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I guess this goes under health, whatever.

I feel the urge to take diet pills or to not eat anything until I lose a huge amount of weight. Like yeah, half of myself is probably muscle, but I have feeling like jeans don't fit me right and my stomach is too gross and I can't wear swimsuits without feeling self conscious. I hate wearing shorts because my my legs, I feel so disgusting, or fat, or ugly.
People always base on looks no matter what, so I hate it.

I wish I cou... read more

You treat me like sh**, and goddamned it, I'm not going to take it any more. f*** you!

Holy sh**! The HPV vaccine causes mental retardation?!?! I had no idea.

I didn't want any distractions while I worked on the hayride, but I couldn't say "no" when they asked me for a favor. So I spent two days building an obstacle course, plus my whole Sunday supervising it. Then that stupid black kid goes running on the balance beam, falls, I try to help him, he swings his head up and makes me bite all the way through my lip. Two days later, it's infected, full of puss and revolting.

NO good deed goes unpunished. Not that I'll be sm... read more

People are so freaking lazy. So many people are fat and want to lose weight, but no one wants to put the work in to actually do it. They all want a quick fix, so they try these stupid fad diets, detox "cleanses," diet pills, etc.

Stop being so f***ing lazy, get off your f***ing a**, and just work out! Eat healthy food and monitor how much you eat! That is the healthiest way to do it, and the best way to keep the fat off. Starving yourself, trying to trick your b... read more

I need help :( I wish I could be comfortable with my own body. I also wish I could read what people are really thinking when they tell me how I look. I'm not one of those beautifully slim and well figured girls who complain about the inch they can pinch. I'm the busty girl with thick thighs, not-so-small ams, and a tummy that is probably bigger than my butt. I don't look fat, but I don't look slim either. I have rolls on my back that disgust me. I'm 16 and I'm too conscious t... read more

Why did I get my period the day before I see my boyfriend? It's been two whole months! Not cool Mother Nature. I guess we'll just have to get creative... or really messy. Gross.

Pinworms suck! Cant sleep at night. Worms in stool. DISGUSTING! Hard to kill. f*** YOU PINWORMS! DIIE!!!!

I'm okay with people who are slightly chubby, or a little bit overweight. Sure, I can believe you when you say it's genetics, but I can't say the same for people who are morbidly obese. A little bit of fat's fine, and it's actually pretty healthy, since you have a bigger reserve of energy stored up for you, but when people risk their lives, that's what bugs me. There's no 'jolly fat folk' stereotype, being life-threateningly big is hard, and really not worth it. Sure, some of... read more

I already have highlights in my hair but i want my hair to be lighter without dying it.. I heard about a product called sun in.. I was wondering will it turn my highlight orange or mess with them any?

Hoping for positive news from Moffit tomorrow. Keeping an open and optimistic attitude. Believing something good will come out of all of this.

I just got one of those butt seats for my bicycle(the kind that you sit on with your butt instead of your crotch), and it changed my life! WHY are they still making the old kind? They're sadistic! It's like somebody really hated bicyclists, so they climbed the ranks of the bicycle accessory manufacturing world, and set this trend of horrible bike seats in order to sterilize the biking populace.

The butt seat is the best seat. The butt seat can't be beat. So get but... read more

Okay, in regards to circumcision. I would like to make it clear that I am not trying to upset anyone, I am just going to post how I feel about it. I am a mom. I have a child, and am currently awaiting the gender results of my unborn one. I had always planned on getting my child circumcised if it were a boy. This year I've been seeing alot of grown men speak against it. With doing research, a valid point being made is in most cases, its a cosmetic adjustment. With proper care,... read more

It's been almost a month a month since I've watched porn. I'm on my way ! I hope I keep it up

I wish I didn't weigh so much and that my stomach was flat or at least small like most teens.

antidepressant medicine may cause suicide thoughts...

documentaryheaven. com/food-matters

Watch that movie, it's about health and stuff... if you watch it eat what they say you should eat, you'll probably live longer...

With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting ... read more

I am bulimic, I work out and eat right, but I sometimes eat wrong and I feel so guilty that I force it out. I am surrounded by all of the skinny size 0 girls that complain if they gain 5 pounds. It makes me feel like the fat one, I am a size 9, I have an a**, I have a chest, But I still don't really feel sexy/pretty/gorgeous I am starting to wonder if I ever truly will.

i hate getting sick especially during work days. Darn economy!

After I gave up on God...I started killing people. With my bad breath.

After I gave up on God... I farted.