, "Today I have math homework and- that guy really annoyed me". It's not me thinking and I sometimes notice and get confused because I don't know where this thought came from or who it pertains to. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with me... read more

I put this in the Health category because I figured Sex = health? Anyway

So, I stopped masturbating about a week and a half ago and today I realized that I don't have any sexual urges at all. Is that normal or what? I think I can restart my sex drive if I just masturbated but I just don't care too, and I don't know if it's normal or not to feel this way

Need motivation to revise. I just come home and do nothing noteworthy for 4 hours then put off revision until the next day.

Just found out that I have hypothyroidism and I will probably have to be on medicine for the rest of my life.

Seeing "100% Natural" on food packaging makes me

100% more suspicious it is not all natural.

it is terrible living my life in fear and anxiety-the stress is killing me

Can't seem to figure out if I'm really depressed. :(

Venom from the deadly funnel web spider can be used to protect the brain from devastating stroke damage.

Australian researchers were sequencing the DNA of the venom when they discovered a compound,

which they say could protect brain cells even when injected hours after a stroke has occurred.

This g**d*** mother funcking catheter is coming out TODAY, whether urologist agrees or not.

Had enough of this precautionary medicine, no reason for dealing w/ this crap.

Urologist wants a catheter, he can solve a truckload of catheter up his a**!

I'm mentally ill. Some of it is because of how my brain developed. Some of it is because people have hurt me. Some of it is because people are hurting me. Some of it is because the fact I'm mentally ill makes it so I can't f***ing do anything for myself. I was abused so now I can't kiss anyone without wanting to kill myself, even though I want to fall in love. I was told for my entire life that I was lazy, even when I was trying my best. My mental state is degrading even more... read more

Troll always uses a mobile profile to pick on me... Every time someone posts from a mobile and they're having a rough time I just kind of assume it's Troll. Then I say "Aah, this is why you try to hurt me." I'm praying for you...

#Author #Troll

Just learned about a new website today. "Seven cups of tea" or something like that. I think it could really help a lot of you.


my little sis wants to try my inhaler?? but she's not asthmatic?

If you'd just have listened for once and brought your g**d*** EpiPen like you were supposed to we wouldn't be sitting in a hospital right now!

Getting results of my mom's MRI tomorrow. The last time 5 weeks ago, her largest tumor grew 25%. Need positive thoughts please. It's not curable, we just need more time with her please.

Holy f*** do vegan mozzerela sticks exist

every day it's the same routine. wake up. get wood for fire. start fire. feed cats. go to bathroom. make food. watch tv while eating. adjust fire. go back to room. zone out. get nothing done.

today i was out of firewood and cat food. i just decided to let the house get cold. didn't even get up to eat. i feel like i wouldn't care if i died right now..