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I need some meds for my anxiety it's ruining my lifeeeee

So I have a fear of choking from a recent incident like when I eat and I'm trying to get back to solid foods and just eat normal but I get scared I know I can swallow fine but I just get so scared still I get anxiety but this has to stop because I'm losing a lot of weight and I'm already skinny so that's not good at all. And I don't want to be malnourished because of this silly fear someone help please

leetem' get high
letm' get stoned
everything will be alright, if you let it go:-)
92.3 indiana

When i was in high school I thought people who cut did it for attention. It wasnt until after my first suicide attempt in college that I experimented with it as a way to release built up tension. I immediately fell in love with it. But afterwards I felt such shame. I always did it in places no one would ever know. But now Im steady about it, having all the alcohol and gauze laid out before hand, sanitizing the mini razor. I dont feel the shame anymore. But still no one knows ... read more

I'm a 16 year old girl of normal weight and I have this really bad chest pain, all over and nausea and it hurts to breath normally and I'm dizzy, kinda confused.. it's late and I don't think it's actually an emergency, like a heart attack, but I've read that heart attacks aren't as dramatic in women.. so idk should I tell my parents, I don't want to bother them for nothing

i am angry that i cant see my post after ive hit submit. what am i doing wrong

Also Jesus Christ with these weirdos who cut themselves for the pleasure like I did it for the pain to sober myself up but whatever I guess whatever floats your boat.

Why can't I ever go somewhere where my stomach doesn't make grumbly noises because I can't sh** 😠

Jesus f***ing Christ. My nephew comes in with a cut finger and bleeding all over the place, crying and freaking out so I take him to the bathroom and yelling for bandages and do you know what my retarded f***ing sister is doing? She f***ing went outside to look for the f***ing scissors he cut himself with. Jesus f***ing Christ. I had to f***ing leave the poor kid to run upstairs to grab the first aid and I'm still yelling for help from the stupid b****. After all that she was... read more

Everything I eat makes me constipated. I literally haven't had a bowel movement in days #whycantibenormal

I skipped my sugar pills and now I've been spotting for like 3 weeks. My body sucks.

I'm starving myself for no damn reason.I DON'T think i'm fat,i DON'T think i "need to be in control" i just find the taste of food disgusting

I fainted twice in front of my sister, when my heart was racing too fast and when I got lightheaded, and both times she rolled her eyes and ignored me. I now have nightmares and have a fear that I'll fall from some serious medical condition and she'll just leave me there to die. I don't trust her at all anymore. She really would watch me die because she simply doesn't care about me. And of course I talked to her about it, she got offended and shouted and tried making the conv... read more

f*** guys i cried a little lmao what happened was i woke up because i thought there was something in my right eye and when i went to check i accidentally grabbed my f***ing eyeball along with some little black string - the apparent cause of the irritation that woke me up (i was sleepy as f*** im not stupid) i think the layer over my eye tore so i panicked and cried i couldve gone blind i still get scared holy sh** im an idiot my vision is a littlt blurry now but im scared of ... read more

I didn't sleep that well last night. In fact, I don't remember sleeping at all. Just trying to rest. It sucked a** cause I felt irritated as f***. Maybe this is tied to a change in season, meaning my body hasn't yet adjusted to sunrise and sunset summer times. I'll recover, though. At least I'm not in school going through this. Otherwise I'd be screwed.

our dog is limping and crying and every time i mention it my mum gets angry at me like "well what the f*ck should i do about it!?" oh sh*t sorry i forgot vets were outlawed in 2010 you f*cking sh*t for brains

How to lose weight without having to starve yourself?

OMG she aborted my baby and didn't even tell me, the evil c***!

I just saw the weirdest video ever, then again it was from buzzfeed, what else could i expect. The video is all about a guy who "sees his gf's period blood for the first time" and how people shouldn't be so grossed out by it, that it's not a shame and that it's not embarassing...
So... Should it be embarassing ? no. It's natural, we can't help it, it's gonna happen anyway. Should we be ashamed ? of course not. Should people and even ourselves, be grossed out ?
Yes we should. ... read more

yea trump is bringing asbestos back :) take that worry worts