Though I think I kinda like this outcome. I like challenges. The will to survive haha ive never been faced with this before. Idk.. the brain annyuerisms dilemma will forever suck but this effect will be interesting. Okay, last ever touch of the monitors/screens/internet is now. Haha im kinda pumped now. What am i going to do when i have to call.someone idk.. but the outcome will be that i get to keep my life just a bit longer & no brain ruptures and whatdya know i might just be the next einstein without all the electronics to distract me from school. :) I might have to sit iin a special room in school, one without a t.v but thats okay. I get to meet the mentally challenged kids and help the caregivers out more with them. Besides I get to sell my phone and kindle. Money money money xD Okay this will be cool ill be a good sport about tthis.. You see this nurse andy? IM WANT TO LIVE!! XD