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I am two classes away from getting my bachelors, but had to withdraw medically for a brief stay in the hospital my final, senior semester. Since I left school, I have been endlessly searching and searching for online work because I am unable to work as a disabled individual but D*mn it if i cant find a single thing! It is starting to severely affect my relationship with my fiancee and we are struggling worse than ever. Also, I recently was put back on Adderall which he has a ... read more

Wow fun panic attack at school in front of f***ing everyone + social anxiety hahahahahahahaha I want to die

If you are depressed, please get help. Please. This is a war you can win but only if you FIGHT FOR IT. It's hard. But you deserve to WIN.

I forgot how bitchy nicotine withdrawal makes you. Sure, say hello, I'm totally in the mood.

If my anxiety was a person I would be in jail for murder a long time ago

The longer you engage in the fight against mental illness or chronic pain, the less people care about your victories, and the more they call you useless for not fighting hard enough. I have both. It's hell on Earth.

I have a heart murmur and it must be really bad because my doctor says it shouldn't be possible to hear it without a stetoscope but i can hear mine some times.

Is it normal for ptsd to make me suicidal? Because i find under stress and lack of sleep my ptsd worsens and i start feeling more suicidal.

So many of you little fake emo b****es really grind my gears. Seriously, unless you actually had a f***ed up life STFU, most you little c***s have nothing to cry about. WAH WAH my mother didn't buy me $500 shoes, I'm gonna tell people I'm going to kill myself, look I scratched my arm, I'm suicidal. Doesn't my arm look cool?

f*** off. Suicide is serious, you little c***s are making it look like a phase all teens go through but it's f***ing not. Want f***ing attention? GO VOLU... read more

Compared to two years ago, my hair was breaking off bad(because of the medicine I take) and the back of my head was under 1inch. Now I've measured and its now 7inches. My goal for one year is at least double that. I'm so happy.

i've been having migraines all day, fml

I honestly hate the food industry. They freaking disgust me

ineed to get help so bad its been 4 years since i had therapy its 3 am so what can ieven do i canti can literally feel my emotions physically i feel it in my chest is this physical feeling natural i at the least hope it is i feel delusional illjust cut this off at the main question here

i was initially going to get professional help and my dad forgot months ago and all the chances of referrals i had i just froze up,, what should i say next time im at the doctors??
they have a mental facility in another town, but my dad said i'd have to just straight up tell a nurse, and i dont really know bc like how do i tell someone who doesnt work in that department? telling a nurse tryna stick a light in my ear that i desperately need to get my life together lol

It is currently 5:07 guess I'll watch the sun rise with my insomnia

Smeared liquid lipstick on my legs instead of self harming. It's a waste of product but I don't wear it anyway so whatever. The physical sensation of it helped. I guess I'll paint my nails while I'm at it.

OK So I have PTSD from past child abuse. I am an adult with an AWESOME life. I mean, I don't even talk to my parents anymore... I have enough $, I have a great spouse, etc. But I see visions and hear voices. Negative ones all the way from "You're doing it wrong" (which maybe everyone gets every now and again?) to intense and scary visions of killing myself. Like a 3 second bit of I'm somewhere else, committing suicide. It's usually about 3 seconds and it's more intense than w... read more

I know this is gross but I'm so stressed and depressed, I keep popping

Woke up with horrible cramps and now I'm stuck on the toilet with period poops. #periodssuck

Who loves a good frozen yogurt during the summer?