I just feel like nobody hears me. I try to open up to my husband about my mental health and still he watches hockey instead. He says he's listening but no eye contact. Always a screen. I feel like asking for eye contact or a response during a conversation is not too much to ask for. When I bring this up he gets frustrated with me because he says he can watch a screen and listen at the same time but if I'm talking about something sensitive or personal to me I don't think asking for an active conversation is too much to ask for. I just feel like everything I'm saying falls on def ears. I went to urgent care because I was having a panic attack and they told me they can't help and gave me a recommendation about a few places to go. I called those places and they didn't even offer the services I was recommended for. Then I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor. When i got there and talked about the issues with my depression and anxiety I was having he said "I'm a doctor of medicine, not a doctor of mental health" and said to talk to his receptionist in the lobby (where there were 6 other people) and she can tell me how to talk to a councilor. I DIDN'T PAY THE RECEPTIONIST TO TELL ME HOW TO GET HELP I PAID MY DOCTOR. So I just walked out the door in tears. I'm just so frustrated. I feel so alone and lost and don't know what to do or how to get help. I made an appointment with a mental health physician, but I just feel like I'm going to get discounted again and told I can't be helped and don't even want to go because I don't know if I can handle having another doctor tell me it's not their job and they can't help. I commute over 200 miles round trip for university and due to our circumstances I can't change this but I just feel like everyone is discounting my issues. My family doctor asked me if I exercise and when I said I'm always tired and don't have time he said "well do you have children?" and I said no and he said "well then you don't have an excuse." It's just so demoralizing. I feel like I have nobody to talk to.