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I will use my phone for less than an hour tomorrow no more click bait I promise

The Night I was going to Kill myself, I had the rope already tied,I was going to go to the private park and hang myself from the hidden sycamore trees. I was crying, I grabbed the rope and gave my dog a treat to keep him occupied while I left, I left the room with the rope and immediately my dog Barked like he has never done before(almost never barks), I tried to leave and before I could my Landlord came from her portion of the house and stopped me. My dog saved my life..

Ow.. My neck hurts, but then again I sleep in a f***ed up position, I slouch and/or hunch over when I sit and I was pushed off a bunk bed and landed on my back when I was 4.

Ugh. So far today I've eaten half a can of chicken noodle soup, half a peanut butter sandwich, about 4 fist sized pieces of watermelon, and about half a banana. It's only 2:00 pm. I feel like a complete fatass. I am a complete fatass.

Yes. When I went on my diet, I only ate 400-600 calories a day and walked about two miles every day. But now I'm 62 pounds lighter and eat a healthy diet, so quit bitching.

I have a very important swim meet tomorrow. the only thing is now my leg hair is getting crazy and my mom won't let me shave. earlier I went on google and it said stuff like waxing and some kind of lotion. are there any other kinds? thank you guys so much!!!

How do you spark up your sex life when your a parent

I just want to amputate my legs. Most nights they ache. It's always in my calves and it's prevents me from getting any sleep whatsoever, which would explain why I am awake at 2 in the morning. Not to mention the stupid sty in my eye...
Can I gouge my eye out with a spoon and cut my legs off with a butcher knife?

The US is so arrogant in every single thing they do.
Ebola is knocking the heck out of the people of Africa .
Two volunteers get it , and what do we do ? Oh yes , drop everything , please come back to the states so the CDC can treat you.
You idiots ever see the movie " outbreak " ?
They should stay , get treated or die in the country where they got the disease , but no , we have all the answers so please come here so if there is a containment breach , we can take ou... read more

I think i have some sort of anxiety disorder. I have occasional panic attacks(i think, I'll explain later) and have very bad anxiety, although I am overall a pretty happy and bubbly person .

I have taken those crappy online quizzes to see if you have panic attack disorder/anxiety attack disorder and the all come back as extreme or high possibility of me having them. The thing is, I don't know if they're accurate.

You see, I usually only have what i think are panic attacks (... read more

My eating and my weight is out of control. Wtf am I going to do with this gigantic body and this urge to eat more and more food.

Damn. One boob is a B cup and the other...not even sure if it can qualify as a cup size. DEVELOP ALREADY! YOU HAVE HAD SIXTEEN YEARS TO DEVELOP. Sick of all you're bulls***, boob number 1.

Can't figure out how girls can get away without wearing underware in the summer with shorts or jeans.
I mean really .

It's really hot outside and I just finished my first 3.5 mile run. Feeling sweaty and good. :)

Why do my fingers keep swelling up all the time?

I don't know, man, I just don't know. Lately, I haven't been myself. I'm way more tired, I've been extremely rude. I've had a alacrity of appetite and just don't feel like myself anymore. Anyone got any idea, 'cause this isn't going to fly any longer.

Arg! Just started my period. Now it's going to be even HARDER to lose weight.

My balls itch. Its f***ing pissing me off and I hate it. I got a bad redish rash down there and I just wanna take a blowtorch to it!

Excruciating menstrual cramps... I almost can't even breathe. I can't move. It's horrible. :'(

The eczema on my hands is acting up annoying.