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Finally realized that being an introvert is what's behind my behaviors that cause a lack of sleep.

1. My family all rise at 7. It's not because I am not a morning person that I am irritated when I wake with them. It's because I don't have time to collect my thoughts and center myself for the day ahead. I have been waking an hour early to do so.

2. I work all day motivating and advocating for my patients and my profession. I am completely drained at the end of the day.

3. I... read more

I'm very allergic to cats, but I had nowhere else to go and she has a cat. Now I have to find a way to not die. I can feel my throat tightening already.

I just can't get her by me. I was finally able to escape her and now that she's gone she's all I can think about. We are clearly not good for each other, why can't I let her go

I am not fat I just retain a lot of water

Im fat and don't want to eat for a couple weeks what do I do?

Basically, I'm extremely overweight I don't know how much I weigh but there are so many people that tell me I'm fat, my cousin said and dad (who apologised) are included. My dad told me multiple times the first being "your overweight sort yourself out" then months later he apologise and said sorry I should have been nicer but I'm not sure I feel it isn't because of what he said, I am now feeling so insecure. I never used to care I knew I was fat but I didn't care what others ... read more

Picking up my new prescription for Adderall on Saturday. Kinda nervous about it but hey, if a doc suggests it why not?

I love being borderline it doesn't make me suicidal at all

I started by experimenting & skipping a meal here & there, then eating too much & vomiting, then laxatives. Then I started increasing the frequency and started losing weight and getting compliments, which made me feel good. That was 2.5 years ago, and it's progressed to me not eating much at all, and occasionally purging if I feel like I ate too much. Now I'm am really sick, and I can't stop. If you've never done it, please don't.

I overdosed earlier and no one knows. No one even knows I'm in a bad place.

Please like this post, I won't get aids just like this f***ing posts!!!!

💔It seems that madness is a defence taken by women struggling to defend their authentic selves against the relentless onslaughts aimed at them. Sometimes women cave in and are lost to us. When this happens they are able to continue to function in their daily lives. When they resist the process, madness, or suicide, claims them. Madness, then, is the way that women escape the constraints imposed upon them by an oppressive society, with their integrity intact.

I've had acne since 7th grade and I try to make it seem like it isn't a f***ing big deal but tbh I f***ing hate it I always think that I should simply kill myself cause I'm that f***ing hideous thanks to my acne. Idk if there are others who feel the same way but I get so pissed off because I've been through worse things and a simple thing like this is actually affecting me this bad smh I wish I had natural skin that gets one pimple or 2 once in a while not f***ing 20 or 40.

when that evil starts to become you it's hard not to give in and again

b**** you better be glad im tryna get my period back

i'm overweight and i've changed my diet. i've lost five pounds so far. whoo! you may ask why i even posted this but i was kinda proud so here i am!

I hate my nose. No haircut, make up, or different perspective helps it. I wanted to be the most girly I could be but when I look at my face I seriously question if I look like a man dressing as a woman. People say I'm fine or that I'm beautiful but it doesn't matter if the owner isn't confident. No nose job will really fix it since those are unreliable. You'll never know what it looks like until after 3-6 months of healing. Even if it does go well you have to sacrifice the pr... read more

i just blew my month long clean streak on a handfull of benzos that are just gonna knock me out and I feel like sh**, I wanna blow my f***in brains out tbh and I cant talk to anyone because my only friend who would understand gets triggered by any mention of drugs oh also hes my ex who cheated on me and abused me and i cant not talk to him I need him in my life

my boyfriend is like, immarture and would freak tf out, like everyone would just panic and be all "oh no! you have ... read more

i'm suffering such bad gender dysphoria ;-; i know i'll never be a real g--
wait wait let me make a reference at least

I am sick in the head I really am that's why people don't like me I just need to go away