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I didn't know how bad my heart condition was and got pregnant. We were so excited and now I'm scared. This could kill me or the baby...or both of us. I wish I would have known.

only $166 to fly back in 15 days. $350+ anytime before that.

I hate food poisoning with such intensity that if it were to take the form of a human, I would find the most violent, slow, and painful way to torture it.

I am so scared to visit a counselor tomorrow for my anxiety. Last time i tried setting up an appointment I got super nervous and upset before i even went in and when I went, it didn't even end up being an appointment, it was just meeting with someone to make a future appointment. I FREAKED OUT AND IT WASN'T EVEN THE THING. what am i suppose to do when i get in there tomorrow?? I have problems opening up to people and expressing myself when I am upset or anxious. I don't like ... read more

I think my friend may have an eating disorder and it really scares me.
She is such a happy person, she never talks about depression or sadness or anything that seems to be upsetting, but I notice some odd behaviors. My friend and I hang out during lunch and she always buys lunch at school. However, I noticed she never really eats it. Our other friends like to ask for food 'cause they can't afford it and she always gives them her lunch. Even when she does have food in front of... read more

I had nothing but fast food as my breakfast, lunch, and dinner twice in the past 2 weeks. And then the junk food my mom buys. And add the bucket loads of halloween candy, I'm pointing towards hyperglycemia. Two of the main symptoms; excessive urination, adn drinking lots of water) has been going on since last sunday, and somewhat ended that thursday. And after friday's halloween candy... its a feeling hard to describe. I feel like my heart is going on overdrive, and I'm const... read more

Ok,I just really needed to talk to someone,and I dont really care who, because I've got nobody to tell i to. I've never accorded too much attention to my appearance,because I know that I'm pretty good looking. But I've had (and still have) skin problems. Of course my skin condition isn't as bad as it was when I was 13-14,but I'm just so freakin tired of acne!!! I'm 16 now,and this summer we went to a dermatologist,and she prescripted me some antibiotics and birthcontrol pills... read more

I haven't been getting any sleep at night and I force myself to stay up during the day so that my sleeping pattern doesn't get screwed. I think I'm screwing it up more. I still can't sleep, I feel so dead. I just wanna curl up with my boyfriend and sleep till spring.

Just had sex and this headache is killing me... Maybe we should do it again. depressed I don't even want to eat lunch. I don't even want to do anything. Well, I guess you could say I want to, but can't bring myself to enjoy it, so what's the point?

when i was in first grade, i would write "i want to die, i want to die" all over the place. i am now 18 and all i am thinking is "i'm not important, i'm not important"

Dear smokers. I hate the cigarette smoke you produce. Especially outside my front door when I am trying to enjoy this nice weather after months of heat.
Cigarettes suck giant rhino dicks and I'm sorry you started smoking.
f*** cigarettes.
f*** them all to hell.

ADHD is the only explanation as to why I'm so stupid all the time. Or maybe I'm just that big of a clumsy, messy, forgetful, idiot.

I'm sick. I have a fever and a headache. I'm helping out with the funeral. I don't need people talking smack and assuming things behind my back. I know why I got sick, and everything people are saying are all wrong. Stop misunderstanding people!!! I'm tired of it. You don't even know the struggle of a high school teen. I go to school, I get good grades, I challenge myself, I'm in clubs, I'm in programs afterschool and don't get home till 9. I got sick because my friend was. S... read more

I feel so underappreciated on my birthday. What's the bane of my existence, when no one cares? Just want to shove a gun in my mouth.

I'm skinny. I don't have much curves or meat on my body. My breats are small including my butt. It's hard for me to gain weight because I have a fast metabolism. I don't accept myself . I feel as if I'm creepy skinny compared to the standard today. I believe no one would love or accept me for who I am in this generation as we grow older because they'll believe I'm too skinny. My mother says that nobody will want somebody as skinny or short as me. They want thick beautiful wom... read more

i just really feel so broken. mentally, physically, emotionally, practically any way possible. and i dont know how to fix it.

Want to loose 20 pds in a month? Here's how you do it. Low carb diet with intermediate fasting and 3 one hour work outs a week. The two best work outs I found are the Cindy Crawford and Buns of Steel videos I got off you tube. Search for cindy crawford work out, its an about one hour long. Search for Totally Working Out: Bunz O' Steel for Gregs work out. The chic who posted this video put herself in it, but its still doable and really works your thighs, buns and legs, trust m... read more

-sigh- I wish my period wasn't ALWAYS late. Insted of 30 days, mine is 40+ days. I used to have an eating disorder, so I figured that's why. It's been over a year of being active and eating healthy, I look great and feel great too, but I never know when I'll get my period. Sometimes I have all the simptomps but nothing, it just skipps a month. Ugh..

I'm trying to sort through some things. I've had depression for over half my life and I have only been under treatment for a year - just meds, no shrink. I realized that I sort through things better if I talk about them. So, my friends asleep, I talked to myself, as if I was rehearsing for a conversation when I see one of my friends over winter break. And I realized that the event that I felt most guilty about for so long was probably what triggered the years of self-loathing... read more