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I ate a box of pizza to myself it made me so happy

time to toke, and listen to coast to coast am with georgy noory :-)

I'm HAPPILY into celibacy :-)

So I tried melatonin last night and it just made everything much worse I had really bad nightmares but I couldn't wake myself up like I usually do. Just. I give up.

I don't know what it is. Even though I'm surrounded by people, I feel so hopelessly alone.
I keep thinking about YOU, and how much of a hold you've had on my mind for the past year.
Your actions not only led to my plummeting GPA, but I'm almost certain confirming that I do, indeed, have depression.
Whatever bit of it I had before our little falling out is now a full-blown hurricane of doubt and self-deprecation.
I can hardly speak these days, yet alone write like I used to.
E... read more

I want to kill myself. Not because I'm depressed or anything. I just feel a really powerful urge to do it. I'm not clinically depressed, or anxious, and I have good friends/family.

I'm having a serious case of pms and I think I might die

f***ing Obamacare. I used to have good insurance but when they passed the law, they got rid of my insurance and put me on crappy Obamacare coverage. Now I need some basic therapy to deal with stuff and I can't pick my therapist and the only ones you can get anyway are pill pushers not the kind that give you coping tools.

I think I have a serious case of couch potato syndrome.

Help i want to sleep but I'm seeing dog instead of rucksack, black small tree roots in the air and things moving

I'm a f***ing p****
I'm scared of a stupid f***ing needle, something i'll have to face daily especially with the health path i'll probably be going [diabetes].
I'm going to scream, i'm gonig to try to run and make it worse, I don't want to do it- I dont want to be there. I don't want to embarrass myself I dont want to embarrass my family. I dont want to be sceramed at, I don't want to cry and scream, I dont want to act crazy , I dont want to act like her, I want ot be brave, ... read more

I'm extremely suicidal

Can someone shed some light on the scientific study that says wearing bras is actually really harmful? I'm not good at deciphering academic journals.

Man.. I was able to load up stacks of wood into my arms and carry my 7 year old son two months ago... I had some serious muscle for a 23 year old girl. Now due to health issues, I can't lift a log.

My joints and muscles ache terribly, my limbs are always sore and tired. I don't even know what to do anymore. After several doctors appointments, loads of blood work and an MRI we still don't have the answer. Next is the rheumatologist. That's in October. Any suggestions until th... read more

I'm sick. Social anxiety, depression, autism, ptsd, skin picking... its horrible. Its my birthday in 2 days and i have no friends. 22 years old, working a low paying part time job and having flashbacks about being sexually abused. I cant afford therapy anymore and my bank account is below zero, im seriously considering suicide once again. It just feels like there's nothing left for me in a world that hates mentally ill people and lesbians.

My depression/anxiety is making it difficult to get a job. It's not that I don't try, I just end up having an anxiety attack before going to the interview. I wish I could explain that to people but most call me lazy or unmotivated. I didn't ask to be this way.

This is about mental health, actually. I feel like there's a fire inside me, and I think it's going to kill me. It's like the feeling of being right next to someone you have a crush, but in a bad way. I feel unstable and like I'm going to flip out and hurt myself or someone else. I don't want that to happen... anybody have any tips on what I should do...?

I've come to the conclusion that I probably have a brain tumor and I'm probably going to die. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that I have a husband who wouldn't be able to handle living without me. Wish there were a solution for that.

Shot thru the heart
And you're to blame

If you're obese, I don't care. Weigh 300 pounds. Enjoy your life. But would it kill you to take a f***ing shower now and then?