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i just feel like dying and my parents never care about and and i just feel unloved always..

What are the signs that you're losing your mind?

Does anyone have a good effective workout plan?? To get toned/lose weight in about a month and a half?

I feel so happy! My acne is finally disappearing! Like, I can look at my skin, and despite some small icepick scars on my cheeks and a few tiny bumps on my chin and nose, it's actually smooth! I don't look like a pizza face anymore! My facial skin looks like it's just my face and not a bunch of mosquito bites or something!

I've had acne since I was nine years old, and most people I knew growing up had baby smooth skin, or at least appeared to be. I was generally okay, but ... read more

I seriously need to lose 80 pounds this year. I eat til i feel like sh**. I never exercise. And i never drink water. Im such a lazy f***. And so negative. And not motivated other than wanting to look better.

Why the f*** are some medicine bottles so f***ing hard to open!?

I need to take some sleeping medicine, but I can't get the damn thing open! It has this stupid top where you have to squeeze it and then turn it in order to open it!

I've been trying my hardest to open, but it won't f***ing open! DAMN!

If its dumb and utterly pointless then its dumb and utterly pointless. I hate when people try to justify their bulls***.

I feel like nobody cares enough to donate money to my crowdfunding campaign. I'm trying to afford a life saving medication but the only way I can get it is with cash, and I can't work because I'm on temporary disability for psychiatric issues. The soonest I can even request help from the government is one month from now. This is so hard for me. I've sold many of my things to save up, too.

Okay so, this guy I have placed my new crush is in good shape. He's healthy, has a nice body, and because of it he's getting offered jobs! I want to become healthier too, but not exactly so I can get hired somewhere. I want to look better to gain confidence and to attract a guy like him. I would like to go to the gym, but the memberships are expensive, so instead I rather just exercise at home at eat well. The thing is, I don't really know how to eat well. I've attempted eati... read more

Lately, I've just been feeling sad about everything I do. I mean, even when I do something I like, there isn't the same satisfaction I usually have. I've even considered dropping my friends because sometimes, I think they're boring and that we don't have much of a connection anyway. The thing that's stopping me from doing that is the fact that even though I kind of don't like my friends anymore, I don't like anyone else any better than them. I've been talking more to people, ... read more

Men shave your f***ing pubic hair!

your constant f***ing coughing is really annoying. don't cover your f***ing mouth, don't try to muffle it, or ever have a drink of water, ok? just keep hacking way as loud as possible.

Its been four days since I've sh**ed. I hear prune juice and vodka make an excellent cure for bowel discomfort.

Its painful being so awkward and having to bottle down these feelings. I'm a guy, for god-f***ing sakes, and I couldnt keep from crying in class. Every time I tried to distract... It kept coming to those same thoughts...
I'm weird. I'm awkward. I can't care or even pretend to care about anyone but myself. I will die alone and broken. I should have killed myself a long time ago. I'm going to kill all of you f***ing pieces of sh**...
All of this psychotic nonsense billows and... read more

Should I shower tonight or tomorrow morning?

I keep relaxing that I could be skinny by May. I could be unashamed by May. I could wear shorts and be ready for summer by May. If only food wasn't my only comfort. I don't know what else to do. I'm going to start exercising 4 times a week. But I still can't stop eating. I need help. I need someone to talk to without being judged.

f*** you, day! f*** you in your f***ing a**, stupid Thursday. This year has been one steaming pile of f*** from the get go and everyday is just f***ing worse. It's like that line from Office Space, when everyday is worst that the last. And then I remember how blessed my life is compared to other people, and it makes me feel sh**y for feeling so sh**y. Endless f***ing circle. And, I don't want to swear in every sentence, but if I don't, if I keep not writing f***ing sw... read more

I'm 14 and I have some belly fat that is really getting me down. I keep thinking that as I mature I will lose it or it will even out but I'm not sure... I really hope I will lose it as I go through puberty...

At first I was experiencing symptoms of depression, then I got into an accident and had part of my leg reconstructed and Post surgery i really lost it. Crying everyday, impatient, resentful. If I was woken up by someone even on accident I'd flip my sh**, yelling at them in my sleep. I'm healed from the accident but I'm still short fused and pissed most of the time. Or anxious to the point of being neurotic. Ughhh what is my problem?! I feel crazy.

Im feeling a lot of stress between getting in to the college I want to go to. Than My boyfriend telling me to tell his mother about me going away for college. awkward silence....-_- It wasn't his place to say and I don't want to jinx it. But I wanted to start telling people when I know I got accepted. I really want to go. Plus I'm already behind on my homework now because I try and spend as much time with him so he knows I do love him.