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For as long as I can remember I have had the strangest relationship with food. To get myself to stop from overeating I have to physically say "I don't need that" I order to rid myself of the cravings. Recently I've lost a lot of weight and I feel amazing about it! I have never been happier and more motivated to keep working towards my goal, but as I keep getting closer I keep having to justify eating something. Now it's moved on to me having to weigh the pros and cons of a pa... read more

I need to lose weight, I cant breathe through these tripple D's!!!!!!!

I am too poor to go shopping.

That moment when you've been diagnosed with severe Anxiety and your family has been out for a really long time, so you come to the obviously reasonable realization that they must've gotten into a terrible car crash.

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It would mean a lot if anyone read this. Every time someone responds I smile a little more. Or don't; I mean it's your choice. Here we go:

I think I have anxiety but I'm too scared to do anything about it. At one point I'll be fine but then I'll think about something as small as a homework assignment, or as big as my mental state, then I will feel crap for the rest of the day.
I have the strongest feeling of guilt because I see people online who DO have anxiety, and that mak... read more

I should be proud that I don't cut. I always have urges to grab the nearest sharp objects (sometimes even plastic knives or scissors) and slice away at my wrists. I once grabbed a knife, and sat on my bed, staring at it. Then I put it away. I feel like a wimp for not cutting.

Oh my god
Why am I still losing weight?
I don't like this.
I was content and happy at least 5 pounds ago.
I don't understand

I might have a disease that could kill me, but I don't care. I don't feel anything one way or the other. I probably don't have it. I'll know when the tests come back.

im sick of being hard on myself. i dont tknow how to take a break without feeling guilty and like a worthless piece of sh**.

I hate when somebody talks you going to somebody else you don't even know like instance my makeup artist who does my makeup Knows how to use products that's right for my sensitive skin,this other woman who does makeup had the nerve to say that ohh I do makeup I should be the only makeup artist for you. I'm like what seriously like come on I'm more comfortable going to my own makeup artist who knows to make my skin look nice

I'm antisocial. I abhor human interactions. I want to stay in my room all day and not talk to a single soul. But I try, I try to make friends, I try to be nice, it just isnt working. I hated people since I was a kid, felt a little sociopathic putting on an act and manipulating others. Now I want to be honest. I think relationships are a huge waste of time. I dont hate people who are social, I'm actually envious, I wish I could honestly be like that. They seem like happy peopl... read more

ive been wearing my binder WAY to long. time for a break jesus christ!!

Should I get up tomorrow morning.


I'm really struggling with body image right now and I've tried to work out more recently along with cutting out nearly all sugar (except some fruit here and there.) I feel terrible about feeling bad about my body because I'm told I'm so skinny and good looking but I really don't see it and I feel really guilty. I'm terrified of gaining weight and I've been trying to do things to keep me from feeling this way like working out and eating more protein to feel fuller but I still ... read more

my eating habit is getting worse... f***

So I'm a former anorexic after a year of getting things back together under the radar all alone I'm considering just going back I know it sounds weird because people always say they were on a diet that went to far and stuff, but for me my obsession with my weight turned into me not caring about my health at all and just deciding to become anorexic I lost 15 pounds it doesn't sound like a lot but I was small to start so at its height I looked pretty sickly I still wonder how n... read more

I just had some dark, suicidal thoughts and it got to a point where I started laughing hysterically. I'm going insane, I can feel it. I don't know how much longer I can take. Even in my best days, I want to die. I'm just f***ing done. My depression is making me lose my mind.

Yeah, so my grandpa who raised me is on his death bed due to pancreatic cancer, I'm flirting with this sh** head who's currently on probation, I just punched a wall and my hand is swollen, isolated, etc. I opened my phone and started to text a dealer for oxy but I reluctantly closed that sh**. My parents really don't trust me, they want me in the car with them even though I'm not staying with my grandpa cause finals. I'm being driven 1000 miles to not see him all because my p... read more

being told i'll never be able to drive because i'm too mentally disabled just bums me out so bad. people think i'm really smart because my brain just happens to do well with english but it fails at absolutely everything else. i forget my name, what my brother looks like, simple words, how to do simple things, just about everything. i can't even visualize things! i struggle to feed myself and bathe myself and i feel so useless! i know it's not my fault i'm so dumb but it's so ... read more

Wish dying didn't take so much effort. Wish I could just lie down and go to sleep for good.