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Why is therapy so g**d*** expensive

i havent seen my therapist in 2 weeks

please dont abandon me

its 5am and i cant sleep because i have nightmares

everything seems painted :) my body is not mine :) look at what you've done :)

I do not even exist and you are talking to yourself again!

my brain is rotting wbu

do you even think of me? was i toxic to you? why did you do this to me? did you heal? did you get better? is he your best friend? your lover? do i wanna know?

how the f*** do i know if its a fake memory or not

i'm so f***ing tired. tired of trying to remember. tired of trying to be ok all the time. i just wish i could take my own life but my life isn't mine. f***ing hell what did you do to me.

I'm about to to go on a f***ing murder rampage if this f***ing cough doesn't stop! I've had it for a week and pissing my pants hourly. f*** you cold. f*** you cough. f*** you bladder that apparently is never f***ing empty. f*** urine. f*** these stupid pads that don't hold a teaspoon of piss.
I hate being sick.

I know having PTSD is a serious matter but I've been wondering if I have it?

It says that you can develop this when you go through an extremely stressful event in your life.

I got cheated by the person that I depended on. I was devastated. I couldn't eat and sleep. It's almost a year since that incident happened but I'm still having flashbacks. I get nightmare almost once or twice a week. The person that caused this is still with me. I'm hoping that this would gp away but I... read more

cant know if im real but ok


A s e x u a l I t y*

Whoever said a sexuality is bull. It's a no from me I have had literally no sex drive and I don't believe that is a bad thing I'm just not into it. I see myself as like Peter Pan

My throat hurts a lot. Please pray for me if you have a heart


im crying i want to die this hospital is f***ed

I just popped three blackheads from my pubic hair area and it was so satisfyingly gross omg.