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I don't quite understand how someone can be so fat and unhealthy and still have a "healthy baby".

Anyone else get waves of depression at random times? It feels like an anti-orgasm of sadness.

my therapist says what i'm experiencing is obsessive suicidal thoughts. even when i'm not entirely depressed that day its just ALWAYS on my mind. not that i have any intent, just wishing, and thinking about how i'd do it, and then feeling guilty about leaving my family, but thinking about how much it hurts. on a loop all day everyday. its driving me crazy

ha i'm gonna die, these stomach pains are getting too much for me

not like anyone cares, but anyway :))))

i dont deserve to be alive. theres nothing left for me and i dont see the point in staying in a place that i dont feel like i belong. ive never belonged. i wish id successfully killed myself in the 8th grade like i was supposed to. why am i still here

I am repulsed by my own body. I hate waking up every morning, knowing that I have to look in the mirror and be so unhappy with the way my body looks. Apparently I have good looks, but good looks don't make you happy. I want to lose weight, but it's nearly impossible for me to do so. I hate just looking down and seeing my stomach, knowing that others view me as being a slob or being disgusting. I want to change, I've tried to change, but I guess I'm just going to have to look ... read more

Whoospy daisy I couldnt help it my butthole prolapsed 🍩🍣🍦🌯🍤

hit me up with money bc damn, ain't cancer a b****?

Im thin and I am not so pleased with the shape of my body. While there is potential for me to get a more defined figure if I were to gain weight (I do have a good bit of weight stored in my thighs compared to the rest of me and I have boobs), I don't feel like doing anything to change my figure... It's too much work.

Looking for an easy, cheesey dinner idea? New Beefaroni catface! It's as easy as one two fart! Hamburger helper: it's as easy as *fart on tissue and let fat ugly cat sniff it*

ADHD makes people around me annoyed, but the most annoyed one is me, I am sure. Overstimulated burning feeling after being alone in the house all day and having someone come home? What a pain in the a**! I think I need a stronger dose of meds...

Oh my gosh. I hate my period. I can tell it's coming bc my boobs freaking hurt. And they itch. So whenever I scratch them it hurts like the dickens. They're so freaking sore. Oh my gosh and then I'm gonna be bloated and bleeding and the cramps. Why do I have to go through this when I don't even want kids?????

I've lost about 10 lbs over the semester due to taking a class that uses Maui Thai, Krav Maga, and Kick Boxing and it can be pretty grueling.
Nobody's really noticed, not even my boyfriend, until I tell him. Every time I tell him he gets kind of scared and concerned and asks if I'm alright. I appreciate his concern, it's sweet, but I'm a little annoyed that he sat there begging me to not lose any more weight. I had to explain to him that I was still well into a healthy weight... read more

My throat hurts. I didn't even scream at all today, the f***

Looooove the fact that i work out twice a day everyday of the week but i still look like an uncooked sausage compared to my friends who dont work out at all and eat like sh**

I'm kinda scared to take my antibiotic again after puking the last one up uuuhgh it was so horribly bitter. 🤢 I feel so grosssssssssss. 👎🏻

it is my funeral thanatology the final stage is acceptance yeah if I can just accept the pain take 2 aspirin

Want better doctors? Take the art of learning emotional intelligence. The metaphysical realm of science, Harvard cheated Einstein out of and used his weakness, being lonely to trick him. Well now any creative mind is plaqued by lawyer doctors and Baptist Desoto Southaven ms. And education. If this has not happened in your area yet, you are the next target.

Healthcare is dead only because they stole the eye of society. The creative hard worker of any subject. Philosophy and p... read more

Apparently, weight gain is a side effect of marriage.

Thank goddess for iced mint tea!!!
I don't think I could carry on without it but now to get someone else to make it for me....