I want so badly to be diagnosed with anxiety, JUST so I can know that I'm not being crazy or overreacting, that other people feel the same way and won't think I'm being stupid. I'm too scared to go to a GP or doctor, because I'm so scared that they will tell me that I'm attention seeking, or overreacting. I have all the signs and symptoms. Panic attacks come about once a week and I hate them. Elevated heartbeat, feeling faint and sick, numb fingers. I just suddenly freak, sometimes because of a trigger, sometimes for no apparent reason. I'll cry and cry and cry. Then I'm fine and I go back to my routine. And maybe I'm being thick and selfish. Maybe this is cruel to people who do have anxiety, like my friend who has panic disorder. I just want to be told that there is something wrong, and it's ok.
I just want someone to help me.