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I wonder if I'm a sociopath

i have a cold all of u best feel sorry for me

I don't know what worse....... mania, or depression

I'm 5'0"/152 cm tall and I only weigh 86 lbs/39 kg but my arms and thighs have excess fat. I hate this so much because I feel very insecure in sleeveless clothes and bright-colored pants. I'm not looking to lose more weight, I know I'm already underweight (my metabolism is just fast I guess), but I just want to have a fit and tight body. I just want all the unsightly flab to go away so I can wear the clothes I want without being insecure. My BMI doesn't even reach 17, g**d***... read more

Why does Athsma exist, what the f*** is the actual point of the lungs constricting it's tubes and loading it with excessive mucous?

What is the f***ing natural g**d*** purpose?

I'm on the whiskey diet, and it must be working well,

because I've already lost three days.

5 months clean :)

I learned to never tell my husband about my suicide attempt I tried last week cause instead of support, I've been getting yelled at & chewed out. It's kinda hard to go on from this. I'm doing way better & wont do it again. But I am stepping up & owning all my faults. My husband wont give support & do group therapy with me. So who the hell knows what I should do? Cause I don't know anymore. I've started steps towards working with mental health groups & volunteering to keep me ... read more

I’m done with the notion that penis in vagina should be used for reproduction alone, if practiced at all on a female. There’s just no need for it. Our bodies weren’t made for that. A big clue is that every hetero female’s “first time” is painful. No other form of stimulation is painful, never (i.e. our clitoris, the main female source of pleasure) . A woman has to make her body not feel pain via piv over time.

Okay, this is a little embarrassing, but I've itched down South since I was a little kid. I don't think anything is wrong, but it's really annoying to have holes in all my pajama bottoms.


An illness usually self-diagnosed by the unemployed as an excuse to stay home and masturbate or play Wii.

-David Thorne
-Can you buy me some Jergens on the way back? My agoraphobia -and my current financial stare- won't let me do the shopping.

I wish my ears had some crunchy earwax in them now. I need someone to pick my ears and give my soft ear canals copious ear sex.

My parents always comment on my weight and it makes me feel like sh**

I do awful things because of my addiction, then I regret it, and I most certainly don't mean to, I swear. I'm sorry to everyone I've hurt or stolen from, that wasn't me stealing, that was my brain related drugs to oxygen that I completely and utterly needed that money more than anyone in that moment. I'm really not like this

God dammit I deleted Instagram and snapchat for the sole purpose of getting rid of needless distractions but here I am, spending even more time on f***ing muttr !

I've never felt so torn.... I love my children and husband very much and that is why I'm still here. They are the only things stopping me from either moving away from everyone and everything or stopping me from not wanting to exist at all. All my life I've felt short changed, I feel like I treat the people I love with so much love,care and respect and they feel every ounce of my commitment to them but it's never returned, I used to think id fallen in love with the wrong peopl... read more

It's 4:21am and all I can think is that I need a shower. Can't sleep again. Kill me.

to be clear, my research indicates that you do not have to be stoned on pot to get the healing qualities of cannabis, and in fact there is plenty you can do that will not get you stoned at all. drinking 4-8 ounces daily of juiced fresh cannabis leaves will not get anyone high, but it will begin to saturate you, every nook and cranny of you, with the healing goodness of medical pot. in fact there are those who talk about juiced cannabis as if cannabis is a vegetable, and that ... read more

I wish I looked healthier. I look way too tired for a 19 year old. Years and years of extreme depression, I suppose.
I just want to look happy and healthy, that's all.

Florida Power and Light Is Fighting to Store Radioactive

Nuclear Waste Directly Under Miami's Drinking Water.....

..... Florida Man is going to get even crazier!