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Week 3 of a period should be illegal. My boyfriend is getting all pissed over it. Who thinks I should wound him so badly that he bleeds for more than 3 weeks?

You doctors should be shot, they can do surgery on a persons brain while theyre awake but can't seem to fix an irritating constant pain in my knee, almost 10 years and 9 doctors pffft

how does this make sense? we have been together for over 2 years, he said he was thinking of marrying me - and when he finds out I'm pregnant he makes me abort it??? oh yeah and he has a pregnancy fetish which I found out via internet history not too long after the abortion.

I pick my nose a lot to get rid of whats inside. I guess you could say im a compulsive picker. At home, in the car, at work, in bathrooms, but not in front of people. I do try to blow, but I like picking better. Sometimes my nose bleeds from it. So chances are if you've taken money from me, it probably had a booger or two on it. Hope you washed your hands before eating lunch. Sorry. :(

I set a goal to weight 170 this Saturday. I weighed 168. Heeheehee, success is so freakin' sweet. Even if you don't get to eat the cake. ;) I'm going to keep pushing my mind and body!

soo i got my appendix out almost two yrs ago and i still have sharp pains in that area =/ i dont think thats good...

why do they make you wait so f***ing long to get the results back?!?!?!?!?!

If you are pregnant, it probably isnt a good idea to hang out with your homies in the designated smoking section at work.... I know quitting is hard, but you arent doing yourself any favors by just being around the smell of a cigarette.... you might as well be smoking too... secondhand smoke is unfiltered.

Today I found out I'm circumcised. All these years I was SURE I was not circumcised. I'm in my mid-twenties, and today I found out, I WAS WRONG ALL THOSE YEARS! I'm having an identity crisis. I miss my foreskin. My penis feels so naked. There's not enough skin to cover it completely. My ball is always sticking out a little :(

The most annoying thing about having floaters in my eye is that I never think my glasses are clean.

ive been seeing myself having some signs or anorexia and depression, but im scared o saying something to my parents. my friends noticed too, but they cant do anything about it. and i pretty much hide it by accidents whenever im with my parents. GOD this sucks

What's so wrong with being straigh edge...? I feel like I'm the only 14 year old that really doesn't want to do drugs. Sure, I'm curious, but that doesn't mean I'm not aware of the effects and the fact that they aren't worth it.... I hate getting made fun of because I want to make something of myself...

I had the abortion done because he wanted it done. He did not want our child. And now I hate myself for it. I hope he's happy.

I'm not gay. But when I get really anxious and unable to relax, like today, I like to massage my anus. Somehow it always relaxes me. It relieves pressure from the rest of my body when I massage that spot. But it leaves my fingers smelling funny.

Diagnosed with PTSD........I didn't see that one coming...

Dammit, I'm fat! Went up 2 sizes because of a stupid bout of depression.

My depression worstens as I get older and older. I hate feeling like a misunderstood loner. I need help but I'm only 15...soo who can I run to for help ??

I've been throwing up all day and I have a fever yet I'm currently in the back of a limo on way to club. Alcohic or trooper?

Oh My Gosh... When I was a little girl, I'd of never thought that I would be depressed like I am now. Hmph...I feel as if I have no friends...I have no money...and even when I obtain a boyfriend I still don't feel wanted or needed. I really don't know what to do about my situation. I can't tell my mom or my sister...and my friends will think I've gone mad. All I do is cry in my free time. I mean running helps. I try to push myself to lose weight even though I weight 120lbs. P... read more

Sometimes I feel as though my body is taken over by someone who hates me, and no matter how hard I try, I can't control my actions until it's over.
My doctor told me to go see a shrink, otherwise the next time I have an attack, I could get killed.
I hate shrinks.