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Wish that I was listened to and I wasn't let down as often as I am and if I think there is something wrong, I'm seem as an attention seeking morbid person when it's not true at all! I can't wait till I'm an adult because I can prove there is something wrong and I can stick my middle fingers at the people who doubted me

Prepare for the moodiness woohoo yay.

I realize most will not condone nor accept my thoughts of frustration, My rant is my confusion on why we struggle and put our families and selves through a lifetime if hell.I have been at a very low point if not my bottom :/ it's been months and I am actively seeking help for the benefit of myself and family. I want to be myself, at my best I really like the woman I have grown into. that being said I have been sliding backward on a rapid decline and it has me wondering.
Why... read more

I'm sorry, I solemnly swore to myself that'd I'd never post a rant about depression, but I feel like it's getting to the point where I just want to tell SOMEBODY ANONYMOUS.
I posted a Muttr a few weeks back about my grandma passing and about how I thought I could handle my emotions in a civilized and steady manner, but I have noticed that I haven't made any progress. In fact, it has gotten worse. I've noticed that I've been very reclusive lately, and I haven't shared m... read more

I've been diagnosed with PTSD. My therapist pinpointed it to a certain day where I watched a girl die in a car wreck. That same day, my friend died while giving birth. The nightmares haven't stopped yet, but it's getting easier to talk about. I don't know what it's going to do, putting a lable on what I'm going through, but I have to look forward to something, right?

I've been getting rape threats at school. It's bad enough that I get flirted with because of my boobs, but now I'm getting threats like these. My friends told me about what he was saying. I've run into him by myself a few times and lets say I was crying by the time I left.
I don't feel safe at school. I don't feel safe at my favorite place in the whole world(our small public library). I don't feel safe going out. I don't feel safe at home.
I live in a small neighborhood. I... read more

I hate my teeth :c
I got braces but I still see the same ugly teeth I had before :c
Now they are a straighter, but the top front teeth are ugly..
i have this tooth that doesnt even match its pair, i have a canine on one side and i dont have one on the other so that looks stupid. one tooth is like little and square and it looks sunken in and the other pair is normal size and rounded nice, ugh it just makes me so sad and i am so self conscious on my smile i hate it
It makes... read more

I don't know how to be myself. That is like the key to the majority of my problems right now. It seems that people like me after I'm myself around them. And of course I'm happier. But all the life gets sucked out of me when there's way too many people around. Like at school. Last week was quite possibly the worst week of my life. And I was acting weird. I've been extremely suicidal the past week and I'm pretty sure I've cried just about every day this week. I want it to stop.... read more

I gotta quit eating. But it's all I have. Time to cut again.

I have an internal infection so if i die tonight because my throat swelled up or I choke horribly on the brown bile I blame my mother, who thinks she can take her sweet a** time with everything. In case I don't wake up though... goodbye.

i dont get the point of anything these days. I can be happy, i can laugh, and i can still enjoy things. At night thought none the less an impending darkness swallows me whole and reminds me of who i really am. I can't get anything out in a correct manner. AT school most of the day my worries just fade. When i get home i feel as if my whole world is crashing down.

I took decongestants because my headcold is terrible, and I only took as much as you're supposed to but I'm pretty sure I am high right now??? I'm dizzy and can't concentrate and my eyes aren't working too well and this all sounds like what people say being high is like so I DON'T KNOW. Auuugh what do what do.

Backsliding into bad habits. I hate being made to promise I won't; it just makes me hate myself more when I inevitably do.

I'm a bulimic but I'm so scared of throwing up. I feel like a piece of sh** because my friends can puke whenever they please, and they stick to their diets, but I always give in to junk food like the fat disgusting pig that I am. I want to go to rehab for eating but I don't want to get better. I just want the attention and the feeling of actually being so 'sick' that I need help, even though I've just finished months of therapy to prove to my mother that I'm 'better now'. I w... read more

I need something. Part of me wants to start smoking. Part of me wants to cut again. Part of me just wants to eat a sh** ton of food.

Second sh**y day in a row that I've wanted to kill myself. f*** everything. I can't even be normal. I over react, I create problems that only exist in my head, I make myself believe that other people don't like me at all. f*** it. I just wanna be with you. Not even in a relationship. I love being around you. You make me happy. That's why these past two days have been so sh**y because I didn't get to hang out with you at all. And yeah that's really over dramatic but you're l... read more

Once upon a time, this girls aunt had a fling with this guy, b. And ended up having a lovely child. Then this girls niece hooked up with the same guy a year later.. she's pregnant and really confused about it and is more concerned on how her family will treat her afterwards.. the end.

jesus im stupid. i cut myself on my arm where my mom can see it instead of keeping it in a hidden spot and im pretty sure she knows im doing it again. if she searches me and finds the cuts im going back to the psych ward. that place is worse than hell. i f***ing hate it there. i dont know how to cover it. ive tried foundation and concealer but i guess it was too deep and its still really noticeable. I keep pretending im cold and i wear a jacket all day but the house is 80 deg... read more

Life is not fair. I work at least forty hours a week to support myself but i still cant afford to get my wisdom teeth removed so here I am living in pain as they grow in. Serious pain where I cry throughout the day after my ibuprofen wears off and I have to wait two more hours to take more. Meanwhile, my friends sister who is 29 years old and doesn't work. Is living on his couch and smokes weed everyday. She gets her wisdom teeth taken out for free because she is technica... read more

I'm 47 yo F smoked for 20 yrs quit in 05
Diagnosed with copd pulmonary edema & CHF this week. I brought it on myself & I know things could be & r worse for lots of people - I am not crying in front of my kids but really wanted to just wallow for a minute :(
I'm just so sad, very socially phobic so here I am Anonymous Whiner :(